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Monday, November 03, 2008

The Purloined Ipod

If you read detective fiction, or watch TV, you might imagine that criminals hide stolen/illegal goods in cunning cubby-holes and behind trick floorboards. Occasionally they do, but more commonly drugs and stolen goods are hidden in full view, but surrounded by layers of such unsanitary possessions that any self-respecting police officer would rather not find it than root through them.

A typical example, although this one is rather clean (there are no smudges on the walls or cooker).

Here are some ways to hide your booty, all used by criminals in Blandmore in the last six months:

  1. If there are children in the house, their clothes can be put to good use in the following way: when the clothes have been worn, they go in the laundry basket. When the next set of clothes have been worn, they should go in another laundry basket. When seven laundry baskets are full and overflowing, the children can start to wear the clothes from laundry basket 1 again. At no stage should any of the clothes actually be laundered.
  2. The same can apply to bedclothes. If any of the children (or adults) wet the bed, the soiled sheets should be stuffed into cupboards in such a manner that they will unfurl rapidly on top of anyone opening the cupboard. If you run out of bedclothes, the children should just sleep on a bare mattress, or the floor.
  3. Never wash up a plate, knife or fork. Instead just leave them in opportune places around the house, such as: under your duvet, on a chair, at the bottom of a heap of laundry (see 1, above).
  4. Never clean the floor. After a year or two you will develop a comforting layer of fluff and filth that no one will want to search through.
  5. Buy a dog and don't take it for walks. If it fouls in the house, just tread the mess into the carpet and you'll get used to the smell within a day or so.
  6. If you use drugs, just litter the place with your by-products. Needles should be discarded two or three deep. Foil and scorch marks should cover every available surface, including the ceiling. Indeed, if drugs are your thing, you can even strip the place of all furniture and soft furnishings, and just decorate with drugs paraphernalia.
  7. If you have something really illegal, hide it in a lockable cabinet with a kitten. A few weeks after the kitten dies, no one will go near the cabinet.
These are all things my colleagues and I have come across this year. It isn't a small proportion of houses we visit that are like this, it is about half. The How Clean Is Your House brigade wouldn't even step over the thresholds. People who live like this have lost all sense of proportion: they can no longer see the dirt, or smell it. For some reason, their kids never grow up with lung cancer, never stick themselves on needles, never starve to death. They are used to the filth and do not even notice it.

Social Services know these kids are being brought up in surroundings like these. But the social workers have seen it so many times that they barely notice it either.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Blogger staghounds said...

You left out the truly indescribable numbers of bugs. Even running around inside refrigerators.

I have always thought that a workplace safety and health inspector should be forced to go along on a police shift. He's close down the whole patrol division immediately.

03 November, 2008 15:37

Anonymous Peckham PC said...

One of the last addresses i went to i actually had to tuck my trousers into my socks due to the crawling things in the house.

Oh, and took kids into police protection...Oh, and (wait for it, you'll love this bit) Social services gave the kids straight back.

Gotta Love the world.

PS-Dont do number 7. Put a puppy in with it, not a kitten.x

03 November, 2008 16:50

Anonymous XTP said...

Ellie - I'm having trouble believing number 7! That's really made me feel sick. Never even heard of something like that - we must lead sheltered lives in the sunny metropolis!

03 November, 2008 17:17

Anonymous GoodJudge said...

I work in council housing and am more than familiar with photos and stories such as this - especially I will never understand how and why no.5 is so common (you forgot to mention that the dog is almost always pitbull-style).

My 'favourite' was the guy who stored all his faeces in plastic bags and urine in large fizzy drink bottles - for months, if not years.

Luckily for me, I don't actually have to go out and smell them. Shame we can't just take a flamethrower to some of these places.

03 November, 2008 19:04

Anonymous Fee said...

And here's me getting twitchy because the kitchen floor hasn't been mopped for a whole week .... please don't call Social Services, I've hurt my back! I'll do it tomorrow if it kills me.

How the other half lives.

03 November, 2008 19:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep been into one of those. Sinks were black (not supposed to be), Son's bedroom (the person we went to nick) had about 6 months worth of empty cider bottles in the room. Bed had no covers etc. The whole house stunk like hell.

I dont even want to mention the toilet.

03 November, 2008 19:33

Anonymous peckham pc said...


Usually the toilet and bath is the cleanest place in the (most likely council) flat.



03 November, 2008 19:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The prevailing assumption that the poor of the community are idle and deserve their plight sits alongside the descriptions on other police blogs of scum, pond life and scrotes. The rich compassion of our early post war years has given way to widespread contempt.

I commend Deuteronomy 15:11 to the would-be flamethrower.

03 November, 2008 20:03

Anonymous Oi said...

I commend Deuteronomy 15:11 to the would-be flamethrower

I'm sure theres a bible round here somewhere, but over the last 30 years, and dealing with the very persons this post describes, I have come to know there is no deity, as He would never tolerate the sub-humanity depicted. [and worse].
Therefore the good Book was put away on some bookshelf or other long ago.
To save my having to track it down, please elaborate, if you would be so kind?

03 November, 2008 20:33

Anonymous Vetnurse said...

I think you missed number 8 or need a longer number 5
'Buy a large breed dog and never train it, so it attacks everyone and thing'

If the houses are like that it explains why we get dogs in that have ripped the kids of the house into shreds and/or various adults and the owners do not want the dogs put down. In fact they and the neighbours get very agressive that this should even be considered.

03 November, 2008 20:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at a house once following a report of naked child seen in
a back garden. The child (9) was the oldest and had climbed the rear garden fence into the neighbours garden to lift bread the neighbour had thrown ont for the birds. This was to feed two younger children in the house. The childrens mother was in another part of the estate at a days old party. The kids, naked, were removed from the house by Police and a Social worker much to the annoyance of the mother and dozens of drunken party goers who heard the jungle drums beating and came to protect their own from the Police. The ensuing riot meant that a Baton round (this was in Belfast) had to be fired up the street to extracate the Police and the social Service worker. Three days later the children were returned to a refurbished house with their mother.

03 November, 2008 20:48

Blogger blueknight said...

One of our chaps went to a house where there was a donkey living in the kitchen, eating hay from the sink and sh*tting on the floor.

03 November, 2008 22:23

Blogger joker1972 said...

God I live in public housing in Oz and you have hit the nail on the head with this blog. Just go to places like Macquire Fields,Minto or Claymore to see the something. Man I feel sorry for the local Cops.

04 November, 2008 03:18

Anonymous General Pyston Broak said...

King James Bible Deuteronomy 15:11

For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.

No mention of underclass, scum or scrotes though. Maybe it needs updating.

04 November, 2008 10:57

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

The thing is...these people are not poor-they have huge tellys playstations etc etc etc all paid for by you and me...I never used to get angry in the job-well not often.. but if I could meet up with the kitten killer....
and the picture of the kitchen reminds me of the kitchen at my last nick after 2 section had been on......

04 November, 2008 11:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

been to a couple of places like that with the RSPCA seizing dogs that have been neglected. I never know whether to laugh or cry because we are basically saying "This place isn't fit for a dog... but you can stay."

04 November, 2008 14:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog entry and most of its comments are: Spot. On.

When I started going to these sorts of houses in my probation, the door used to open and the dog (usually a ‘staffie’) used to make a frenzied charge towards me. I would brick myself silly at the thought of getting savaged by dog that didn’t have clean teeth (blood poisoning, disease etc).

I soon realised that attacking the police was the last thing on the animals mind. They were really just making a desperate bid for freedom-and I just happened to be in the way when the door was opened wide enough and the dog got a whiff of fresh oxygen.

One of the few things that still makes me properly angry (as opposed to just mildly irritated) is the way that the kids live in these houses. Isn’t there something in the Bible about “suffer the little children”?

04 November, 2008 16:40

Anonymous Peckham PC said...

In response to Retired Sgt@ 11.11

Whenever i go into a flat to arrest some little low life, i always have a recce and look to where the "huge tellys playstations etc etc" are.

This was, when they kick off and struggle they, more often than not, get thrown towards said Telly.

Nothing quite like a 60" TV hitting the floor and smahing everywhere!!!

We get our justice where we can


04 November, 2008 17:00

Anonymous Vetnurse said...

Peckham PC @17:00 you just made my night :-))

04 November, 2008 18:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon @2003 last night.

I come from a very poor background in the 70s when the government didnt give shedloads of benefits out. The difference is our house is that 1. We abided by the law.
and 2. The house was always clean.

There is no excuse for being dirty. But hey, why spend benefits on cleaning materials when there are more important things like..oooh I dunno, shall we say, plasma telly, playstation, fags, booze drugs etc etc.

There really is common theme amongst these people isnt there?

04 November, 2008 19:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon @2003 last night.

I come from a very poor background in the 70s when the government didnt give shedloads of benefits out. The difference is our house is that 1. We abided by the law.
and 2. The house was always clean.

There is no excuse for being dirty. But hey, why spend benefits on cleaning materials when there are more important things like..oooh I dunno, shall we say, plasma telly, playstation, fags, booze drugs etc etc.

There really is common theme amongst these people isnt there?

04 November, 2008 19:15

Anonymous Peckham PC said...


Lets face it. Whatever sentence the courts give these people will never be enough.

But Fuck with their Telly and they get SOOOOOO upset.


04 November, 2008 21:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I deal with these houses day in, day out in Child Protection. Saddest thing is the children seem used to it. Because of this any child old enough to go to school a judge who has no concept of a life outside their protected homes will place the children straight back with families as they would rather not upset the 'poor people who are obviously struggling'. Nevermind the fact that they are lazy, rude, disrespectful people dragging up similar children.

04 November, 2008 21:30

Blogger TonyF said...

The prevailing assumption that the poor of the community are idle and deserve their plight sits alongside the descriptions on other police blogs of scum, pond life and scrotes. The rich compassion of our early post war years has given way to widespread contempt.

I commend Deuteronomy 15:11 to the would-be flamethrower.

Funny, in the 'good book' does it not refer to 'cleanliness is near to godliness' Or some such tripe?

04 November, 2008 21:44

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another thumbs up to Peckham PC...

I will remember that when I head to division.

As for quoting the Bible, "God helps those who help themselves" these people aren't poor through a lack of opportunities, agreed that some of them have distinct personality disorders from their disfunctional upbringing... If they wanted to make a change they could easily accept any of the 20,000 initiatives which are designed to help them...

I think most humans would realise living amongst excrement is a bad idea

04 November, 2008 22:10

Anonymous PC Michael Pinkstone said...

The Bible is getting quite good coverage on this thread. You can't beat some kick-ass Old Testament, ripped out of its original context and slapped like a dead fish on the counter of modern-day incidents.

"On the seventh day the priest shall return to inspect the house. If the mildew has spread on the walls, he is to order that the contaminated stones be torn out and thrown into an unclean place outside the town ..."

So, next time I attend a Life of Grime establishment, I will take a priest as a ride-along, and together we will tear down every scummy wall.

Leviticus 14:29-40 has decreed it.

05 November, 2008 00:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Pinkstone @ 26

On the topic of hygiene, the poor extend gratitude for generous cleansing offers. It is unclear how your own abundant hogwash is to be applied in the home but it is welcome alongside any donations from the vast reserves of Headquarter whitewash.

Before meeting a priest or entering family homes, please take a precautionary mouthwash to avoid any risk of cross contamination.

05 November, 2008 08:09

Anonymous Dave H. said...

7. is the most complete refutation of Schrödinger's Cat that was ever devised.

Nobel Prize for PC Bloggs!

05 November, 2008 10:39

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting distractions from Hibbo quarks colliding in a hole connecting parallel universes and obeying no laws of this world nor the infinitesimally small.

05 November, 2008 11:19

Blogger Hogday said...

One `family` I dealt with had the cold, filthy, pigsty sort of place that some here have described or experienced. I'd found their 18 month old wandering the High Street in nappy and T shirt, filthy dirty. Doing the usual procedures, the answer that I eventually got from the SS was, "Well have you ever heard of the expression, `happy as a pig in shit`? Case closed and another inch up my learning curve. As for hidey-holes, one of the more enterprising I discovered, through `obs`, was that of a local teenage burgling, robbing oxygen-thief. He'd hollowed out the ground beneath a flat gravestone in the childrens section of one of the town churchyards. Despite the best efforts of some of the finest help society could provide, he grew up, as predicted, into a fine armed blagger, and went back to Metrolopis Land. Good luck if you find him - he probably won't accept the usual `armed police` warning, but one has to do one's best.

05 November, 2008 11:47

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

Was it Schrodinger who killed that kitten-if so where does live?

05 November, 2008 14:28

Blogger uniform said...

sorry that's the kitchen after a series of night shifts when the cleaning company is on strike

Bobbies;filthy beasts.

05 November, 2008 21:58

Anonymous TheBinarySurfer said...

I had the misfortune to view a house for rent some years ago that had been used by people who left it in a similar state. Even though they'd had professional cleaners in twice it still smelt rotten.

Suffice to say, i didn't rent it. Odd though, as you say the one pristine, odourless room was the toilet/bathroom!

PS - Obviously, i didn't rent the ex-shithole.

06 November, 2008 08:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep Its the same up North.

Typical Job in Shitewell Council Estate = Arrive at house to be greeted by...

Clothes everywhere, Laminate floor that is half pulled up and filth strewn, no wall paper on any wall, every glossed surface with ancient black greasy marks, bull terrier type dog drooling / shedding / shitting everywhere. Kid with only a nappy and a grubby, snotty face sitting staring vacantly at you surrounded by brightly coloured plastic toys. Ash trays over flowing and Lambrini bottles piled high. 52" Plasma Telly stuck on the wall wires dangling and turned up full blast to Jerremy Kyle. There is a £200 Dyson Vacuum cleaner sitting in the corner of the room with an inch of dust covering it.

I then speak to the caller who is a late teens single mother has a 10inch long lit cigarette in hand is wearing a once white tracksuit and a belly top showing a streachmarked, cellulite crinkled kebab belly. She has 2" black roots with platinum blonde tips, 1" thick orange makeup, 8" hooped gold earings and is wearing at once every piece of 2 carat gold jewelry that could possibly be purchased from an Argos Catalogue.


It takes every ounce of self control not to beat her vacant, worthless head in with the 52" plasma screen.


06 November, 2008 12:44

Anonymous Captain Slow said...

I went to a house recently where the TV was so large it occupied the entire side of one wall. Honestly they would've had to have taken a window out to get this thing inside. Interestingly on arriving at the aforementioned property, I had to step over a 2lb dog turd and a small pool of piss in the hallway. The family were complaining that a front fence had been damaged - I took a look round at the derelict state of the house and thought - you can't be serious. Of course they were completely serious.

06 November, 2008 16:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The trouble is appearances can be deceptive, I remember in one shift having to attend a smart country house alarm - you know the sort Mercedes and Rangerover in the drive, swimming pool, games room and gym. Met the cleaner at the door to check the property went in and after checking the huge living room noticed what I thought was dog s**t on the carpet. Having seen one pile I noticed others most growing white hairs but no dog! Found the cleaner and she said follow me which I did, there was s**t all over the place but no dog. (it was in kennels while they were on holiday) The cleaner told me that they were too lazy to walk or train the dog and she was not paid enough to clear up behind it. I didn't enquire about where it urinated I just had to get out.
Shortly afterwards I went to the travelers site had to take my shoes off and leave on a piece of carpet outside before being admitted to an immaculate caravan sited in a sea of mud and mess.
It felt so strange I wondered if I had entered some sort of parallel universe.

07 November, 2008 19:18

Blogger Wheelie said...

"I went to a house recently where the TV was so large it occupied the entire side of one wall."

Trust me, your still better off than they are - unless you want to be a wally enough to pay 3000% interest to provident shoppacheck or Brighthouse, and 25 quid a night in pizza's, and 30% more on 'the key' for gas and electricity, (not counting outstanding debt)

Then there's the 4 for £5 microwave meals in £30 microwaves, and a fiver for 6 beers after paying 7 quid in bus fares. From the overdraft.

One day, y'know, they'll take over the world..... :)

07 November, 2008 19:40

Blogger blueknight said...

R v Johnson?
Years back when I was on Vice Squad, one particular MOP kept complaining about a 'brothel' across the road.
The job was a bit of a non starter in that so far as we could work out there was just the one woman and she was more of an enthusiastic amateur than a professional.
The MOP kept volunteering his house as an obs point, but we were less than keen, since it was a 'tip'.
We finally agreed to spend some time in the MOP's front lounge, just to see what happened.
Unfortunately, the only thing that happened was the MOP's dog, an alsatian, ambled into the middle of the room, crouched down on its back legs, strained, shivered and curled down the biggest turd you ever saw. We could not get out of there fast enough.

08 November, 2008 00:57

Anonymous GoodJudge said...

"There is no excuse for being dirty. But hey, why spend benefits on cleaning materials when there are more important things"

Absolutely. I've lost count of the no. of people who call our repairs section to complain of damp and mould, want new windows, redecoration etc., then the housing inspector turns up to find that the remedy is simply to a) open a window and b) buy some domestos and actually use it.

Oh, and re: the 'big telly' syndrome, wouldn't these be on interest-free credit rather than actually bought-and-paid-for?

08 November, 2008 08:40

Anonymous Vetnurse said...

Does it matter how they got them if they on the dole we end up paying with our taxes.

Actually that should mean that we can claim the RBTV (really big TVs) items as we have paid for them with our tax money :-))

08 November, 2008 10:15

Blogger uniform said...

I went into a building the other day , you should have seen the size of the screen , jocking huge it was ..about 10 meters wide.

It was called the Odeon.

That's enough TV size stories already.

08 November, 2008 12:12

Anonymous Vetnurse said...

errrmm how about we head to cleaning stories then?

08 November, 2008 18:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Find it hard to believe these Social Workers return these children to these conditions.

Having known the Social Services/workers,due to an illness and being unable to manage for a time, there appalling attitude and picking on anything they can find, along with false accusations, to hear this about they return children to such filthy standards of living is just mind boggling.

How come then, if it is the case, they write report after report, visit and so on, when nothing of the such is remotely near this and never would be? Yet in this scene we find them ignoring such low standards of living.

For instance they called one day, the home was clean and everything, as always when not ill, they went in the child's bedroom, the bottom sheet had been removed to put in the wash, as most people was obvious it was a day of wash and fresh sheets, yet they picked on it stating a child should not sleep on a mattress sheets should be on.....anything, any slight thing....they could find nothing else so they obviously had to find something.....ignoring the fact that it was obvious the washer was on and so was a normal home with normal happenings, such as processes of wash and new sheets....(during the illness which was immobilising, standards did drop but more to the fact it was hard to cook meals, do the washing, nothing major like is being stated here and obviously due to illness)

but here they are being returned to filthy homes where wash days and fresh sheets appear to never happen....cannot believe it, having experienced these people at first hand. They normally find anything they can to create a report.....whether false or not, it hardly seems to matter.

So much so they make you feel ill with their manner and way.

How is this not happening to the people you mention? I find it hard to take in and relate to knowledge of the Social Services....

They do visits when they are just time wasting...yet here are apparent serious cases of children issues and they are just returned?

Find it very hard to take in and understand/believe, surely there must be a whole lot more to it?

Just very, very, interested, how on earth this could be so.

08 November, 2008 22:44

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @22.44.....
Yes I find it hard to believe too, with my knowledge and experiences of Social Service, when I suffered disabling illness and my kids were also bullied in school. The attitude of Social Workers, in my experience has generally been SHITE.

They DO appear to look for anything to pick on in a normal family and create a misleading report, where they twist the facts and one's words. Perhaps they do that because they are mean spirited, twisted, interfering busybodies, who get a buzz out of it and having 'power' over other people. They have to justify their 'jobs' and generous local authority salaries and gold plated pensions, which of course come out of council taxes.

I have read in the press, and heard from 'project workers' about Social Workers SNATCHING new born babies into care, upon cruel and flimsy excuses. Like the baby 'might' be at risk of harm because the mother was herself abused and/or RAPED and suffered depression as a result of that.... So they abduct, with the help of the law, some poor woman's baby, when the mother has not harmed it in any way. What does that sort of abuse by Social Workers do to a female who has suffered enough distress from abuse already?

The Social Workers appear to get it so badly wrong, time after time.

However, a messy house IS NOT 'child abuse', nor child neglect. Kids have to be exposed to some dirt to build up a strong immune system.

The photo of the kitchen 'mess' featured on this post must horrify some of the OCD cops who blog on here. But the 'mess' looks like someone just emptied the cupboards to look for something, like on a drugs raid....and then they just took a photo to show the place in the worst possible light.

Having a perfectly tidy, organised, clinically pristine house, is a sure sign of being ANAL, and sooo uptight.

Social Workers [and some cops] would do well to stop judging people by government stereotyping, box ticking, irrelevant check lists.

The Bible also says that we should check out and attend to our own faults and weaknesses, before we attack others for theirs.

Who amongst us is perfect? Social Workers most certainly are not, nor are coppers, nor lawyers, nor teachers, nor politicians. Not one.

09 November, 2008 00:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 00:51

Everything you state is a perfect picture of the Social Services.

They are indeed bullies and other professionals will not hesitate to state that.

The GSCC on the Internet has a register of Social Workers also a download of rules of conduct, in which apparently they are meant to uphold respect for people, not to abuse them. A complaint can be made if they flout these rules of conduct, their name struck off the GSCC register.

These rules of conduct seem to be slightly overlooked by the Social Workers.

Instead of caring/helping people they further add to their trauma, like the woman who has been abused you mention, suffering from depression. Do they help? No, they seek to add further trauma.

They tick boxes, fill reports, but what actually do they do to help/support people?

So the fact, these children are returned to such conditions seems beyond comprehension knowing the Social Services, until explained further.

They will take something of total unimportance,even false accusations, twist and turn it, write reports, have meetings.

Obviously, here we have children in most squalid of conditions, if true, the most enormous mountain for them to delight in. (the amount of reports, meetings they could have, simply cannot believe they would walk away from such a case)

Especially when they will look for anything where they have no case trying to make one, in the process causing distress,false accusations they investigate 120,000 innocent adults every year, average of 40% of Social Services investigations (Home Office statistics) are revealed groundless. (No evidence or reliable witness, law abiding people can be invaded)

The UDHR states "all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights..." it would be helpful for all professionals serving the public to remember this.

09 November, 2008 02:52

Anonymous Rural Traffic Cop said...

"Wheelie said...
One day, y'know, they'll take over the world..... :)"

Think you will find in the Police Officers world they already have.


09 November, 2008 12:11

Blogger PC Plastic Fuzz said...

Yep, looks like the kitchen at my nick.

09 November, 2008 19:36

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

"the 'mess' looks like someone just emptied the cupboards to look for something, like on a drugs raid....and then they just took a photo to show the place in the worst possible light."

This picture was not taken by a police officer, it is from an article about dirty houses and was taken by a cleaning company who took pictures of what they were being asked to clean. People can and do live like this and worse.

10 November, 2008 16:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Ellie, I have no doubt that they do, nor that the photo was taken by a cleaning company, if you say it was. The cleaning company could easily have been brought in to clean the place up if it was a council property, and the occupants went straight to jail after a drugs raid! A drugs raid, during which officers emptied the cupboards and piled up the contents in one corner, and upon the cooker, after very carefully searching all items for hidden drugs. But not bothering to put it all back as they found it.
It didn't look like "random messy kitchen" to me. It looked like the end result of a drugs search which was NOT put back in the cupboards!

11 November, 2008 01:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

left a comment before the question was not whether people lived like that, personally could take you to squats today where you would see far worse conditions, people who live far worse,on pieces of cardboard, old mattresses they found somewhere, because of drugs/drink, however have never known Social Services to return children to such squalid conditions .

That was the whole point not whether people live like this they do, some also out of mental illness, went to one home and the lady had dogs, she lived in one room, she could barely walk her dogs lived in the home, upstairs the dog dirt was inches had to have a shovel (was that thick) not just the odd one or two but a continuous thick floor covering, however she needed help, she was a nice lady just beyond anything, to get it all out, far worse than any photo you have put up. First hand experience. It was a situation where she needed help and obviously to reach that standard she had none, it makes you wonder how these people can go unnoticed, until it reaches this stage. Would never condemn anyone like that as in this thread, personally think the 'system' fails some of the most needy people in our communities.

The fact is the Mental Health system will not see alcoholics until they are sober, it is a catch 22 situation, they can go wanting help, but until they reach being sober, they will not get any help, even those that work within the 'system' do not like it. The result is often the Police pick up the pieces/people who are suffering some mental illness (often depression severe)drunk, overdosed, they then pass through the system again, even the ambulance teams will relate how difficult it is to get the Mental Health teams working, spending hours being referred for someone they take in. It takes week to establish help or support with the Mental Health area by which time the one suffering /awaiting help can be drinking and so on to self medicate, to dim the hurt/pain, to look on every alcoholic or drug abuser as some reject of society is wrong.

Often these people have been abused and had a life of suffering, yes they are some who do it purely for pleasure and do not want help, but everyone is individual, to tar everyone with the same brush is wrong.

Often the Police can be the most supportive people they see, taking them to a place of safety and so on, when all else has failed.

So the point is Social Services in this area of UK have never been known ever to return a child to any place would even suggest the child was in neglect, that was the part that was unbelievable.

11 November, 2008 02:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANON @ 9th & 11th Nov re Social Services etc. I have to agree with you, that people who get into such a mess need help and should not be condemned because they are in that state, often self medicating with either drink or drugs to numb their mental distress/emotional pain.

The REALITY is however, that often, more than not, the attitude of Health and Social Care "professionals" is insulting and patronising. They twist facts, situations and words to suit themselves or "whatever" agenda that happens to be in play. They look down their noses at people who actually need some help. They can be very arrogant and "superior" in their manner. They do "make reports" and slag people off, make things up and can actually RUIN lives with what they do for a very generous salary.

I went undercover on a long term mission, part of which was to "experience" the system in action. My report - COULD DO A GREAT DEAL BETTER - ATTITUDE BAD AND OFTEN CAUSE MORE TROUBLE THAN THEY ARE WORTH. UNHELPFUL AT LEAST.

Having gone through the most apalling abuse in childhood, which was covered up, because some of them were men in positions of High Office, power and authority; the traumatic memories were blocked out for most of my life, until it was time for me to "wake up", remember, and do the most important part of my job.

The initial process of starting to recall events was very distressing. I came up against attitudes of utter contempt and insensitivity from Health Care professionals, and also from police officers...who didn't want to know - too much scandal for them to cope with.

Because I suffer from the neurological illness M.E which this government had reclassified as a psychiatric illness, which it isn't, I was treated like a mentally defective basket case and a criminal. That just added insult to injury.

And then, to add even more insult to injury, because of the historic cover up about really serious child abuse, [as serious as it gets] and false allegations made against me out of sheer spite and malice....To cover the backsides of paedos in authority by smearing my name....I sensed that Social Services were actually STALKING me and attempting some sort of entrappment, using young boys as "bait", to see how I reacted to their attempts to engage me in conversation.

One kid, aged about 11yrs actually lay down in the main road, whilst a few of his mates stood nearby. My natural inclination as a human being, never mind as a mother, and grandmother, and the person who REALLY came up with the concept of the Child Protection System in 1986, was to shout at him with a degree of authority, to get up off the road immediately. I asked him what he thought he was playing at and was he trying to kill himself.

He was quite clearly play-acting, and having jumped up off the road very swiftly in response to my "order", he joined the huddle with his mates. He then started to "cry", falsely, Boo Hoo, I want a hug off that lady, as he walked over to where I was stood waiting for a bus. I played along with him and patted him on the back saying, there, there, it will be alright, whatever it is, it's not worth killing yourself over, and then laughed at his amature dramatics.

If THAT is what our Social Services get up to on the basis of groundless, malicious accusations, they really DO need to think again. That was MY name and reputation they smeared within the system, which obviously included the education system which had roped in some kids as wannabe cops!

After this insulting episode I felt humiliated and very hurt. That caused me to sink into a depression. Conclusion - Social Services are A MENACE to society, who cause a great deal of damage and distress to innocent people.

They get it SO wrong, time and time again with their ill considered opinions in normal situations and families, and their failure to intervene when they DO actually receive genuine reports of
abuse and neglect.

What planet are they on?

There is a nation wide review of the Social Services due to yet another child being battered to death right under their noses. Poor little boy. I just hope that the government do NOT use this case to justify their planned database which will hold details and names of EVERY child in this country. That IS a step too far, and a paedophiles dream come true.

They just need to get their act together and use what they ALREADY have in place to protect children.
Another database will just place vulnerable children at risk from abuses of power by paedos in the system. As would the daft idea of "training" council plumbers and the like, to spot signs of child abuse whilst they are working in people's homes. That would give "power and authority" to WORKMEN, over vulnerable women and kids. Who thought that one up?
Answer - A NONCE, seeking to gain access to kids in their own homes and provide a "fall guy" ordinary working, non professional man, to take the blame if they get caught.

12 November, 2008 03:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad that a cop has fessed up to having a messy kitchen at their nick! Some people within Social Services, and the force, who live in perfect houses, may view a messy untidy kitchen as a sign of neglect or "mental illness". It isn't always.

Some people are just naturally messy, because constant tidying and cleaning to hospital standards are not top of their list of priorities. I lived with a guy a long time ago who was a neatness freak. He turned me into a nervous wreck, because if there was just a bit of washing up, or a few toys lying around when he came home from work, he was obnoxious and ranted. He was the "mental case".

If a mother has a messy house, but gives all her time, energy, love and attention to her children, who are others to judge her on how clean her house happens to be? It does not matter as long as her children know that they are loved, wanted, fed and cared for.

Something else that really annoys me about the way the system appears to have screwed everything up; is by blanket ticking the box "mental illness" if someone has been through traumatic experiences, is in a state of distress, upset and/or suffering from a bout of depression. Those people need care, kindness, consideration, and to treat them like they are mentally subnormal is an insult and disrespectful. They need emotional FIRST AID, not a label for life, of "mental case" which is a stigma and unhelpful for them, if not a ball and chain.

It has been a mistake to class people who are suffering from distress due to bad experiences, along with people who do have true serious mental illnesses, and lump them all in the same "box". That's almost as bad as the dark ages, when women were locked up in lunatic asylums because they got pregnant out of wedlock! Or because they were carriers of Typhoid. Such ignorance and bigotry and it has caused and causes a lot of hurt, because of the abuse of power by the state.

13 November, 2008 01:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"However, a messy house IS NOT 'child abuse', nor child neglect. Kids have to be exposed to some dirt to build up a strong immune system."

Key phrase is "some dirt", not 'a massive pile of shite'.

There is dirt and there is dirt! You don't let children lick raw pork to strengthen their immune systems and I understand dog shit can blind kids. What about those African kids who are always drinking dirty water in the adverts? Perhaps you think that is does them a world of good?

14 November, 2008 19:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

erm NO!

16 November, 2008 03:05

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03 April, 2009 21:42

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15 April, 2009 12:58


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