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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Help Us!

Illegal Immigrants have rioted in a bid for freedom. I just think we are not tough enough on these evil malingerers who come to our country and filch off the state. After all, attempting to move to the UK is a criminal offence and should attract hefty prison sentences, unlike the misguided acts of poor British youths for whom a couple of months doing community service will suffice.

I remember seeing a Kurdish woman with her twelve-year-old son removed from Blandmore nick to one of these marvellous holding centres. I don't know what all the fuss is about: she was allowed to keep two items of clothing and was even allowed to know which centre her son was going to. Well, she would have been allowed to know - it is hardly the escort van's fault if she didn't speak English.

In any event, the critics of our immigration system just do not understand the complexity of deporting people. It is a little known fact that many illegal immigrants don't even have passports identifying which country they came from! How on earth are we to know where to send them back?

The answer is that we have to write to the foreign embassies/passport offices and wait for them to issue the person a passport. These offices are very helpful in assisting us with the DNA profiles and three generations of lineage for these fleeing refugees from war-torn regions, and it only takes 6-7 months to get the passports through. It helps if UK officials are able to get the immigrant's doctor to countersign the back of the photo - without this, what do we expect?

Of course the immigrant must be allowed to appeal and in line with UK law, any appeal against any justice system must take at least a year to run its course. While this process unfolds, it would be lunacy to allow these people to take employment or learn English while they wait. They will get the message that Brits work for a living and in the event that their application is finally approved, they will be unable to function as a state-sponger.

I say we should expand Harmondsworth and even build it an airport, with free air travel into it, for more efficient handling of this terrible modern curse.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the chief inspector of prisons - anne owers - won't take any responsibility, as it was her widely reported criticisms that sparked it off. funny how they all read and understood the papers and news broadcasts - get them in front of any official and they need a translator!! Why don't airlines etc take photocopies of all documents and account for each passenger before leaving? They should let the B*****ds sleep in the wreckage of Harmondsworth, that or declare them all honorary iraqui pipples and send them to BAsra.

29 November, 2006 20:12

Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

We have a large amount of immigrants that make there way into Scroatsville. They seem to appear down the M1

29 November, 2006 20:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The answer lies in boats. Do we have any banana boats boats left from the fifties?, if so why are they here rusting? can't we fill em up and turn em round to somewhere?, er anywhere?
Then there is the long forgotten but much loved gunboat of our forbears from the days of the colonies. Any mucking about from the natives and off up they coast went the old tub to soften em up a bit.
Are gunboats small enough to send up the Mersey and the Thames and the Tyne (with thanks to Elvis Costello).

30 November, 2006 00:11

Blogger hobbybobby said...

In a statement, [Anne Owers] said: "The situation at Harmondsworth remains contained. The perimeter remains secure, and no-one has escaped."

Phew... for a minute there I thought we may have had illegal immigrants wandering around our fair country...

...around 150 other "immigration offenders" ... would have to be be released to make room for them.


30 November, 2006 02:44

Anonymous ranter said...

I hear on the news today that some involved are to be BAILED!!!

More prisons please!

30 November, 2006 09:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...


PC Bloggs - I really enjoy your blog but I have to ask after reading the comments,particularly by "anonymous"........
Your entry........... well it was irony, sarcasm if you will; yeah?

Please just confirm one way or the other........... I'm concerned - am I misreading your blog????????

30 November, 2006 21:09

Blogger Calabar Gal said...

I blame the papers and the press for that damning report!! People are in this country illegally and are in the process of being deported and you publish a report that the guards arent being 'friendly' with them and bully them!! Helloo!! If the guards werent stern and alert, then the detainees would wrap them around their little fingers all in the name of 'freedom and human rights' and no detainee would ever get deported. What other rights do you have to give detainees? They want to stay and u want them to go so you have to be strict with them cos all they are looking for is a lophole to be allowed to stay!! *Sigh* Political Correctness has brought about this mess!!!

01 December, 2006 08:14

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15 April, 2009 10:57


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