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Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Update

Sometimes I wonder whether the recession prompts depressing news, or whether it's the other way around. Do we really need to read day in day out about which companies are cutting jobs and which classic British institutions have died? And by the way, did we know that suicide is pretty cheap nowadays and only slightly painful?

Meanwhile, bloggers like myself rely on news for inspiration, subject matter, and any possible success. I don't make any money out of my blog, and so far all proceeds from my book have been given to charity, so "success" for me isn't really defined financially. But it's nice to have it all the same: see here for some updates on the progress of the book through the public-sector-like bureaucracy of another great British institution that shows no signs of dying just yet.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Blogger Hogday said...

I was once an avid listener and reader of news. The `Today` programme still features large, but I empathise with this post, because I know I feel a whole lot more happiness and inner peacr when I avoid the news for a week.

Eureka! Perhaps that's the secret to being a senior officer?

26 January, 2009 08:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've almost stopped watching the tv news completely in the US. You're right - everything these days is finance, doom, finanace, destruction, finance, go shoot yourselves.

Glad to hear that BBC has recognized your book though! that was and still is a good read and I've had to keep a close eye on my copy so that it doesn't get kidnapped by my room mate.

Keep up the great work. I love reading your blog, although the amount of material that you have available to you is scary at times.

There can't be that much insanity in the world....can there?

26 January, 2009 09:19

Blogger Sgt. Custerd said...

Congratulations - Radio 4!!!

Sgt Custerd salutes you for reaching that lofty pinnacle of the media.

Very pleases for you and well earned !!!

26 January, 2009 20:47

Anonymous R/T said...

Ellie - couldn't help but notice that a lot more people post on IG's blog nowadays than on yours. I just wanted to give you a big "up", as it were, and say that yours is always the first one I check on each day. Keep doing it!

BTW - are you doing the exam this time?

26 January, 2009 21:58

Blogger News from Monday Books said...

What Bloggsy modestly isn't mentioning is the TV series.
We sold the rights some time ago to Rebus/Four Weddings star John Hannah's production company (after being approached by five or six outfits in total, including Talkback Thames and other makers of household name shows).
Over the last six months or so, they've made a lot of progress, engaging a very well-known comedy writer, lining up actors and actresses and working on a pilot.
There's many a slip twixt lip and cup, and chickens mustn't be counted etc, but it looks good. If all goes to plan (nothing being guaranteed), it will be on screen some time next year.

27 January, 2009 09:50

Anonymous Steve Kelly said...

As soon as I read your book, I said it should be made into a TV comedy Bloggsy.
Hope it comes off and you do well out of it.
Keep up the good work.

28 January, 2009 11:36

Anonymous ee cummings said...

Hiya Skinny - got yourself that second job, yet?

29 January, 2009 11:32


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