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Thursday, November 16, 2006

On the Run!

Two vicious criminals are fleeing police following a theft on a train.

Gosh, I think even I might be able to run faster than them.

Old people just do not commit enough crime. I would love to deal with a few more OAPs as I could guarantee a Detection out of every one. This is mainly because they are so slow at committing crimes that they are invariably spotted and identified. They were also first arrested before the Police and Criminal Evidence Act existed and tend to regard solicitors as words beginning with "C"s. This can only aid our cause.

This makes me wonder about the right to legal advice in police stations. Most custody blocks are now recorded on tape and camera and interviews are all taped in any event. There are strict rules about oppressive tactics such as "silence" and deprivation of cigarettes/drugs. Soon most custody sergeant posts will be civilianised meaning that there will be a person in the block whose only aim is to protect the prisoners' welfare, who has nothing to gain by assisting the investigating officers to breach rules.

In light of all this, what on earth do we need solicitors for in the police station?

The only reasons I can think of are:
A) To hold the suspect's hand during interview as he or she will be so scared of the mean police officers.
B) To advise the suspect what the law is - a bit late in most cases.
C) To describe possible defences and allow the suspect to choose from a list.
D) To tell the suspect to say "No comment" to prevent him being caught out in a lie.

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Blogger hobbybobby said...

"Both were wearing knee-length skirts, white shirts or blouses and carrying shoulder bags. Both are described as having grey hair."

That narrows it down then... ;)

17 November, 2006 01:57

Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

E) Wasting even more tax-payers money

17 November, 2006 01:58

Blogger hobbybobby said...


F) All of the above.

17 November, 2006 02:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regrad to 'ze list'. PACE was brought in because of acute lobbying from pressure groups (see DC's latest posting on rape) over two decades and the growth of civil rights, aided by lawyers who could spot a chance to make money (as ever). However the recent changes with them based in police stations is just another example of how badly the police service is 'managed' by the state and by its own managers who run scared of the entire legal profession, the courts and, mainly, human rights and consequent civil actions. No chance of any change ever! As for the two old thieves, remember - just 'cos they're old, doesn't make them become nice!
One question though - how come the police published their photos so quickly on the media? We have two supposedly dangerous terrorist suspects who have been missing for over two months, and we've had dangerous escaped prisoners and wanted suspects who have their pictures circulated only after a considerable period of time. there's no consistency.

17 November, 2006 07:02

Anonymous ted said...

Looking at the age of the "suspects" they no doubt didn't know it wasn't their bag. They also got off the train believing they were in Southend having gone missing from their "home".

17 November, 2006 12:45

Blogger PC COPPERFIELD said...

I've often considered the problem of solicitors in the police station. My solution is this:
1. An absolute right to silence. No ifs, no buts.
2. However, if we've got the evidence we should charge & remand & let the court decide on bail the next day.
3. Bearing in mind (2) above, the suspect may very well want to talk to us.
4. If the suspect feels he wants to talk to the police, that's fine. He can do so without a solicitor thanks.

17 November, 2006 13:26

Anonymous pascal said...

Its true there has never been any miscarriages of justice, or people framed by the police, or people dying in police custody. It just never happens.

If you are arrested, you are guilty. If you die in the arresting process, then you had a weak condition.

I wonder why we even have courts.

Some people might think that some safeguards should be there. They are obviously deluded, and should not be taken seriously.

17 November, 2006 14:01

Blogger Stan Still said...

The main reason that my customers ask for a solicitor is so their brief can bring them in some free fags!

It's incredible to hear them on the phone (we don't have any facility for private phone calls)"I've been locked up - get down here as quick as you can and bring me a packet of Lamberts"

Not so much as a please or thank you - but if they don't say please when they ask for a light, they have to wait. Manners cost nothing and I have the right to be spoken to nicely, even by lowlife!

17 November, 2006 20:19

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

I love the bit about "advising them on elements of the law"

Why can't all solicitors do this? Dear Solicitors (and accredited Reps), I'm no legal expert, I leave that to you and your years of erudition, (or few months of distance learning), but may I suggest the following wording when offering "advice" to your "clients"....

"stop stealing" or "don't use drugs" or " stop getting mashed and beating up policemen".

Oh wouldn't that be sage advice?, instead of assuming (wrongly) we would risk our (modestly) healthy pay packet to stitch up a delinquant retard with a crime that wouldn't even brush the richter scale of magistrates sentencing!

18 November, 2006 11:34

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15 April, 2009 11:05


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