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Friday, October 03, 2008

Excuse me, sir, are you a nonce?

If you enter Telford Town Park without a child, be prepared to be asked to account for your behaviour. Park wardens will be trying to keep paedophiles out with this sanction.

Blandshire Constabulary adopts a MULTI-AGENCY APPROACH to paedophilia. The Multi-Agency Approach is a handy modern tool and can be applied to virtually any problem. It essentially means that instead of just the police getting upset when nasty paedos do nasty paedo things, a lot of other people get upset too, and get paid to do so.

Blandshire Constabulary's own contribution to public safety is the Bad Man Officer, who sits upstairs in the Public Protection Unit. Her job is to keep tabs on all convicted sex offenders prowling the area. She knows* their registered addresses, what offences they have committed, what their likelihood of reoffending is. It is also her job to discover if they are evincing worrying behaviour that might suggest they are about to reoffend. One such symptom might be if they kidnap and rape a three-year-old.

*When I say "she knows", this means she can log onto a lot of systems to get this information. So can any normal police officer.

One of the BMO's most important roles is to apply for Orders against sex offenders who seem to be about to reoffend. The Order, vitally, makes it illegal for the subject to commit an illegal sex offence.

Following Telford Council's decision to quiz innocent passers-by on their predilection for children, pond life, squirrels and/or swans, there's been some discussion in the media about how large a threat paedophiles really pose. Some pundits aren't sure if society is really at greater risk from paedophiles than in the past (you might argue less, because it's harder to get away with it nowadays). Others point out that this policy is in fact ENCOURAGING the kidnap of children, so that people who don't have any can borrow some to go to the park with.

I've dealt with two or three really nasty stranger paedophile incidents during my service. I've seen hundreds of nasty non-stranger, inter-familial child abuse cases. So how is quizzing people who don't have children going to protect them, again...?

Incidentally, my favourite bit of the Mail article is where outraged Miss Whittaker, 34, has her say on this disgraceful policy. No, she is not upset about the infringement on human freedoms or the wrongful labelling of innocent adults as potential sex offenders, but about the "dangerous implication that if you have a child with you than everything is OK and you won't be questioned". Clearly Miss Whittaker feels that all people, whether with a child or not, are suspected paedophiles.

NB Is this the same Miss Whittaker who was thrown out of the park for dressing as a penguin the month before? If so, perhaps her remarks above have been taken out of context.

Why is this man in Telford Town Park? I
s he a paedophile?

I should add, I have no idea who this man is. But NOR DO YOU.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On ITV's Tonight programme on Friday evening, they did a filmed, controlled "experiment" with 2 child actors, who pretended to be lost in a busy shopping centre. The results were quite a shock and proved just how damaging all the PC nonsense of so called "child protection" really is.

Government have taken it too far and are damaging children and society with the system, which NuLab has tinkered with to cover the backsides of staff who have ANYTHING to do with children, who they cannot even touch to help or comfort them when hurt, or in distress. It is perverse madness.

The two child actors in the shopping centre on the Tonight programme, appearing to be lost and in distress were IGNORED by the vast majority of adults, who just walked on by. Those who had the natural instinct to help a child in distress were in the minority. The public have become paranoid of even TALKING to children, for fear of being regarded in a suspicious, negative light and accused of being a "nonce".

Children are suffering as a result of this over the top PC witch hunt, which automatically assumes that ALL adults pose a potential danger to ALL children. Esther Rantzen said she blames herself for this problem, because of her media campaign in 1986. She shouldn't blame herself for the fact of government abusing its powers and TWISTING, what was intended to be a safety net system to protect kids from SERIOUS ABUSE.

If anyone is to be "blamed" for this mess, it is the politicians and NOT the person who wrote the letter, which instigated the whole "child protection" concept, which Esther Rantzen championed over 20 years ago.


04 October, 2008 02:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The council has released further information about the policy:

"I want to categorically state that it has never been this council’s policy to stop, question and turn away adults without youngsters in the play areas in the Town Park. Such a policy defies common sense and I will not let this happen. - Telford council boss Andrew Eade

04 October, 2008 07:31

Anonymous The Windsor Swindler said...

Look, it's really quite simple - take a lesson from recent history. The certified nonces should have to walk around with a large red star on their foreheads, while the mere suspects should wear a yellow one. Then there'd be no awkward questions to ask, eh?!

It's so simple, I can't think why nobody in this green and pleasant land has thought of it before.

04 October, 2008 11:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the notion that someone can apply for an order to prevent a crime taking place. Roll on Kafka

04 October, 2008 17:17

Anonymous Auntie Jane said...

I must say it can be risky for an MOP to talk to a child. I wouldn't unless the mother is present.

Children are sometimes attracted to me because I generally have a couple of attractive friendly dogs with me. But I still look round for a parent...

I didn't see the TV programme mentioned by 'anon'. But I would have spoken to the children if they appeared distressed, but I would be dialing 999 as I did.

04 October, 2008 17:47

Anonymous MarjUK said...

As there is no evidence of an increase in the rate of child abduction by strangers in the last 50 years (and I'm about the same age as Brady's and Hindley's victims would be if they'd survived), why is there so much fuss? Sure, one child abused is one too many, but it does not justify the paranoia.

I'm afraid my second word to a Telford parkie would be "off" (unless my first two were "You can").

To carry out my voluntary work (as a Community First Responder) I have to have an enhanced CRB check every so often. Do I have to carry a copy with me if I should decide to go for a walk in a Telford park? Is the parkie's CRB the bog standard or the enhanced check?

04 October, 2008 23:33

Anonymous The Real Thing said...

I live near to Telford give 20 mile or so, but I dont go there. Nor do I talk to children, women, police officers, council housing officers, the check-out girl at Morrisons, the ginger tom down the road or Jack Russell terriers. You never know. Actually its best not to look at or talk to anything that moves in the UK anymore. I now also find that I have to keep in my wardrobe a new set of practical work clothing. Five T-shirts to be exact. They are all bright yellow and proudly proclaim 'I am a photographer, not a terrorist' Its just the world we live in.

05 October, 2008 00:27

Anonymous Dr Melvin T Gray said...

By way of a 'minor' contribution to this Kafkaesque, Blandford should employ a Bad Woman Officer to monitor all female drivers known to suffer from spatial disorientation, thus preventing menaces from 'driving' into Town.

05 October, 2008 10:29

Blogger uniform said...

Isn't that picture of the Wrekin beardy weirdo set the local branch of

"A small Huddersfield group concerned with promoting equality, justice and the preservation of civil liberty"

they are indeed "local people"

05 October, 2008 19:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt it. You can be sure that it is not a 'peeping' coward hiding behind a uniform.

05 October, 2008 20:19

Blogger Kenny O said...

hey love your blog...
I am a new police officer herein canada.. would love to link our blogs?

06 October, 2008 03:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

UNIFORM is transfixed insulting Dr melvin at the expense of posting something on topic. In my days of service I don't recall one occasion when we were concerned about a guy standing in the local elections with civil liberty issues. You sure you are in uniform, Uniform?

Ex Inspector

06 October, 2008 05:11

Anonymous Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Dear Uniform,
Accept my belated thanks for all your kind comments.

Failure to extend this courtesy earlier is entirely due to that awkward feeling one experiences when talking to the ventriloquist whilst looking at the dummy.

Your contention that I stood in the last local elections and drew 65 votes in Almondbury, is true. I am obliged by such lean times to pawn my rosette.

06 October, 2008 08:43

Anonymous mac said...

My impression is that this was one parkie acting on their own 'initiative', judging by the council exec's comments (although he wouldn't be the first boss to run a mile and leave the 'operative' out to dry).

But that's how bad things have got. Now numerous people in various positions of authority don't know what's legal and what isn't and in this litigious society they err on the side of caution. Hence various weird rules about no cameras as sports days, christmas plays etc. Otherwise normal, sensible people make these decisions but lose all reason when it comes to nonces. Throw in a few of teh nutter like Ms Whitakker and all the closet, behind closed doors, related nonces get away with it.

The irony is that a young distressed child who had just escaped from the clutches of a paedophile would probably be ignored by 90% of the public.

06 October, 2008 12:20

Blogger Beattie said...

I know there are serious issues here, but

'squirrels and/or swans'

has just made me laugh so much that there is now tea all over the place.

Thanks PCB

06 October, 2008 15:25

Blogger Area Trace No Search said...

Do uniformed coppers get questioned on entering the park I wonder?

After all, they probably won't be bringing children with them. And of course, ANYONE can be a peado.
In fact, there's probably one BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW!


06 October, 2008 16:00

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently saw a local authority park ranger, dressed in black one piece coveralls complete with utility belt and overhanging beergut, `modular` waistcoat with all sorts of useful kit attached thereto (as per SAS/police tac firearms seige-busting fatigues), pilot style RayBan shades, Hi Tech Magnum boots, fingerless leather gloves and a sherrifs badge embossed with the words "Mounted Ranger". As I approached my parked car, keys at the ready, he cast me a sideways glance. All I could bring myself to say to him was, "Please don't shoot me". Good job I didn't look like a possible nonce as I was wearing a dark blue suit, shirt and tie. Perhaps it was just the bag of sweets that put me in the frame?

06 October, 2008 16:04

Blogger Kenny O said...

Thanks for dropping into my blog... I live in Halifax but will be working across the bridge in Dartmouth,,, Again thanks and I'll be adding a link to your blog..

06 October, 2008 16:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made dozens of friends in the park, 3 dogs and 30 yrs. When the old fellow died last year, I thought how could I walk round the park without hound and seem normal, I know. I bought a bike, and no one looks twice at me, phweeo.

06 October, 2008 20:23

Blogger staghounds said...

Reminds me of the ol;d hotel detective joke-


"Do you have a woman in there?"


"Do you want one?"

06 October, 2008 22:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't always agree with you but two very good posts, particularly this last one.

08 October, 2008 16:15

Anonymous xoggoth said...

Just going from experiences others have told me about including members of my family (all fairly minor but still) this problem has always been around, we are just more aware of it.

08 October, 2008 16:53

Anonymous Chad said...

Seems to be lost. maybe off meds.

08 November, 2008 15:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture of the person you have is myself, John Frankly and I am the owner of

I note that you never displayed the other pictures that were in the Shropshire Star of other adults all who attended the same demo.

I was in the Town Park with my children after arranging a demostration about the polict that never actually existed.

Somethings developed after this, like the cabinet member who got sacked over this non existant policy.

It is also worth noting that the council allow 25 organisations to work with young people in the town park, yet hold NO crb or list 99 check information on them.


Because it is their policy.

They worry about residents, yet allow others to work with young people unchecked.

16 November, 2008 18:27

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15 April, 2009 12:55


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