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Monday, June 02, 2008

Police "try" common-sense

A pilot scheme is taking place in Surrey, Leicestershire, West Midlands and Staffordshire, whereby officers will be permitted to use 5% of their brainpower when attending incidents. Until now, officers have relied on government targets and local policy to make decisions, but in a radical move, they will now be expected to think AND act at the same time.

Critics have labelled the scheme as "hare-brained" and say it is just a new fad that will pass. Others fear that it signals an insidious shift in the minds of Chief Constables, away from the statistics that keep us safe in our homes and towards a new, desperate age of commonsense and rationality.

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Blogger Metcountymounty said...

The caveat from the home office though was that they 'accept' the trial... as long as officers still adhere to ethical crime recording and NCRS so as not to 'mislead' the public as to the level of recorded crime that happens in their area.

02 June, 2008 21:46

Blogger Jamie said...

Hah, what nonsense. Anyone would think that this had been tried before, and it had been proven to keep people safe and sound, and PC's sane and on the beat.

No, these CC's are rebels, and have no idea what they're going into! These changes might actually mean that people are only arrested when taking their liberty away is the correct choice, rather than the mandatory one. Or Police Officer's might not be accountable ten times over. What would happen if the other 9 were lost?! They might even do some... proactive policing!

On the plus side, the force I'm applying to Special with has a proper copper for a CC, and this might mean I get to do the job I've wanted to for years, through uni and then hopefully into the regulars afterward, rather than be a Bureaucrat with handcuffs and too much self defense kit.

Good post Bloggsy, hope things get better for you all in Blandmore as well :)

02 June, 2008 21:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain whether these 4 Chief Constables have indeed rebelled against Policing by target or has the Government sought to appease the public by "allowing" them to do so ?

03 June, 2008 00:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

metcounty - do you know statistics?

mean, regressions, chi squared etc?

03 June, 2008 00:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, but as a victim of rape I wanted to leave a comment on the previous post, but it's "disabled".

RE the DWP using a covert lie detector to establish genuine and bogus claimants. This could be used covertly to establish that a victim of rape is telling the truth. Yes, stress levels will be high and for a genuine victim they would increase if accused of making it up.

03 June, 2008 01:04

Anonymous Dr Melvin T Gray said...

In a democracy this cannot be. The people are not accountable to the police; it is the other way around. It was never the prerogative of a chief constable to ignore this tenet or the directions provided by government to ensure honest policing. The very safeguards complained of today were the inevitable result of rogue police actions, highly publicized instances of evidence 'fixing' and lazy police.

It would have been infinitely preferable to raise pay, entry standards and complaints procedures in the early 70's when future problems were foreseen. Those good ideas were compromised by initial cost at the expense of value for money in the longer term.

03 June, 2008 08:06

Anonymous 42 day internment for the government said...

The Police should be marching down westminster and arresting the shower of shit that masquerades as a government.

03 June, 2008 08:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Chief Constables will put their head above the parapet and do things like this in the future, when this comes into being...

Seems the Government want to micro-manage the Chiefs as well as us through NCRS etc.

03 June, 2008 09:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

03 June, 2008 09:24

Blogger News from Monday Books said...

Try this, anon:
Ministers are to be given the power to appoint and sack chief constables under plans to be unveiled next month.

03 June, 2008 11:47

Anonymous TheBinarySurfer said...

Much like calling a fish wet, but feeling slightly sarky this time around Ms Bloggs? :)

03 June, 2008 13:18

Blogger River said...

Ah... The winds of change drift idly through shuttered portals of implication.

There will be tears over breakfast, and some fat lardy ass, pork brained police sergeant with mutter, "I warned em all the way along ..."

Mistakes will be made, indiscretions will be rectified, and the service will evolve... Painfully... Slowly... But evolve it will.

As soon as one force proves its a Police Service and not a jumped up corporation, then the evolution will start in earnest.

The fat Copper is right.. but it will be he and his kind picking up their unemployment cheques...

And sadly, it will evolve into a shadow of what it was when it was good, and it worked, and mops respected the coppers, and the coppers respected their sergeants, and the sergeants respected the officer ranks. (in a pigs ear)...

a lot can be said for traditional policing, styles, practices, methods, how we make em work in the 21st century is anyones guess, maybe that is a part of the evolutionary process.

03 June, 2008 13:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

River , soz , but no one knows what you are on about ,but with talk like that you could get a job writing for any in-force newspaper .

PC PC (Like Major Major catch 22)

03 June, 2008 14:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And who appoints the ministers who hire and fire their puppets in the ACPO grades? The PM.

And who hires and fires the PM? The electorate.

Ooh, I forgot Gordon Brown got the job because he was annointed by Tony Blair.

Some democracy.

03 June, 2008 16:05

Anonymous pzgirl said...

I belong to one of the pilot forces. It's too early to let you know how it's going but rest assured - we've all received our training in how to use discretion, without which of course we would never have managed!!???!!

03 June, 2008 19:48

Blogger blueknight said...

Dr Gray,
I think you refer to the PACE 1984 codes of practice, taped interviews, RIPA and NCRS.
Most of us can see the reason for these aspects of accountability, but the Police object to the meaningless tick boxing and bean counting that serves no other purpose than to give the Govt something to hold up and wave in Parliament to show how well they have been doing.
The various examples of schoolchildren being arrested for a playground fight in order to achieve two detections are well known.
The Police are accountable to the public and probably more so than politicians, doctors of medicine solicitors and barristers.
Th Govt make laws and the Police apply them. If the Police do the wrong thing by arresting the wrong person or not arresting the right person they are accountable.
But, the Govt telling the Police what to do and how to do it represents the top of a slippery slope. The Police should not involve themselves in Politics and vice versa

03 June, 2008 20:23

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

River is correct - we haven't had enough change in the police in the last 10 years. NOT.

03 June, 2008 20:25

Blogger Ex-RUC said...

I know, let's call it "discretion" and go back to the good old days where you didn't get out of probation unless you proved you had it!

03 June, 2008 21:14

Anonymous Pete said...

inspectorgadget - can you offer any details .. or are you just another female police officer with a chip on their shoulders' and who like to moan?

04 June, 2008 00:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another bad day for the police Ms Bloggs. You might care to read the following link. You might also care to read the comments posted. It's tough reading for you. But it is the public speaking.

04 June, 2008 11:07

Blogger uniform said...

Anon @ 11.07 push off will you, PC Bloggs, she, is no more to be held to account for this than you are. Band standing as a spectator sport is cheap.

Foolish leaping to conclusions based on scant information is now the currency of dimwits everywhere, got up by lazy journalist driving the story.

It's not the public speaking, it's those that read that blog and want to comment, it is not a referendum on the matter.

Raising false expectation that every complaint can be solved in 30 minutes episodes like the Bill is part of the reason people expect too much.

I am quite aware that somebody died , however the person who did this , a deranged imbecile probably, would NOT I ,REPEAT NOT have been "put in prison" for threats to kill or assault.

Sorry courts won't do it, prisons too full at the moment and that’s not the Polices fault, well it is we’re obviously good at filling them up! Write a letter to you MP demanding more prison spaces. Bet you don’t.

Therefore he would have been free to walk around and do what he eventually did even had he been arrested, interviewed and bailed within 30 minutes of the first complaint. She would not have been put in a witness protection scheme nor had a cop car outside all night until he went away or died.

Have a look at PACE, Court guidelines for remand applications .it might help you in your quest for balance and accuracy , but you won’t ,will you ?

04 June, 2008 14:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uninformed, it is tough reading isn't it. And there's no band-standing going on here. But it is important that Police officers are aware of what public opinion *might* be. And if not on a blog read by Police officers then where ? Down the local station perhaps. Do you have a spare half an hour for me ? Yes I can see that working.

"It's not the public speaking, it's those that read that blog and want to comment, it is not a referendum on the matter." I'm sorry, but that's just utter clap-trap. you'd better hope there isn't a referendum on the matter. How *badly* do you think you'd come off ?

"Raising false expectation that every complaint can be solved in 30 minutes episodes like the Bill is part of the reason people expect too much." Would that be *every* complaint ? Like violent stalking. And is it too much to *expect* to be taken seriously ? Even for a 15 year old girl.

"Write a letter to you MP demanding more prison spaces. Bet you don’t." BET I HAVE ALREADY.

04 June, 2008 16:18

Blogger uniform said...

There is no offence of violent stalking, and get this, if he did admit he stalked (actually harassment act by the way) AND it was his first offence he would have got a police caution and out the nick ,he would not go to prison , are you understanding this now ? So the speed, or not, of dealing with her original complaint would not have got him off the street.

Answer the central point, how do we stop deranged nutcases from "deciding” to kill someone, unfortunately this is not the Minority report and we have no precogs to let us know.

Sorry, but it's not tough reading for me, I didn't do it, neither did 139,999 other cops who didn't have it on their workload either.

Simply re-inventing work processes to discipline someone for having a rest day pattern and other work will not really help.

You cannot redistribute harassment cases or any other similar crime through continuous shifts ,otherwise what about their harassment case they are not dealing with ,now this is the new most important job .That’s without all the new most important jobs that have just come in.

Let the IPCC have a “shudda done this or that” inquiry, it won’t bring her back, or stop another deranged fruitcake from doing it again sometime in the future.

Jog on mate, or stand to and get a radio and work the shifts

Like I said, it’s a spectator sport what you’re about.

04 June, 2008 16:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon - have you got any idea how many people make threats to kill each other every day in our area? if the police went code red on every one of them everuy single available officer would have to be in five places at once, nothing else would be dealt with and we'd still only be scratching the surface of the threats to kill.
Never mind the 'he's stalking me', 'she texted me rude words', 'they won't let me have my telly back' garbage.
Occasionally, unfortunately, people will get murdered by other people. But as far as I can see the only solution would be to have assigned a permanent bodyguard to this girl - if that';s what you want, fuine, but don;'t expect attendance at your RTA?the next hunt dfor a missing kid (another thing that happens 50 times a week) or whatever.
It's not uncomfortable reading for Bloggs at all - this garbage is what Blogg sdoes every day of her life, I can guarantee it. But there's only so much you can do.

04 June, 2008 18:21

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

I read today that the girl's family reported the stalking, but when they asked her she told them she knew nothing about it. With the best will in the world, what were they supposed to do?

Still, we don't have the facts, so we don't really know. Sometimes police officers do miss the signs of an imminent murder. Sometimes there aren't any signs. Sometimes we go to town on someone who was never about to murder anyone to start with.

Why not blame the nutter who stabbed her to death?

04 June, 2008 18:27

Anonymous pete said...

anon 16:18 said:
you'd better hope there isn't a referendum on the matter. How *badly* do you think you'd come off ?

YOU'D better hope loudmouths like you don't turn the hard working proper police off to the point where they all jack it in, because then we'll see how hard you are.
Currently there is a very thin blue line of response coppers keeping a seriously nasty wolf just about from your door.
Bloggs is part of that thin line. She puts her life on the line, literally, for you, every time she leaves her nick.
Sometimes the wolf gets through. Shit does unfortunately happen, often to the best of people.
It's going to happen more and more, too, I predict.
But don't blame the dwindling number of stressed-to-the-eyeballs running-to-stand-still frontline cops who go out every day in their stabbies and take on blokes with knives, drugged up lunatics and the rest.
Blame the government and ACPO ranks.

04 June, 2008 18:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bloggsy. Sorry to off topic here but are we going to be able to continue the rape discussion? I know a few people were getting a bit cross and sniping so I understand if it's not possible.


05 June, 2008 14:50

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Sarah, I will reopen it, but it just became a conversation between one person and the rest of the world!

05 June, 2008 22:44

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15 April, 2009 10:38


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