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Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't believe it?

It seems some readers weren't sure that too many people really do live like the picture in my last post.

Here are some examples that prove they do, but don't click the links unless you take perverse pleasure from (a) feeling sick (b) eating your words...

1. A child rescued in California.
2. A couple prosecuted over animal cruelty.
3. Squatters in Reading.
4. Tenants in a Council house.

There are specialist cleaning companies like this one, who take on the most unpalatable job of cleaning some of these houses, but unless the residents die or ask for help, they are mostly free to continue living like this.
'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous Vetnurse said...

The animal link doesnt work. Mind you have a good idea of the type of picture/s that will be there.

10 November, 2008 18:29

Blogger Dave the Dog said...

Didn't work for me either Ellie.

I must say I thought the picture was rather tame to a lot of the places we both know about. We mustn't get too graphic though, it might upset the politicians. :o)

10 November, 2008 18:41

Blogger Minbu said...

You need to remove the last backward slash from the URL.

10 November, 2008 20:37

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Thanks should be working now!

10 November, 2008 23:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those top two pics from the specialist cleaning co. are not that bad at all. Thats the state of 90% of the normal bog standard council houses I go into there, hardly looks like you'd have to "wipe your feet on the way out" (like my old Sgt used to say) at all there.

I remember a house in my area where a repeat burglary victim used to live. He was an oldish tramp type fella and he'd be burgled 3 times a month or so. Trouble is that his house was so so manky that SOCO (as 99% civvy staff) refused to go inside due to the blatent health risk.

I took a brand new student officer there on her first night on shift. Her first job was a burglary at this address and her first sight of a victim of crime was his running down the stairs bollock naked and answering the door to his flea ridden shit tip.

Her face was a picture and she was speachless for 20 mins. I still laugh about it now..... welcome to how the other half live.


10 November, 2008 23:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Geordie, the top two pictures are pretty much run of the mill, but I confess I've never been to anything like the third picture. The mind boggles that someone continued using that toilet long after it started overflowing.

A few years ago a shift colleague of mine was unlucky enough to get the call to a routine fear for welfare for a man reported missing by his work. When my colleague attended the flat, the place was so deep in filth and rubbish it was impossible to tell if the man might have fallen and died somewhere amongst it. The stench was so bad you couldn't tell if a body was decaying in there. It wasn't possible to search without protection. Long story short, attendance by EHO in full suits and breathing masks to clear the flat. Man later turned up safe and well at his girlfriends.

The questions we all asked were 'exactly how minging must he have been to the poor sods who had to work with him every day?' and 'how the hell has he got a girlfriend??'

11 November, 2008 00:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All those links and so on, do not say at any point that children were ever noted/seen by Social Services then subsequently returned to live in them, like the last post stated.
(unless it was missed, their job would be on the line straight away)

That was the whole point, posted before, I do believe people live in squalid conditions and have seen far worse. I have been in squats and seen the conditions, first hand, know how drug addicts some live, not all, it is not the general rule, but i have never known/heard Social Services to return children to such filthy squalid living conditions.

The point was it was difficult to believe that the Social Services would ever see such conditions and then return a child/children to same.

They pick on anything, conditions that are totally normally, clean, they will look for anything that could imply the children are suffering in some manner. (even when they are not) stated before the countless thousands of false referrals every year stated by the Home Office, themselves, all to be proved groundless. Yet causing enormous distress to those people who are unfortunately involved.

Then asked the question on the basis of that, how it could be reported the Social Services knowing their often over handed way of dealing with matters, would overlook a mountain of issues such as the ones being presented in the other post.

It would be very interesting to be informed how that could be so, immediately they would putting their job on the line, if it was known having seen any child in conditions that are squalid, that state neglect of a child, especially in the UK there would be a huge outrage.

On the other hand as stated prior they are so willing to create a mountain out of nothing, it is STILL is hard to believe that any Social Worker in the UK would return the child to such a place.

The normal procedure in such extreme cases, squalid conditions, would be to remove the child/children, have long meetings, referrals and so on, until conditions met some standard the child/children would not be replaced back in the situation.

11 November, 2008 02:33

Anonymous Vetnurse said...

Thats cuase "normal" people are generally easier to deal with.

11 November, 2008 08:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vetnurse: Nurmality spels wurd's propa; and duznt' end sentesis wi prepozisions; Lets sea a pitchur of ur kitchin tops n dogs on sofa innit.

11 November, 2008 09:17

Blogger joker1972 said...

Hell we had people like this in own street. One couple burned down their house why? To get a bigger house and I am not making this up.

11 November, 2008 12:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 02:33 I suggest you read the Times today and rethink your comments. Personally I have no doubt that there is ineffective and incompetent social care. Last year I delivered a presentation on the Children Act to a class of trainee midwives, two of which started screeching at their supervisor when it was suggested that they had a legal duty of care to the children they looked after and examined on home visits, the only rebuttal before walking out was that;

“In the real world I don’t have any responsibility, because there is never any budget”

With an attitude like that, and a refusal to take any responsibility it is no wonder that children die.

Joseph K.

11 November, 2008 14:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From today's Guardian --

11 November, 2008 15:02

Anonymous sto girl said...

Of course kids are returned to these conditions sometimes. Sometimes the parent/s genuinely needed help and once they have some things improve. More usually, the Council just give them a new house for the kids and a year later it looks the same. the problem is that unless the child is being actually mistreated there is a presumption towards returning them home. This isn't necessarily wrong, though I think they should be able to enforce conditions such as giving them 3 months to clean up or the child will be removed.

11 November, 2008 16:01

Anonymous Vetnurse said...

Anonymous@ 09:17 told folks befur l dont do sulling nd grammar.
Only got one dog now and she sleeps under her blanket on the sofa so no pictures. As for kitchens l do not cook and am banned from the kitchen because when l attempt it l am so bad. Anyhow hub is one of those everything in it's place people and kitchen is his play area.
Wow got a couple of. l must be improving.


Sto Girl the child today was being "seen" 2 times a week and now everyone is wringing their hands he was given back.

Of course it is noones fault that the multi agency approach broke down and the dr missed a broken spine and god knows what else. Lack of budget explains everything, thank you for finally explaining the basic problem with everything nowadays.

11 November, 2008 18:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it always amazing though that under all the filth is a 50 inch telly that I could only dream of affording.

I'll never forget when I first started and had to go to these hovels. The house is in an absolute state, there's broken glass and rubbish everywhere, small child is running around bare foot but there in the corner is the obligatory 50 inch telly with Jeremy Kyle on.

To all those who doubt the witty and no doubt attractive WPC Bloggs, take it from me, there are no exaggerations in this blog.

11 November, 2008 22:06

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

Why don't people believe the state of the underclass homes? I have seen at least three just like these in Ruraltown this week. It makes me sick and I can't understand it.

12 November, 2008 22:18

Anonymous Mac said...

I agree with IG. Even my family and friends think I'm exaggerating when I describe these hovels, or at least don't understand that these are not rarities but regular, everyday places we visit.

I might not always agree with them, but apologists can come up with a reasoned arguement why people do most things including quite horrific crimes, but aside from serious alcohol/drug/mental problem I cannot see any reason why anyone would want to live in the filth that they do.

All I can say is that if that's all the respect they have for themselves and their own environment, it's no wonder they have no respect for anyone or anything else.

12 November, 2008 22:56

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mac. Some people are just messy by nature and not motivated to tidy and clean up every day. That can often be put down to depression. Things get into such a mess that they get overwhelmed with it all and don't know where to start to clean it all up. It can be a lack of routine, due to a breakdown in health, mental or physical.

They can end up just not caring anymore, because society treats them like dog turds anyway. Because they are poor, or on the dole, or self medicating with drink or drugs, to block out the pain and distress of traumatic events. They just give up on the state of their living conditions.

Whipping the poor because they are poor causes them to feel resentful of everything and everybody, because they have not experienced much respect. People tend to "mirror" how they are treated and what they experience. Treating them with contempt will only breed further contempt.

Many years ago, before TV and advertising, the poor "new their place". Many had very little knowledge of how the well off lived. But now they do know and they resent the disdain with which they are treated by many within government systems. They feel trapped in poverty and deprivation. Some rise above it, but not all. Sink or swim, and those that sink, give up and don't care about much, because for them life is futile and without hope.

13 November, 2008 02:21

Anonymous Dave said...

Anon 2.21: It has nothing to do with poverty - they aren't poor by the standards of my grandparents, who lived with their seven children in a two room flat with an outside toilet and kept the place spotless.
It isn't about society - they could care less what society thinks of them.
It isn't about life being futile or without hope - that is simply no an excuse for letting your pitbull shit on the caropet and watching your toddler crawl through it.
It begins and ends with a benefits/rights culture than gives people something for nothing - from school days onwards, unless they are very unlucky they are pandered to, never gainsaid, never corrected and face no sanctions for appalling behaviour. If you think 'being nice' to the people who killed 'Baby P' is the answer, because that's the kind of people we're talking about here, you are sadly mistaken.

13 November, 2008 15:34

Anonymous Vetnurse said...

I understand that Abe Lincoln was dirt poor and taught himself to read and ended up as he did.
Many people used to have nothing but they had self respect, as Dave said. They did not sit and whinge they did the best with what they had.

I agree about the benefits system. What gets me is that politicians won't reform the benefits system because of the voters, how many of those that "take" even bother voting?

People that are given do not know value. In 3rd world countries one of the problems is that people are given things, look at the result.
There is however some charities that do it the other way. People are helped to build their own communities, dig wells and dams etc. They do the work and appreciate it.

One charity takes about 6 months training the village on digging the well and up keep of it. If people do not put the effort in they do not get the well, it is earned. Result is the well goes in, does not silt up, is in good working order. The wells just put in by other charities, without the back up and training and effort of the village are useless within a few months, why bother when another charity will just do more or give them more.

13 November, 2008 20:32

Anonymous Mac said...

Anon @ 02.21,

Dave's right.

I did make the point excusing mental health etc.

But they are in the minority. The people we are referring to have absolutely no problems with self esteem and consider themselves above everyone and everything around them. They also have far more disposable cash available to them either from crime or benefits (or both) than I will probably have at any stage in my life.

Do not confuse 'the poor' and 'the underclass'.

19 November, 2008 10:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It always annoy me when people say things that 'it is because he/she/they were poor that he ended up taking drugs/beating someone up or live in squalor.

I was from a very poor household with an alcoholic father. The house was always clean and tidy and neither my sister or me ending up alcoholics/druggies or live in squalor.

Being poor is just an excuse for the liberal chatterati who had a private education.

20 November, 2008 19:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 12:57


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