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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Attitude Test

There's an interesting debate taking place here. One of the things that comes up throughout it is THE ATTITUDE TEST, a common theme for police officers. There's a good comment on it by TUPC.

My non-police Twenty-First Century readers may be imagining some kind of phone-in quiz hosted by Anne Robinson, which decides whether Builders or Nurses have a better attitude. So to clarify, I am referring to the method of deciding whether the speeding motorist I have just pulled over gets a ticket or not.

These guys get a ticket. In case you were wondering.

Policing used to be entirely governed by the Attitude Act of 1829. No other law was needed and people went around their lives knowing that if they were polite and respectful to police officers, nothing bad would ever happen to them. They could beat their wives, drive their carriage at speed through pedestrian areas and defraud thousands of pounds from businesses. But as long as they said, "I'm so sorry officer" when caught, they would be patted down and sent on their way.

A lot of very silly people thought this was an inappropriate way to run a police force. As a result, dozens of laws, policies and regulations have been introduced over the last 180 years to overrule the Attitude Act with things like the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, the Public Order Act, the Battered Women and Poor Little Children Act and the Rich People Are Subhuman Acts of recent years*. The Human Rights Act is probably the most notable of the new legislation. Regardless of how someone behaves, we are obliged to treat them all the same.

This is a far better approach. Kids growing up in the enlightened Twenty-First Century know that if they bunk off school and swear at bus drivers, they are still just as good as the kids who do their homework and have a paper round. Motorists know that force policy will govern what kind of ticket we give out, so there's nothing to be gained by being polite. The same goes for people we arrest.

Personally I am suspicious of The Attitude Test. A contrite motorist lying through his/her teeth is just as likely to commit the same offence again, and the civility is in hope of getting away with it. Whereas the one swearing "I'll fucking go through a red light if I want and I'll speed every day of my life without any regard to you" is at least being truthful. But that said, there are acceptable and unacceptable ways to behave. No one should have to put up with a bad attitude, from the public or from the police, but it probably doesn't mean I'll give out any more tickets than I would have. You just might find yourself on the end of some Bloggs Sarcasm.

Some Bloggs Sarcasm
Irate Man: Can't you bloody police learn to park properly?
PCB: I'm sorry, sir, is there a problem?
Irate Man: You've fucking well parked me in, and I've got to go shopping.
PCB: I see.
Irate Man: Move your car now or I'm making a complaint.
PCB: But of course, sir. Perhaps you'd like to pop upstairs and administer CPR to the vomit-covered body you'll find in the bathroom, or restrain the dying woman's hysterical husband, while I drive half a mile to the nearest parking space.
Irate Man: Oh, er, not really.
PCB: Well sod off then.

Copyright of PC Bloggs.

*All these Acts exist and were not made up in any way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Demond Morris summed it up nicely in The Human Ape (I think). When faced with aggressive behaviour we tend to turn nasty in response. Therefore, do not provoke police officers if you are trying to avoid being reported. If you are in a hole do not keep digging.

30 December, 2007 20:04

Anonymous pcR said...

There is only one rule when dealing with motorists. Are they wearing a hat whilst driving? If they are, they are getting a ticket.
This has the great advantage of being neither age, race nor sex specific and therefore not discriminatory in any way.

30 December, 2007 20:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Police "officers" are not heroes.

Not even in theor own eyes. Not really.

Those people who demand repapect are often those who deserve it the least.

Attitude test? F*ck you, copper.

31 December, 2007 01:05

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Thanks for the asterisk - that was respect whether you knew it or not.

31 December, 2007 01:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself.

Going to delete it now, after all?

31 December, 2007 01:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's New Years Eve.

An honest question: why do you do your job?

31 December, 2007 01:41

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

Because if we didn't.. your life would be a hundred times shitter than it is now!

The inescapable truth! Grow up!

31 December, 2007 14:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a laugh with some arse I went to see.
He had a fpn from Lancs Police and I had to serve him some papers. The bloke didnt like my sense of humour and refused to let me in the house. Being an after dinner speach writer the arse wrote in complaining about nothing.
Six months later and he phoned to complain about his car being taken.
It was great to knock on his door and when he said "come in" I said "no-you didn't want me in here last time".
It was the quickest tomv report I have taken and the bloke looked a little sheepish as I left.

31 December, 2007 14:40

Blogger kingmagic said...

I,m going to come across all sorts of "Attitude" tonight...on the Foxtrot-Oscar response unit for NYE.

Have a brill and safe New Year.

All the very best....kingmagic x

31 December, 2007 15:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The attitude test:

"If you act like an arsehole you will be treated like an arsehole"

"If you act reasonably, you will be treated reasonably"

However you will all be treated lawfully regardless, just some will earn the minimum others will get more than the minimum, its really up to them.

e.g USe of Handcuffs, Personally speaking if your an arsehole you get cuffed probably to the rear for my protection. If your reasonable and calm you probably wont.

Section 3 of the Criminal Law act suggests that any use of force such as handcuffing should be necessary, a persons behaviour be it reasonable or arsehole dictates necessity.

Thats the attitude test.

For those MOPS not likely to encounter that version of the attitude test and just traffic tickets then consider this:

Road Traffic Law is or should only ever about increasing road safety.

Therefore If the Officer who has pulled you over believes that he / she can achieve this noble objective, because your acting reasonably, through the use of the timeless lecture then they are likely to use their discretion to do so and not issue a ticket.

If however you are acting like an arsehole who wont even try to listen to said timeless lecture designed to make you aware of the dangers of your actions and thereby increase road safety then the Officers only choice will be a statutory lawful one and a ticket will follow and just hope that the stupid bloody tciket will make you think twice next time.

In my opinion i get annoyed when i have to issue a ticket as i know they aren't really a good means of getting the message over and they alienate the public but some members of the public insist on leaving me with no alternative.

I would much rather spend the time it takes filling out a ticket with a good old fashioned finger wagging lecture instead. Followed by a nice chat about the weather and some helpful directions to avoid the traffic ahead.

31 December, 2007 16:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

TUPC - you still have your absurd hero complex I see.

Still still claiming to be a saviour of civilisation?

Wake up! Your're a custody officer who couldn't even make it into catering college all those years ago. Rememebr?

You're a prime example of the sort of under-acheiving low-grade Plod/clod who craves "respect" to compensate for an innate sense of inadequacy.

It would be interesting to listen to what you feel makes you worthy of even an ounce of respect. Proper respect.

You swaggering , posturing, feeble ... "man"

31 December, 2007 16:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

another anonymous said:

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

TUPC - you still have your absurd hero complex I see."

All Police have a minor Hero Complex in some form or other just like most members of the emergency services.

If we didnt then we wouldn't risk our lives to save yours.

Trust me, what any member of the emergency services is paid is not enough to motivate them alone.

In the same way that a Soldiers pay isnt enough to motivate them alone to do things that we have done for complete strangers who more often than not aren't really grateful at all.

You ask me were all certifiably insane to risk our lives to protect arseholes like this anonymous fella.

Lucky for them there is no cure to our insanity and I would inevitably risk my life yet again to protect them as well even if they wouldn't be grateful.

31 December, 2007 16:52

Anonymous Jacques said...

Anon 16:52 - spare us your vague fuzzy tales of derring-do

To put the earlier post in t context, old TUPC currently serves as custody officer who after 17 years of service has fulfilled his dream of scurrying behind a desk and never leaving it. Except to swab out the cells.

Not many chances to lead rescue missions into hijacked banks from that strategic position. As you can imagine

In fact, seeing that upon leaving school, his application to Catering College was rejected, pretty much means that he is lucky to be working at all.

Such is the real background of that particular clown's "heroic" lifestyle.

So how about you? A similar truly heroic, apocalyptic and selfless life-saving career no doubt...?

Please tell. .. or does such impertinence from a MOP mean a mandatory failing of the Attitude Test?

31 December, 2007 17:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm interested to know what a 'Hero Complex' is and why exactly it is a bad thing?

seems to me that something that motivates someone to do something for someone else is a good thing. Particularly if the action involved caries some form of personal sacrifice.

Take today for example:

I don't know what motivated the officer involved; Be it hero complex, power, driving fast, a wish to help others, love of dogs, adrenalin or a little of each and a multitude of other factors, but hero she is.

31 December, 2007 17:19

Anonymous Jaques said...

But she ain't you, Anon 17:19

You are not heroic. You just have a Hero Complex to compensate for being trapped by the need for a pension and to pay the mortgage, in a demeaning and lowly paid job. Very few afford you even the least bit of respect that you think should come with the job - indeed, you are treated with disdain and contempt by practically everyone ...

.. so to counter all this, you must think of yourselves as self- sacrificing individuals who wade through all the crap and abuse and poor pay and the rest of it because you are heroes...

...and when the crunch time comes, the likes of you will always be found wanting.

31 December, 2007 17:35

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

happy new year everyone, even you cuddles, be safe next year :o)

31 December, 2007 17:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am not aware that i told any tales of my daring do but it makes you happy i did asubmit a full file once, handwritten, all of it!

In fact part of the (tongue in cheek) illness manifests itself as an unwillingness to recognise such in oneself. A macho gruffness at least to those outside of the Force anyway.

Of course in private were just as scared, shocked and rattled as anyone but you would never get to know about that and nor would anyone but those who were there and my wife who sees the results. We simply don't talk about it because when we talk about it we have to think about it and we prefer to try and forget about it.

Other elements of the symptomatology of this form of (tongue in cheek) insanity is a willingness to argue with fools in the full knowledge that onlookers will be unable to tell the difference between us.

I do wonder why you have a) so much information about TUNPC that you wish to publish knowing that in doing so you take a commentary on him and turn it into an attack that could harm his lively hood. B) Why you have such an, obviously, large reservoir or bile for this Officer in particular.

I also wonder why you feel 17 years of service is something to be derided. Exactly how long do we have to risk our lives for it to be worthwhile? 17 years to me seems like a long time but you are clearly judging him by some other standard, although you havent made it clear what that is and why it qualifies you to judge him or in fact anyone.

As for the attitude test, well i get the impression that you are the sort of person who has most likely gone out their way to fail it on more than one occasion.

Furthermore your reply illustrates that you fail to appreciate the tongue in cheek concept of the attitude test or the reality that its just a label for defining the element of human relatins of your behaviour effects my behaviour.

Of course my behaviour is limited and effected by sworn duty, but then i am insane. What limits your behaviour?

PS. Next time you start and argument in the pub, which i guess you do a lot, try not to feel guilty about calling us for help when t he local ape is dancing on your head.

We dont mind helping you even if you dont like us. Its another symptom of that minor (tongue in cheek)hero complex thing again although this time it manifests itself in doing our duty without fear or favour. I do however draw the line at making you a cup of tea, i am just that childish at times and your getting no hob nobs at all!

Anyway i wish you more Happy Trolling, it clearly gives you purpose that you clearly feel is missing in your life.

31 December, 2007 18:22

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Stay on topic, keep off the personal insults, or your comment will get deleted.

31 December, 2007 19:04

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

People don't worry about me. The bloke leaves me a couple of emails a day... probably touching himself as he does.

The only bit he's got right is the 17 years. Custody is a distant memory. and whether I'm ahero or not, thats not for anyone to say! I sleep well.. and don't send anonymous insults to strangers to get my kicks.

Happy new year!

31 December, 2007 19:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...


are you sure? we were very worried about you. The things this guy seems to know about you (tongue in cheek or not)might damage your lively hood

31 December, 2007 19:33

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

Ha Ha...Nah! he's not even close... not even nearly .... at all!

31 December, 2007 19:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this the same bloke talking to himself?

31 December, 2007 20:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

could be. is that me?

31 December, 2007 20:05

Anonymous notellin said...

TUNPC, Ellie says no so ill not.

A regular crank is he? Better not to feed his mania. He really does have an unhealthy amount of bile and a clear need to vent his spleen.

I suspect he's an insider with frustrated career issues or a MOP whose history has brought him to Plods attention and he feels aggrieved.

His misplaced superiority complex combined with his well scripted provocative insults reminds me of another infamous troll with "issues" who we all know.

31 December, 2007 20:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

doesn't look good for Totally-UNPC though,

Telling obvious porkies.

On record.

31 December, 2007 20:07

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

For clarification: just because a comment contains the phrase "Attitude Test" in quotes towards the end does not make it on-topic.

31 December, 2007 20:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Attitude Test"

People give PC's "attitude" when they feel no respect for the office and/or the officer.

Presumably most reasonable, law-abiding people accept the the need for the rule of law.

So, if a poor "attitude" is not a result of a poor opinion of the need for the rule of law in general, then it falls that it is directed towards it's execution and delivery by officers of the law in particular.

So, for example, if a MOP feels that officers are less than honest, less than even handed, less than fair ... less than truthful. Then they will exhibit a poor "attitude"

So with regards to TUNPC's earlier protestations upon points of fact it turns out that in his dialogue on this blog on this very same topic - it turns out that his respondent was indeed correct about elements of that Officer's career history:

So directed toward TUNPC - if he cares (if he can) offer a rebuttal:

Right about 17 years , right about custody .... but everything else is wrong?


He seems pretty accurate so far.

No, if this were an interview under caution .. how would you expect it to eventually unfold when the crim admits to something and then something else... and then a little bit more.

... and this a prime example of why people fail the "Attitude Test" towards police officers .. demonstrable half truths and outright (simple) lies from serving police officers.

31 December, 2007 20:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very good topic spoilt by meanderings from some quarters. As a Police officer of 22 years service I have long understood the attitude test but it does run both ways. A coiple of months ago I was stopped by a following Police officer from a neighbouring county. It appeared that I had indicated that I was overtaking a stationary vehicle showing hazard lights (the officer thought that this use of indicators suggested I had been drinking(!)). I stopped, wound down my window a couple of inches and waited. Said officer walked up to the window and the conversation went something like:
PC "Out the car."
Me "I'm sorry?"
PC "You deaf. Out the car".
Me "Why?"
PC "'Cos I said so."
Me "Have I committed any offence officer?"
PC "Are you getting out of the car?"
Me "Not unless you can show me just cause why I should do so. It is raining and I'm not wearing a coat."
PC "Licence."
Me "Sorry?"
PC "Driving licence."
Me "It's an official document which shows that the person referred to on the licence is allowed to drive certain types of vehicles on a public road."
PC "You got a licence?"
Me "Yes I have."
PC "Show it to me."
Me "I can't I'm afraid."
PC "Are you saying you don't have one?"
Me "No, I'm saying I can't show it to you."
PC "Why not?"
Me "It's at home."
the conversation then went along the lines of the reason he'd stopped me, my identity, where I was going, what was I going to do when I got there and why wasn't I carrying my driving licence and couments. He finally got round to issuing me with a HO/RT1 (no problem there) and then asked if I was ome (his words) 'smart arse lawyer as I seemed to know the law'. When I finally told him of my profession his whole attitude changed, he became very matey and asked me to return the HO/RT as I didn't need to bother about that sort of thing (I refused). He accepted my story though he didn't ask to see my warrant card and wandered back to his car with a wave and a "See ya mate".
Who hd the attitude and how does this bode for the public perception of Police officers, especially at a time of the furore over the pay award?
'With you making S****y safer'
Happy New Year to you all

01 January, 2008 12:06

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Last anon, how would the conversation have seemed from his point of view? You may have perceived you were being polite, he may have thought he was reasonable until you failed to cooperate. Alternatively he may have known he was being a rude git.

01 January, 2008 13:26

Anonymous Michael said...

Amid all this off-topic acrimony, but in the spirit of the season may I hope that Catherine Corbett (the victim-subject of your "unacceptable behaviour" link) is well on the path to full recovery.

It is a sad indication of the state of justice in this country that the individual who hurt her is most unlikely to be charged with anything other than resisting arrest, and possibly a few motoring related offences.


01 January, 2008 14:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacques said:

"But she ain't you, Anon 17:19

You are not heroic. You just have a Hero Complex..."

That's uncanny and you haven't even met me. I voluntarily left a high paying IT job to come to this one and I've been commended for bravery though I don't think I did anything most other coppers wouldn't have done in my place.

What keeps me doing this job? I like it when I feel I've done good, I like it when victims and onlookers thank me. I treasure the few words that I occasionally get confirming I've made a positive difference in someone's life.

In order to receive this as often as possible I try to do the best job I an for each person.


The only stage in the cycle you can change is "your behaviour".

01 January, 2008 17:02

Anonymous Jaques said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

01 January, 2008 23:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

02 January, 2008 00:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

02 January, 2008 12:21

Anonymous Jaques said...

Thought so, Madame Author.

I guess some people just don't pander to your ill-founded conceit even nearly well enough to be able to pass the old "Attitude Test", huh?

Keep trying - maybe one day you might even become worthy of the "respect" that you seem to think should be yours...

.. and just as unlikely, one day you might even learn more than just one rhetorical device too.

02 January, 2008 22:30

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Jacques, shame with all your education you can't read properly. Where in my post did I say I deserved respect, or that I agreed with the Attitude Test? As for rhetorical devices... sigh... I really can't be bothered.

Any further trolling and Comment moderation will be enabled to the detriment of all readers.

02 January, 2008 22:36

Anonymous Jaques said...

To be fair ... usually, you have been fairly handed.

However, to illustrate the fact that your own prejudices and attitudes still show through - I would invite you to follow your own advice and re- read all those occasions where you chose to directly reply to a respondent's comments.

As for the "rhetorical device" bit - well everyone has their gimmick and your affected sardonic - even laconic - style of writing with which you write these posts, to be fair, isn't bad.

Now and then though, attempting a bit of variety would improve your range and allow you to occasionally use more powerful and far more evocative and subtle ways of expressing yourself and putting your point across.

However, don't be tempted with the second book in picking up the thesaurus - biggest classic mistake of the second time author.

Busy Night?

02 January, 2008 23:15

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Hehe, thanks for the tip. I try out different styles in posts from time to time, when the mood strikes me. They're just so good you can't think of anything to say - which is why you haven't noticed...

03 January, 2008 00:24

Anonymous pcR said...

I joined up so I could bully the underclass.
I'm having a great time.

03 January, 2008 09:51

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

Anon 12.06 - surely the best response to "Out of the car" would have been to, err, get out of the car? thus avoiding all the other nonsense.

03 January, 2008 23:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should he have got out of the car?

Just to satisfy the caprices of some oaf in uniform.?

04 January, 2008 00:52

Anonymous Michael said...

Inspector Gadget
@ 03 January, 2008 23:53

The answer has already been given: it was raining, and the victim didn't have a coat.

Why on earth should the victim get wet to please some power crazed fool in uniform?

Same fool that changed his mind about things when victim said he was police officer; he probably lets his mates get away with a lot of naughty stuff.


06 January, 2008 13:26

Anonymous Michael said...

pcr @ 30 December, 2007 20:16

Your rule discriminates against Sikhs and Jews.

Be careful.


06 January, 2008 13:29

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03 April, 2009 20:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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