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Friday, December 28, 2007

A kick in the face for feminists

I am depressed.

I think of myself as a feminist, on the whole. I don't think women are better than men, or identical to them in every way. But I do believe in the idea of "different but equal". I don't think there's a job out there that can't be done as well by the right man or woman, and that it's social mores holding both genders back more than it is innate failings.

Yet I find myself unable to tell the difference between three of the most powerful women in the United Kingdom at the moment.
And that's only partly because of their hair-dos.

Jacqui Smith: yet more Home Office blunders since she took the top spot.
Harriet Harman:
who knows how she got her job, given she was sacked by Labour 9 years ago.
Wendy Alexander: only a few people even know who she is, and they would like to remain

They've got a lot in common: they've all been embroiled in rows over dishonesty; they all represent the "working mum"; they've all campaigned on issues of diversity on their rise to power; they all seem to think that hacking people off is a sign they are doing their job properly. Why, oh why, does Labour promote these interchangeable females whose main positive attribute seems to be their gender? (I could have included Hazel Blears on the list.)

There are a couple of more intelligent, dynamic types who have graced Labour's equality campaign (Ruth Kelly springs to mind), but on the whole Gordon Brown seems determined to keep us down by promoting the kind of women who make WOMEN sexist.

Is this the kind of woman who gets promoted by a man? In the police, the promoting is done by men, because most senior police officers are men.

Well, I guess you won't see Bloggsy as Chief Constable any time soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians only rise to the top because of what they are, floaters, those brown things that appear on the surface of polluted coastal waters, where we surfers dare not dip our toes.

28 December, 2007 22:27

Blogger Whichendbites said...

Promoting the brand, positive discrimination and supporting those who have licked your arse for long enough seems to be the order of the day.

Then get out the shafting stick and shaft everyone you can yet try to make it seem as though itis all somehow essential to do so. Gloss it up in a nuber of fancy costumes and hope to cover it over with some other persons bad press.

Sounds like an ideal recipe for Government. I could have stumbled onto something here.

29 December, 2007 01:30

Anonymous illukar said...

Female politicians come in a lot of varieties, but it's rare that you see a female politician being promoted as a 'thinker' or intellectual (which I think, to a degree, all politicians should be). I guess that's considered too threatening.

We've rather surprised ourselves in Aus by landing a female deputy prime minister - and one who is considered extremely intelligent (and has a mildly socialist background).

Of course, the main things people say about her involve her red hair. And then there were those "deliberately barren" comments from some mouth-breather from the opposing party.

29 December, 2007 02:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you mad?

Ruth Kelly is a nut.

29 December, 2007 08:59

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

This doesn't help either Bloggsy....

29 December, 2007 11:52

Blogger TWINING said...

Bloggs, the service does the same with some Black officer's. They pick and mix. As long as some leaders benefit diversity means nothing to them. Liberals!Excellent article, a great deal of honesty from you. Some female managers won't admit this happens, because if they do, they are out of the club!

29 December, 2007 11:54

Anonymous Jack Sparrow said...

The calibre of UK female politicians really has dwindled since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

29 December, 2007 13:21

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

The only problem with Ruth Kelly is that she stole Elvis's hair.

29 December, 2007 15:44

Anonymous Blunt said...

"There are a couple of more intelligent, dynamic types who have graced Labour's equality campaign (Ruth Kelly springs to mind)."

I assume you are being Sarcastic

29 December, 2007 15:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention Ruth Kelly. When on night shift recently we spent our refreshers talking about MPs and one wag wondered if Ruth Kelly and her Opus Dei mates organised their Christmas do by having a whip round and then going on the lash?
Sorry, it was 3am, we were tired and you had to be there.

29 December, 2007 17:05

Anonymous justacop said...

I wish you had warned me that you were doing a piece on the 'Gorgons' of Nu Labour. I was caught out and nearly turned to stone - don't look into their eyes.

29 December, 2007 17:26

Anonymous Tupperware PC said...

I think that a .... glass ceiling exists....for wonmen in the .....police force...........and all other walks of life ...too

29 December, 2007 17:44

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Blunt thanks for that link - I highly recommend it.

29 December, 2007 18:46

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

blunt that site is brilliant, I particularly liked the drunk one below!

29 December, 2007 19:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the same Ruth Kelly who was formerly education minister and who sent her son to private school.
If it wasn't for the education policies of her party the state education system wouldn't be in the mess it is in.....
So they bugger it up for everyone else and opt out themselves !
The only decent female MP ever was Thatcher ! She didn't complain about any "glass ceilings" etc...

29 December, 2007 21:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I'm aware Ruth Kelly is our first transgender MP. I think she is poor at her job but have to pat New Labour for being so inclusive for backing her diversity.

30 December, 2007 18:14

Anonymous Blunt said...

Re: Link.
Tbh Bloggsy, I thought you had written it ;)

30 December, 2007 18:20

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

I should have pretended I did!

30 December, 2007 18:28

Blogger Sergeant Simon said...

Talking of feminists, seen the comment by the ACC Lancashire regarding "not only a police officer shot, but a female one". Quoted as such by Reuters. Did think of you when I read it.

31 December, 2007 18:30

Anonymous g1lgam3sh said...

Superb linkage leading to outright *pwnage* of 3 pseudo feminists by a real woman doing a real job.


01 January, 2008 20:44

Blogger Praguetory said...

As a Tory I agree that Ruth Kelly is the most notable exception to the rule. Not liked by her colleagues because she is generally straightforward, smarter than most of them and practising Catholic. I like her.

03 January, 2008 09:34

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15 April, 2009 09:52


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