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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Programmed to Police

Spot the difference - I'm so depressed.

I love it. Gordon Brown engineers the police pay fiasco, nails it to Jacqui Smith's coffin, and now starts spewing out statements such as, "Don't vote for your own pay-rise" to MPs. The man's a genius - is it any wonder that a majority of Britain seems to be fooled by him? I can only assume it's the same majority who voted for Leon.

Now he is coming out with comments such as, "We must show discipline". Otherwise how will the New Reich triumph? Heil!

In my job, we are always being encouraged to act "professionally" no matter what. There is a greater good to aspire to, a good reflected in Detection rates and falling crime statistics. This trend is increasing, so that keen young probationers out of training school are programmed to police according to a series of ones and zeros.

Unfortunately, policing in this country still involves dealing with PEOPLE. People don't run on ones and zeros. They have twos and threes and, sometimes, seven thousand nine hundred and sixes.

There are some good comments here on getting rid of Sentencing Guidelines and letting judges sentence criminals according to their own discretion, based on their own biases and experience.

How far do we want to be led by robots? How far will we risk humans making the decisions that affect our lives? I think it's frightening that we might accept anything else.

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Blogger Whichendbites said...

"I think it's very important that we send a message to nurses, police and all those people in the public sector"

I understand the message, not bad for someone who believes that 2008 would be 'decisive' in breaking the back of inflation, plus the backs of most of the public services. The shafting stick is lurking out there somewhere again - BOHICA.

I think that Brendan Barber the General Secretary of the TUC just about summed it up when he warned Mr Brown that public sector pay should stay in line with inflation and said there was a danger of disputes in the public services.

"The six million people who deliver our public services, they're voters too and the story they tell...about what's happening in their public services, is a very important contributor to the wider public mood," he said.

"So if the atmosphere in the public services is of discontent, and disarray and disillusionment, that's not going to do the government any political favours at all."

07 January, 2008 01:41

Anonymous Michael said...

But if we get rid of Sentencing Guidelines and allow judges to sentence criminals according to their own discretion, based on their own biases and experience, criminals might actually go to Gaol for lengthy periods.

Such a situation might affect nuLabour's voter base.


07 January, 2008 04:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to hear him say it, but I'd be more impressed if he'd been taking steps to forcibly prevent MPs from getting such a pay rise as he's asking them not to vote for.

07 January, 2008 07:47

Anonymous XTP said...

How weird! I dealt with someone recently who had a seven thousand nine hundred and six! Small world, huh?

07 January, 2008 08:25

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

What really made me feel sick the other day was seeing the PM on television after the fire at the Royal Marsden praising the emergency services (including the police) for the professional way in which they rescued the patients and cancer treatment equipment. I still maintain that officers who win National awards this year should refuse to be photographed with politicians when receiving them.

07 January, 2008 10:26

Anonymous Akiyama said...

Hello Ms. Bloggs. I've been reading your blog for some time, but this is the first time I've posted here.

I just watched a public information film from 1959 called "The British Policeman", and thought you might find it interesting. It's at the web address below.

07 January, 2008 13:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why aren't MPs pay rises linked to last years average of public sector rises ??

Problem solved Gords...

They should also have to receipt all expenses, which would be reasonable, proportionate and additional to what is expected - only like the rules they impose on the rest of us.

Why don't the Government hire or buy a hotel in London - where the MPs could stay thereby saving all the money they get for a second home !

I like the quip GB comes out with about 2% inflation - er not where I am food, petrol, council tax and the like seem to have gone up a bit more than 2% !!

07 January, 2008 13:53

Anonymous justacop said...

MP's should receive performance related pay, that would just about reduce the MP Pay and expenses bill to absolutely nothing if my calculations are correct.

07 January, 2008 18:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shadows, mirrors and smoke - that old political trick - is making itself known through Gordy's alleged resistance to MPs future pay rises. We all know that the proposed pay rise will go through, as there is no one the Government will take notice of to prevent it, yet Gordy will be able to take the high position by saying that he was against it (while quietly accepting it). This is just one more step to the planned detsruction of this society through confusion and separation by the Frankfurt School politicians we have been lumbered with. The danger is that by the time we have all realised it, we will have no power to stop it.
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone's not out to get you.

07 January, 2008 21:15

Blogger PC to be said...

He is just trying to cover his back for when we are told that yes, the MP's salaries are going up 2.8%, but hey, it's not his fault, they are the ones that voted, right? Trying to pull the wool over our eyes wont work this time Gordy...

07 January, 2008 21:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one that always makes me chuckle is when the Government go on about "key workers".

They mean cops, teachers, nurses and trumpton.

But in reality include lorry drivers, prison officers, utility workers, shop staff and a whole host of other workers - the country would be on its arse without them.

In fact, we would be in deep trouble without virtually all the professions bar one....

One group of people the country could and does survive without....
Every summer we survive without them for almost three months...
Every winter we survive without them for several weeks......
Yes - its the politicians !!!!

07 January, 2008 21:55

Blogger AngryDave said...

If crazy, out of touch judges are allowed to dish out whatever sentance they like, will anyone ever get sent to prison. What i mean by this is that, judges are already letting people off because the prisons are full and because they are drunk, crazy or just out of touch. Then there are the silly sob stories that they fall for.
There probably are some judges out there who will dish out some good sentances, but i doubt there are many.

The polititions are bound to give themselves big fat pay increases that they dont need. And, more importantly dont deserve.

08 January, 2008 15:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey angrydave - listening to you dish out you "sentances" is painful.

Another surly and gobby dimwit bleating about being "undervalued"

Damn those judges and toffs eh, Dave?


09 January, 2008 00:22

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15 April, 2009 10:07


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