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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Coppersblog has already reported on this story, whereby social rights groups have condemned the wearing of hi-vis vests by offenders doing community service.

Personally I think it's outrageous that offenders are made to do community service at all, and much prefer the way sentences are enforced in Blandmore Magistrates Court. There, magistrates take a three-step approach to curing naughty people of their naughtinesses:
  1. Start out on the basis that the crime they have committed warrants only a custodial sentence, but instead give out a community order.
  2. When the offender fails to carry out the community order, tell them they really must try a little wittle bit harder to do it.
  3. After 12 months of trying to persuade the offender to do the work, accept that a community sentence is not working and exchange it for an absolute discharge.
It is this sensitive approach that has boosted the confidence of several troubled souls in Blandmore: namely Ryan who now thinks nothing of screaming abuse at his teachers mid-class, Kellee who tells the police to fuck off as a pastime on a Friday night, and Lee who is so immune to social embarrassment that he bravely shouts over all customers in his local minimart whilst waving a replica handgun around and making off with the cash.

If these poor mites felt degraded and humiliated in front of their peer groups, how could they possibly have the poise and charisma to behave like this?

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Blogger Auntie Jane said...

I think this is the problem of 'Troubled Souls' these days... They know they aren't going to get punished so continue to 'misbehave'. I don't know what the answer is, but I lean towards a custodial sentence after one warning.

Or better stil, as I believe our holiday camps - sorry Prisons - are rather full. Put them in the Army where they have to learn disaplin.

11 December, 2008 11:08

Anonymous Dr Melvin T Gray said...

My goodness, I thought I was pretty liberal but Liberty is really taking the Michael. Spurious grounds of objection will discredit and harm Ms Chakrabarti.

11 December, 2008 12:48

Anonymous microdave said...

Unfortunately it's 20 or more years of "Liberal" policies that's caused this. Until there is a radical change of direction, and the Chakrabati's of this world are told to button their lip I'm afraid it will only get worse.

Just what is so wrong with a bit of discipline? I remember getting a right telling off from a policeman for riding my bike on the pavement some 35 years ago. It didn't traumatise me, and I haven't suffered any long term side effects.

The "poor mites" referred to here don't need understanding or therapy, they need a short, sharp, shock. Why the hell should ordinary, decent folk have their lives ruined by scum like this??

11 December, 2008 15:23

Anonymous Oi said...

Sorry Auntie Jane, but the military dont want these troublemakers.
For a start, the modern military has long since moved away from two eyes, two arms, two legs - you're in. It is more of a skilled profession these days.

Secondly, they have enough idiots within the ranks that actually want to be there, without adding those that dont - and who now have "Rights" that prevent them being shouted at and made to do things they dont want to do.....

11 December, 2008 20:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive had a case whereby this drug addict theif was arrested so many times he built up loads of unpaid fines as our local magistrates wouldnt bang him up, then they wiped all his fines so he could concentrate on his drug referel order and sent him to a drug rehab centre where he got chucked out for drug dealing, nothing happened hes still about thieving anything he wants and they do nothing about it. What a joke!!

Bigfella in Blue

11 December, 2008 22:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe in these high vis suits but I bet if they do this one of the lags will sue as did some lags who went to jail and went cold turkey , I heard they got £3000 each!!!!!!!!

Bigfella in Blue

11 December, 2008 22:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

High visibility vests? No we need something more British! Bring back the stocks, pillory and ducking stools. Better still make them wear girls frilly knickers on their heads as blindfolds so passersby can laugh at them.

For more serious offenders I would suggest transportation to a penal colony, which perhaps we could hire from the Afghans and subcontract the guard duties. This would have the dual advantage of giving work to Afghans and real punishment to offenders. At end of sentence offenders would have to fund their own return fare.

12 December, 2008 07:47

Blogger Sgt. Custerd said...

Seriously though - check out Charlie Brooker writing in the Guardian about 'Community Payback' -couldn't have put it better myself.

Personally - I see nothing wrong in bibs - or even tabards - bearing the legend 'Scum Slave' in flasing LED strobing lights. It's PC gone mad I say...

12 December, 2008 10:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

man is such a simple ****** he hates pain and "luvs" pleasure, especially if it be from natures own cures, hemp, "poopy", demented barley.
So our wondrous leaders must provide pleasure,to reward the pain that the witless suffer from being without wit to feed,clothe and build a 'ut for themselves.

13 December, 2008 01:40

Blogger Colin D said...

It's not ALL "New Labour's" fault but it is a start.Replace education, education, education, with schooling! as for m/s chakrabarti, whatever, send her back from whence she came & all the likes.

13 December, 2008 15:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has poor Metcounty been scurrying to hide behind womens' skirts again?

That on top of failing the OSPRE exams three times on the trot.

No wonder he's so keen to mouth " ..rank does not equal knowledge ..", mantra all the while.

Tough Guy he ain't... Samrt Guy he most *certainly* ain't

13 December, 2008 20:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to nominate a local park for some "community service" attention - picking the shit up etc...
The lass from Probation came down and weighed it up.
But there were no toilet facilities nearby - so it couldnt be done !!

I offered to stand there with a shotgun and shades and told her the crims could piss in the bushes like "Cool hand Luke" - she wouldn;t have it!

Its their 'uman rights it is !!!

14 December, 2008 00:39

Anonymous WAYNE & KYLIE said...

We have no reason to decline a special nomination from the de Menezes Jury. The Coppersblog team have therefore been granted life membership of the Deceit and Profligacy Club. We also thank that blog for many thoughtful comments this year and look forward to their choir revisiting our Estate with traditional carols. If we are permitted a repeat request, we would love to hear Rogerborg's rendition of "Yule never crow alone" - (sermo vulgaris version, please.)

Last year, Rogerborg's colla voce con vibrato so fascinated Puddles, that our dog got himself entangled on the Falsetto's leg to the detriment of a new pair of nylons. Purely in the interests of Health and Safety Roger, we suggest longer stockings and shorter suspenders.

Anyway, the very best of the Season to you all.


14 December, 2008 07:19

Anonymous CJ Nerd said...

That post sounds to me like Dr Melvin T Gray's been at the sherry.

14 December, 2008 12:45

Anonymous mcmrjp said...

Under cover of anonymity you criticise community services in a "fictitious court". What you have stated could not happen. It is unfortunate that many who read this blog believe what you tell them and so this misrepresentation is further promulgated.

14 December, 2008 17:35

Blogger Nationalist said...

Don't blame the JPs. They have to keep their powder dry for the truely evil afluent, middle-class drivers who whizz past GATSOs at 35mph on completely empty roads and must be fined to the fullest extent their bank accounts will allow, including victim surcharge even though there was no victim.

15 December, 2008 12:18

Blogger Bystander said...

"After 12 months of trying to persuade the offender to do the work, accept that a community sentence is not working and exchange it for an absolute discharge."

Utterly incredible. This could not and does not happen. Can you give a single example?
You do yourself and the justice system a disservice by writing this kind of bigoted rubbish.

18 December, 2008 22:31

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15 April, 2009 13:00


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