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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We don't feel the need for speed.

Today I have read the statistic that 82% of speeding offences and 97% of dangerous driving offences are committed by men. The former may even be higher as men supposedly tell DVLA that the wife was driving to avoid a ban.

I use my intuition to react to most news as - being female - it is highly honed. Intuitively, therefore, this does not ruffle me. I mainly attribute it to the fact that most traffic cops are men, and nothing annoys a bloke more than to see another bloke who makes more money zooming by in a faster car.

The Association of British Drivers has responded to the report by pointing out that most women drive about all day with their kiddies in the back so are bound to drive slower. I am more swayed by their argument that it must be because all sales reps are men, a rather convoluted path of reasoning.

The writer of the report itself helpfully points out that women are "more compliant in their behaviour" - a fact my boyfriend will be pleased and amazed to discover. I will get the iron ready.

There may be many reasons for the data, but unless they publish alongside it the statistics for how many drivers hog the middle lane on the motorway, knock over bollards and smash off their wing mirrors during simple driving manoeuvres, the debate about which gender drives better will not be resolved. Just to stir up the argument further, apparently women require 51 hours of tuition before passing their test as opposed to 36 hours for men (this is from the print version of the same article). I can only put my hands up and say that we are just too busy thinking about puppies to drive properly.

I have an odd suspicion that many men will react to this report with smug self-satisfaction rather than the shame and regret that we all hope for. Personally I have taken it as an insult to the speed I drive and I shall be winding up the throttle to try and even out the figures.

The thing I find most bizarre in the whole debate is the fact that The Times adorned this article with a picture of a woman driving around a blow-up man-doll. Are they blaming HIM for the speeding?

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Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Just for you PC Bloggs hehe

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

22 November, 2006 22:43

Blogger Mikemuses said...

Some days I'm too busy thinking about puppies to drive properly.

22 November, 2006 23:08

Anonymous Ellee said...

That's a really interesting statistic. On "I'm a celeb last night," there was a question "who passed their driving test first - more men or more women" - the answer was more men. They got it wrong.

I always perceive women as being safer drivers because they are less aggessive by nature. I have even passed my Advanced Motorist test.

I have tagged you today, btw, hope you don't mind.

23 November, 2006 11:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All Men are rapists.

Sorry about the overly long link. But it does seem to be that women who are convicted of falsely crying rape are running at one a week.

It makes you wonder just how man men have been falsely convicted in the past

23 November, 2006 14:02

Anonymous Standard Dave said...

Bearing in mind it is almost impossible to get a guilty person convicted these days I doubt many men are going to jail on false allegations.

Back to driving it's because men don't take advice, most men would rather you sleep with their wife than critise their driving.

23 November, 2006 15:06

Blogger grumpy traffic man said...

In my experience as a grumpy traffic man, I find that in built up areas where the speed limit is 30 mph or lower, the main offenders for breaking the speed limit are women, but outside of the BUA's, the speeders tend to be men. Now, obviously this is not based on scientific fact, nor is it any form of slur against female drivers, but merely an observation. I genuinely think that women speeders are doing so because of an oversight or distraction whereas men break the speed limit as a deliberate act.

23 November, 2006 19:54

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Thanks ESC, as a woman you certainly can't see enough funny jokes about female parking!

Ellee - on a recent police driving course the instructor told us that female officers are far easier to instruct and generally pass the course. I think the word "arrogance" featured in his reasoning somewhere...

23 November, 2006 21:06

Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

PC Bloggs, I did find some pics taking the mick out of blokes - I will save them for another day ;)

23 November, 2006 23:02

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15 April, 2009 11:02


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