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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Want to get things a bit gory?

UPDATE: Thursday 13th December:

The government says it will not BACK DOWN over the pay rise. This is a foolish remark, because we all know governments do not ever "back down", they merely RECONSIDER.

My colleagues are still angry. I've never seen them this angry. You can tell it's bad, because people are talking about not working any overtime. Without overtime, I can tell you Blandmore would be in SERIOUS trouble. Things are at the stage where we are making up MINIMUM manning levels on a daily basis by asking the teams either side to provide officers to do 12 hour stints.

As Operation Morale-Destructor continues, I wonder how long we can go on...

6th December:
I must give the Home Office a big round of applause. The art of negotiating police pay is a tough one. Here are some basic ground rules, should you find yourself involved in such talks:
  1. Disregard any long-standing arrangements that make promises about pay. If you don't go in with all guns blazing, the money-grabbing feds will walk all over you.
  2. Make sure that the negotiations take as along as possible each year. The money you don't pay them will be accruing interest in the bank, which you can use to send your spouse on holiday.
  3. Don't be afraid of the Federation: it has absolutely no power.
  4. If you do decide to give out less money than you have promised, make sure you do it in the most underhanded manner possible. Kick the scum while they're down!
  5. Police officers are thick: they won't notice if you promise one pay rise, but actually deliver a lower one.
  6. Remember that police officers can't strike, so there's absolutely nothing they can do about your decision.
  7. Prepare a statement saying that police blogs are works of fiction.
I recommend we MARCH on the City and demand our freedom. Not because I think it will do any good. Just because I'd love to see how the Metropolitan Police would police it.

You don't want to see us pissed off...

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Anonymous blueboy said...

For those of you that knock the Federation please consider that it is only as strong as the action its membership is prepared to take. We must stick together to confront this humiliating and contemptible behaviour by the Home Secretary. Let your Fed reps know how you feel,, it will give them the backing they need to promote action.Let your MP know how you feel- especially if you live in one of the many marginal Labour constituencies.

06 December, 2007 17:54

Blogger thinblueline said...

blueboy.. the feds are the ones who have let us down AND DONT FORGET THIS put up THIER RATES as a kick to the teeth as well..

06 December, 2007 18:07

Blogger alanorei said...

PCB said:

"I recommend we MARCH on the City and demand our freedom...Just because I'd love to see how the Metropolitan Police would police it."

We were obviously in a different situation in academia but action short of a strike tended to upset management i.e. withholding documentation (in our case exam marks).

Maybe try both, if at all possible.

But Blueboy above is right - all down to collective action. And if you really want to win, make sure your reps don't bottle it. Ours (UCU) did.

TBL's comment seems to underline that.

06 December, 2007 18:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a national day of sickness would make them sit up and take notice.

06 December, 2007 19:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't the government keep warning us about a flu epidemic? It would be a shame if it struck down thousands of police officers on the same day... Whatever happens, as a few have said, we must stick together, I'm sure the govt are relying on us fighting amongst ourselves to get through this.

06 December, 2007 19:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

.9% Pay rise.....Time for the following;

DO NOT STRIKE, instead try these.
1. All firearms cops hand in their ticket.

2. All CBRN teams hand in your kit.

3. All police drivers hand in your ticket.

4. EVERYONE refuse to work o/t.

5. Work to rule.

We won't be breaking rules, but doing this will grind the Police to a standstill, and leave the govt with no-one to protect their citizens.

I was glad to hear of a Met Commander saying, "If this is true, then it'll be a war".

Thoughts please.

06 December, 2007 20:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The government can't have it all ways, they should either treat us right or let us strike.

Also, what would be the impact on prisons, the courts and the government if (when it starts up again after the Xmas/New Year break) there were no volunteers for Op Safeguard overtime? (Remanded/sentenced prisoners accomodated in police cells because of prison overcrowding).

06 December, 2007 21:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll settle for 1.9% - the day the Politicians do !!!
In the mean time - as we are both public servants - I'll settle for what they have ... oh and their generous none receiptable on second home paid ( oh, how kind )... 1st class travel to work ( If you insist ) .. subsidised food and bar at work ( go on then !) ...

06 December, 2007 21:54

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

How would the Metropolitan Police officers deal with it? have you seen the film "V for Vendetta" when they let the protesters walk right passed them to watch the houses of parliament get blown up??

I for one would more than happily unleash a can of stickfest on those utterly spineless bastards at the home office and parliament.

It's not about the pay any more and hasn't really been for some time, I could make up the difference by getting a late body into a rest day, the point is they are completely breaking down the independence of the Police officers on the ground to deal with incidents as they see fit through experience and training.

I swore an allegiance to Her Majesty The Queen and to protect her and her subjects from those who would do them harm, I am virtually unable to do that because of interference from the severely anti-police MP's. But I still go to work and try, as do all of my colleagues.

As for knocking the Fed.. Jan Berry was by all accounts a shit Police officer, and having watched her on BBC I can say for certain she is not capable of supporting us, let alone getting a decent coherent sentence together under pressure.

If we were to take action, and I mean proper action in the form of a complete national strike, the public would hate and despise us, but the majority do already anyway and those who don't cannot honestly say in their heart that in their hour/minute/second of need, a Police office will be there to protect them.

We have had no choice but to accept the forced changes to how we work but WE KNOW that those changes have not helped those who need our help, they have merely created jobs for people who didn't join the job to walk around at 3am looking billy burglar.

I think its about time we showed the government exactly how socially damaging mass Police strikes would be, considering the mere threat a hundred years ago put the shits up them enough to ban us from striking, a reality check is most definitely in order.

06 December, 2007 21:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firearms officer won't hand their tickets in - they don't want to go back on section..
No-one can coordinate a universal action because someone will cover for the overtime.....

Just legally force the Government to ....

(1) Allow us the right to strike (as other professions)
(2) Allow us the right to take an active part in politics (as other professions).
No cop is going to encourage support for this bunch of criminals in power !

06 December, 2007 21:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me thinks all MP's need to drive extremely carefully - all work to rule except traffic ;-)

07 December, 2007 07:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we're uyp for it down here!!! bring it on. I won't be policing it i'll be marching!

great book BTW

07 December, 2007 09:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think that we all know that virtually no one in a specialsit post is going to do anything. Certainly not hand in their tickets - be they firearms or otherwise. I like the idea of "working to rule", though. Not only no O/T but have you ever thought of sticking everyone on for everything? Sticking rigidly to the RTA or Con & Use - stuff that we ignore a lot now - would soon make the public sit up and take notice. Unfortch, we can only get anywhere if everyone does it. Can any of you see your Chief Insp sticking with us? Thought not. Bot when they've got their crowns to think of. We're totally knackered, really and they know that. Just got to keep plodding on and trying to enjoy it as best you can.

07 December, 2007 10:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloggs - to be fair I think your point 2 is slightly inaccurate. The money held doesn't accrue interest it accrues less debit interest.

Really though the only power a worker has it to withdraw their labour, hence the Govt. took that power off the police. If the police could organise an all out strike, what do you think they'd do? Nothing, there is nothing they can do. They can discipline a handful of the boys and girls in blue but not every one of them.

The entire public sector is under the Govt.'s gun and there would be plenty of money to pay for the public sector, decent pay rises and provide top notch services if the Govt. stopped wasting money hand over fist (EDS we look at you). It's time the entire public sector stood as one.... National Strike anyone?

07 December, 2007 12:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Police officers going on strike is actually a criminal offence at present, so it's a bit more than just being disciplined.

07 December, 2007 14:39

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't we all register a hate incident .. we English and Welsh have been picked on by a Scottish Government - their Police Officers have had the full whack.

The best way to hit the Government is by stats....100 000 hate incidents should do the trick.

The Met Police website has online reporting - I believe the incident was committed in their district.

Admittedly I don't like waving the race card - and I have nothing against the Scots at all - their Justice Minister seems like a more Honourable and decent bloke than our Home Secretary.

07 December, 2007 14:56

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bloke or person....
Our Home Secretary is a woman!

07 December, 2007 14:57

Anonymous smithout said...

she out at the next election 2000 majority ,she can then go back to being a clerk or something else

07 December, 2007 18:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a forum about "should police be allowed to strike" on BBC News 24 "have your say" website, 1400+ comments so far. The link is: -

07 December, 2007 19:53

Anonymous Baz said...

Hey MetCounty 21:54 -- brave talk.

Why not really do something about it instead of just doing your usual whiny bitch rant.

... and in anticipation of your predictable "I can't" bleats via return post, I would say that YES there is something that you could do:-

Stand up and be a man: give your real name and go public with TV interviews

organise petitions at congress

stand for election to the Federation yourself

... or just keep whining in cyberspace eh.

Has it ever occurred to you Jan Berry might not be the only "*t police officer.." here?

Real police officers display real courage. .... get my drift?

07 December, 2007 19:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I recommend we MARCH on the City and demand our freedom...Just because I'd love to see how the Metropolitan Police would police it."

Personally I'd hand you matches.....

07 December, 2007 20:38

Blogger TWINING said...

Now, I rarely say anything intelligent but I will try. The Federation are seeking legal advice. I don't know what the legal advice will result in if Jackie has not done something she should have done. I say we march......

07 December, 2007 20:43

Blogger TWINING said...

But who is going to lead this march? I never mentioned the word strike. We can't do that, so we march in numbers on rest days.

07 December, 2007 20:45

Blogger PC South West said...

Just what could the fed have done? If people want to blame the fed they could always stand for election and become a fed rep themselves and change things from the inside!
The fed put up a good case! better than the official side and won arbitration, the government just said "f#c# it".
The MP's must be laughing their tits of at us squabbling!

08 December, 2007 12:52

Blogger Curbishlyauto said...

Lets just hope the Senior Investigating Officer who is looking into DonorGate gets all the support he can from his colleagues.

08 December, 2007 13:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

baz - police officers aren't allowed to go public with political opinions, at least, not under their real name.

08 December, 2007 13:39

Anonymous Fed Up Sgt said...

Yes we can blame the Federation, but the problem is that the Government have no respect for us or the Federation.

The real problem is that police Officers have no conviction, i listened to my fed-up officers complain about the pay rise. So I asked if they want to take some real action. (Lets be honest writing to your MP is going to make sod all difference). I suggested that as we are currently bailing the Home Office out of their prison crisis, we should hit them where it hurts and stop doing Op Safeguard overtime.

The reaction.

"If we don't do it another officer will."

They're probably right though. There is no honour amongst thieves of Police Officers with overtime. But if we stood together we could make an impact.

The Federation should now push a harder line and suggest Op Safeguard overtime bans and to hell with the threats of Disaffection prosecutions. It is time for us all to make a stand including the Federation. If we lose this then the future of the Federation is in the balance.

A few brave fed reps need to lead, they need to stand up, they need to take the gloves off and for god sake 'STOP WRITING BLOODY LETTERS TO MPs!!!!!!!'

08 December, 2007 19:59

Anonymous Fed Up Sgt said...

By the way:

I promise I will not do any Op Safeguard overtime until this pay crisis is resolved.

08 December, 2007 20:01

Blogger alanorei said...

Re: Proposed march on London,

Wat Tyler and friends did so in the year 1381.

The main grievances appear to have been self-serving national leaders, unpopular foreign wars and excessive taxes, all somewhat related - and not unfamiliar.

The protesters killed the Archbishop of Canterbury and Wat was himself fatally stabbed by the then Mayor of London, who seems to have been a nasty piece of work.

After which the protest collapsed.

But Wat's example lives on.

Provided you steer clear of any members of the clergy and Mr Livingstone, you might be in with a chance, if you can get a big enough group together.

It seems a very 'English' thing to do.

08 December, 2007 22:37

Blogger cramerj said...

If you all march on London or anywhere you will be all mown down by the uncontrolled traffic.
Otherwise will people notice that burglaries are going undocumented etc.

09 December, 2007 05:40

Anonymous pcR said...

Ah yes, Wat Tyler.
Students of history will remember the peasants revolt, and how it ended serfdom in England.
They remember the Jarrow march, and how it ended the depression.
They remember how the Aldermarston marches removed all US missiles from England and ended the cold war; how the countryside alliance march led to the scrapping of the hunting bill, and most spectacularly of all, how the "not in my name" protests led to Blair pulling out of Iraq.
Sounds like a plan!
Looking on the bright side, Richard II was later murdered by having a red hot poker shoved up his back passage. so there is still hope.....

09 December, 2007 12:52

Anonymous jonesy said...

don't like the pay?

then leave.

trouble is, by and large you lot would have nowhere to go and few of you are actually employable anywhere else.

most plod drifted into the job because they couldn't hack it anywhere else and/or the entry requirements to most other professions - even catering college - were simply beyond them.

So as there are only a limited number of places available as security guards at Argos, best advice would be for all you sorry plod to keep quiet, keep bragging and skiving as best you can, nail those motorists and 10 year old kids in the playground and to be be good cannon fodder on Saturday nights ...and be grateful that you're actually drawing a wage at all.

09 December, 2007 14:02

Anonymous Jane said...

Why do you not blame Gordon Brown? He was the one who fixed public sector pay awards at 2% because of the downturn in public finances. By not backdating the award, the 2% is met. I think I am right that it amounts to 1.9% over the financial year. Jacqui Smith does not stand a chance to meet the claim without the approval of the PM. He as you know is keeping his hands on the treasury as well as everything else.

I also think it is important that you keep the public on your side. I was not enamoured with the views of your representative whilst interviewed on BBC News. There is absolutely no point in stating that Chief Constables and Authorities have the money to meet the claim. (This is taxpayers money). We are being bombarded in our County with the cash problems the local police apparently have. Our precept to meet police costs increases at 5% (the maximum) each year. If the government did not cap rises they would be asking for more. Added to this we read of huge personal (entertainment) expenses incurred by police management at the Met - credit cards floating around without proper control, salaries of £180,000 by those of senior rank. It would seem important to me that the issue of those who do the work at ground level, who earn the least money at the greatest personal risk, who are the face of the police etc should be hammered home. Otherwise, we will be left with what we have read in the press vis huge salaries, excellent pensions, some senior officers whowe watch on tv who would find it difficult to get jobs in many other organisations etc. By the way, I do support you......

09 December, 2007 14:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember that gentle lady who was arrested under security legislation for reading out names at the cenotaph in Whiteall? What would happen in a group of Police officers stood outside the entrance to Downing Street or the Home Office and read out the differences of pay, allowances, assaults, etc, so well recorded on Dave's blog? Would thsi be an offence? A reall concerted effort, to prevent those people being arrested for 'obstruction' or some other fit-up is for them to move on after reading it and their places taken by another angry cop. Also, if gay officers are allowed to wear uniform in a gay pride march would those officers be committing an offence if they wore their uniforms while they were reading out the stats? After all, their actions are financial not political (unless they are arrested by Treasury officials. An interesting cencept, especially if the media have inadvertently been told of it.
I'm retired from the Police now but keep in touch with my ex colleagues and know how angry they are.

09 December, 2007 14:18

Blogger alanorei said...

Pcr said: etc.

Well, yes. So if Ellie's suggestion is futile, what can be done in the form of concerted, effective action?

Re: uncontrolled traffic (Cramerj)

Maybe Red Ken could enlist the aid of several hundred ex-Cartoon Demonstrators, to police a police march, if one did happen.

Seems only fair to me - and the CDs did achieve something, they helped get further cartoons banned.

Actually, it was Edward II who is said to have been done to death via the red-hot poker method.

Richard II was imprisoned in Pontefract Castle and never seen again, except by his gaolers.

Perhaps it was a case of "He fell down the dungeon steps, melud."

But I guess all that is beside the point (except for Edward and Richard).

Re: security jobs (Jonesy)

Unfortunately, they've virtually all been taken by illegal immigrants.

So it's back to what is an alternative strategy, if a march is not reckoned to be feasible?

09 December, 2007 15:45

Blogger Charlie Lima said...

Well its all got a little heated in here.

Aren't there laws about equal pay? My colleagues in scotland earn more than me for the same job. I'm sure one of labour's 3000+ new laws addresses that.

Police protested once before in the 90's lets do it again

09 December, 2007 19:05

Anonymous jaz said...

Hey Charlie Lima - like all your Plod buddies, you're useless in your job and you don't deserve even half of what they put into your pay packet.

You're just a Chav in uniform

Be grateful.

09 December, 2007 22:37

Blogger PC South West said...

PC Blogs it appears your blog is popular with some of our customers with numbers after their name. Mainly CRO and PNC numbers.

10 December, 2007 17:56

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

Baz, annoyingly if I were to voice my opinion under my real name I'd be out of a job before I got to my next set of shifts, which doesn't help me, my family or the numerous people I help but the public NEVER get to see so think it doesn't happen.

As for taking action, I've protected all my rest days for the next 3 months so I can't have them changed or made to work a rerostered day, I also don't do Op Safeguard. Bithching in cyberspace is a handy and realistically our only way of getting our true feelings out, and this latest round has actually started to impact the job as a lot of people have and are doing the same as I've already done. There are always going to be overtime bandits who'll step in but they will get burnt out after a month of 12 hour shifts which is their own fault.

My issue isn't with the payrise, I can make up the 0.6% by getting a late body and a recall to duty, pickpockets and drink drivers are always welcome, but they ar a welcom bonus at 0600 going into a rest day.

My issue is with the way the government have continuosly fucked us, AND YOU, over the last few years by systematically stripping our ability to be out there nicking real criminals. If we had the right to strike we could have fought against the National Crime reporting standards - one of the main reasons we have to crime everything and spend so long dealing with pointless petty shite that is going nowhere from the word go. We could have fought against the implimentation of sanctioned detections meaning dealing with a £6.99 shoplifting is worth as much to the government as solving a murder. We could have fought against the enforced 'safer neighbourhoods' drive and kept PC's on response where we, AND YOU, actually need them.

It's not about the money, I'd happily give up my pay increase for the next couple of years if they scrapped those three things meaning I could actually do the job I joined to do and was told I would be doing until the government started changing the rules without any form of fight.

11 December, 2007 15:58

Anonymous Stan said...

If everyone just refused to do the overtime of Safegaurd the goverment would crumble to our demands. Just a thought.

12 December, 2007 07:35

Anonymous Member of the Public said...

If the police strike, how will we tell?

I think you guys are pushing it a bit. You've had huge pay rises over the past few years.

Speaking simply as someone who pays the bills for these, without getting pay rises myself, I am afraid my sympathy for you is limited.

And frankly, you could strike for a molnth and nobody would notice.

12 December, 2007 10:40

Anonymous bobbyjoe said...

Dear Police Officers,

Why don't you lot stop whinging!

The day you have to go and study for three years at university level for a professional qualification, like us nurses, I'll begin to think you're worth your over-hyped pay. Why should you be a special case in this year's public sector pay round? I even heard one of your colleagues complain on the radio this morning that you "worked hard" and had to be prepared to be on duty at any time in a 24 hour period - ah, diddums, do you think you're alone in that?! My heart bleeds (not)!!

Okay, don't get me wrong, I have a mite of sympathy for you as you're being shafted as we are this year. But, if it hurts so much, knuckle down and get the ability to be able to strike organised. Until then, stop thinking you've got more sympathy from the general public than actually exists.

You've been overpaid manual workers for years. As I say, get a professional qualification and then come back to the negotiating table.

12 December, 2007 14:40

Anonymous crim said...

ok, im not a copper, but if your want of a pay rise is geniuine (im assuming it is because all you lot seem to be up in arms about it) then thats fine. Some of you are saying that you want to strike or whatever. This simply will not happen. Gov wont let you do it because it will not only be chaos on the streets (and i firmly beleive it will, not because you lot do anything but because people know you are about, and so think twice before nicking stuff or shooting up) but also because it will be a PR disaster for them.

What you MUST do though is get on to your union reps to vote to lobby for the right to strike, then VOTE FOR IT. you wont get it but you will probably get your pay rise.

Either that or gov'll think of some other way of shutting you up. They're smart like that.

12 December, 2007 16:57

Anonymous nottacoppa said...

Go on strike.

It won't make a difference either way. You won't get your money, and the public won't notice you're not there.

We're all looking forward to seeing how little life changes when there aren't any police on the streets.

12 December, 2007 17:34

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

To the commenters who think life won't change when the police are on strike - I can only imagine you do not live on the Porle Estate in Blandmore and have no children called Chesney. For those who do, without the police I'm afraid they will have no one to call this weekend when their boyfriend gets drunk and sends them a text message.

Life isn't meant to revolve around the police - we respond when and if you need us and don't hang around your house like a bad smell (hopefully).

To those who have needed us and been disappointed... believe me this galls me as much as it does you, because I too may need the police one day (being a tax-payer and all). On the other hand, I guess you get the service you pay for - which isn't the public's fault but it isn't necessarily mine either.

12 December, 2007 20:24

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

For anyone who's still reading this post: uk_news/story/0,,2226065,00.html

12 December, 2007 20:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry i must be missing something here. I thought the police had been on strike for the last 10 years.
So go on strike, the public wont notice.

13 December, 2007 09:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't been in a hospital (except to arrest people assaulting the staff) for over 20 years, but that doesn't mean that I labour under the delusion we can do without them. Same with police: just because you personally may have been lucky enough never to need to call us, doesn't make it universally true.

I also notice that people are making the error of talking about a pay rise. There's no pay rise under discussion, only the desire to correct an effective pay cut.

Finally: just because it's possible to join the job without qualifications, doesn't mean it's easy to do. Whenever any employment sector gets screwed over, there's always a chorus of "well, it's not like their job is really that hard anyway". For example, many seemed to begrudge the fire service their pay increase a couple of years back - though I personally am not prepared to run into any burning buildings whatsoever, and am very glad they are there to do it for me.

If you really want police officers who treat their work (such as rape cases, fatal collisions, death messages, domestic violence) as brainless manual labour, then pay cuts may indeed be the way forward.

13 December, 2007 13:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobbyjoe - I assume you're one of this new breed of nurse who spends 3 years at Uni, go on the ward and are too posh (and educated) to do some of the more menial, but necessary nursing tasks. On my shift of 6 - on a good day - there are 2 with degrees, one with an HNC being converted to a degree and two ex military who retired from the Army as Warrrant Officers - not exactly thickos - and they are just PCs. My wife is a Coronary Care nurse who has been so employed for over 20 years and returns home with wonderful stories of the new breed of nurse. That, however, is not the point of this message. Like all public service employees, the Governments of the day have shafted them time and time again knowing that strike action will affect only the people the professions take care of. Government Ministers have private health care so if the nurses go on strike it won't affect them; if they need an ambulance, their position will ensure they get one; they will never be burgled or assaulted as they have Police officers allocated to their care; fires in their homes (official or secondary) are dealt with as a priority. They are therefore completely detached from reality so no matter what happens it won't affect them. In the case of the nurses, the RCN is as bad as the Police Federation in that you have employed an American woman who spends most of her time taking foreign language lessons. Anything that upsets the nurses is met with a message of anger and a promise that all nurses will soon receive a lovely red diary for the forthcoming year.
This is just part of a concerted Government plan to ensure that these professions are divided and spend their time biting at each other rather than at the cause of the propblem. Nurses won't strike; fire and rescue teams will still turn out to life threatening emergencies; Police won't strike and the Ambo crews usually put the public first. The Government know this and that is what they count on. What is needed is some form of concerted action where the above professions get together and a system is worked out where comparable pay is sought. I supported the nurses, fire and rescue and the ambulance service in their pay disputes. Don't insult us - join us in your anger.
As for Member of the Public - you do get pay rises. Don't forget that my taxes pay for your benefits which increase each year more than my salary does.

13 December, 2007 22:57

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

I know that some of our team guvnors have been openly discussing with each other about cover and overtime. I never thought I would hear someone with rank and 25+ years service openly talking to their own team about plans to bosh everything not directly related to getting a criminal from the street to the court for WHEN we do a work to rule, not IF. When the Fed ballot us next year I think everyone will be voting Yes for the right to strike.

13 December, 2007 23:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PC BLOGGS .... "" MINIMUM manning levels "" "" MINIMUM manning levels ""

Report immediately for a diversity, sexual equality and exclusionary language awareness course !

14 December, 2007 07:41

Anonymous Stan said...

Yes Bloggsy I think you need debriefing on your language!!!!

Hey I hear the Home Secretary is heading to the Midlands today for a meeting with police which had been arranged prior to all this. Hope you tell her what you think if your one of the police guys/gals who are at the meeting!!

14 December, 2007 08:37

Anonymous PC West said...

Did anyone else see Question time on BBC, the labour minister was like a lamb to the slaughter when it came to the police pay deal. She tried laughing it off as she squirmed defending the undefencable!!!!!!

14 December, 2007 10:11

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Apologies for my undiversity. I should not have used the word "minimum" which is of course in breach of legislation that prohibits discrimination on the grounds of numerical value. From now on, the phrase should be "recommended manning levels".

14 December, 2007 10:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let hope they get the army out and give the pigs the same treatment they dished out to the miners.

14 December, 2007 12:03

Anonymous Stan said...

I doubt it, firstly theyve run the army down so much they havent got the manpower to deploy them. Secondly given that alot of us are ex squadies and alot of the armed forces end up in the job they will effectively be against thier own future pay!!!! If we do go on strike they will also be too busy having to take over looking after the prisoners that theyve run out of space for in prison.

14 December, 2007 12:12

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

We simply must NOT strike. The very THOUGHT of missing a single Sanctioned Detection makes me almost wet myself with disappointment.

14 December, 2007 14:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about the immediate suspension of operation safeguard. Thats all run on overtime.
If everyone refused to work it, it would either be a massive depleation of staff from elsewhere or the court cells would be totally full and not able to accomodate anyone else bringing the court system to a grinding halt. Big Jaq may have to reassess the issue then.

14 December, 2007 16:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops. That will teach me to read everyones comments in future before adding one and finding its been said many times already. Please ignore the last comment!!!

14 December, 2007 16:44

Anonymous xoggoth said...

Bluddy ell! 59 comments!

Second anonymous near the top. Sooner pay the police than stinking politicians. What will their next rise be I wonder?

And if police have a bad press, why is that? Because of damn stupid beurocratic rules imposed by politicians that never let them get on with the job. My missus, a teacher, has just retired early, she has had enough of all the targets and paperwork.

My sympathies to you lot.(Although you can retire far too early TBH)

14 December, 2007 17:58

Anonymous xoggoth said...

PS Anonymous, Don't worry about it. Personally I never even bother to read the original post, how dull! The other day, I posted a long diatribe against the EU constitution under a request for advice on keeping chickens. I though it was a valuable contribution.

14 December, 2007 18:02

Anonymous pcR said...

It's just occurred to me.
Can't we lock up the home secretary?

S.91 Police Act 1996
Causing disaffection amongst the police Either Way (2yrs, 6mnths and/or fine)
Causes, attempts to cause, or does an act calculated to cause disaffection, OR
Induces, or attempts to induce, or does an act calculated to induce a force member to withhold his services

Call Sir Ian Blair!

14 December, 2007 18:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just a small point,but i'm getting a bit tired of comments on various bloggs including this one about the miners was quarter of a century ago,what does it have to do with todays police force?

14 December, 2007 19:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pcr 18:12 - by that interpretation, most police bloggers are guilty of sedition under the 1996 act!

17 December, 2007 09:46

Blogger Whichendbites said...

And now we have the added insult that support staff will be given the 2.5% backdated to september. Nothing to do with them having a union to call for strike action ?

In effect PCSO's will get a bigger pay rise than us.

You couldn't make it up.

18 December, 2007 19:47

Anonymous olddear said...

I know a few ex-miners who afetr the pit was shut down became police officers. There have been some really stupid comments from readers and columnists about police getting 'payback' for the miners strike.
The ex-miners in the police are disgusted by what they have read.

As for the simpletons who tediously think it's clever to bleat on about not missing the police if they went on strike.... well says a lot about our education system.

If they could kindly identify where they live we could release the prison population to live in their neighbourhood and see whether they want the police back then. I take it these people are quite happy for child molestors, murderers and drug gangs to behave themselves and the police aren't necessary.

With all due respect to the nursing profession (yes i have friends who are nurses), the state of the NHS is appalling. Do we blame nurses for that? I had an operation 2 years ago and stayed in hospital. The care from the nurses was abysmal. I couldn't feed myself and no offer of help was received from the nurses... no doubt too busy getting an NVQ or 'degree' in the sociological technicalities of mopping up sick. It's easy to be ignorant and 'have a go' at others professions, no wonder it's so popular.

Good luck to those hard-working officers, without whom, this country would be intolerable. From (ex-RAF)

21 December, 2007 12:03

Anonymous Xena W P said...

No need to strike, just stick to the letter of the law, and ensure that the politicians do the same!!

You'd be suprised how interesting their expense claims are, not to mention how easily they can go over the speed limit in their posh cars.

And as for the miners strike, most of the bloggers were obviously not there. Had they been, they would have seen brake pipes being cut and children under the age of four being spat at and assaulted in the street by supporters of the NUM.

That strike took place over a generation ago. Perhaps some of our less informed bloggers ought to get a job so they can afford to study history.

31 December, 2007 13:50

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03 April, 2009 20:52

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15 April, 2009 09:57


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