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Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't be Squaddist

Gordon Brown has today silenced his critics and proved he is a true 21st Century Politician.

Discrimination against military personnel in their uniforms is to become a criminal offence. In true 21st Century fashion, this decision follows a report commissioned by none other than Prime Minister Gordon Brown. I am pleased to see that the PM is happy to follow advice he approves of, whilst ignoring advice that is a bit inconvenient.

I fully support this new law. It is only a small step for the public from victimising squaddies to protesting against wars they disagree with, and THEN where will the government be? I mean, it isn't as if it's already illegal to beat people up just because of how they are dressed. ** I do, however, think it should also be made illegal for armed forces personnel to discriminate in a drunken way against people NOT wearing military uniform, especially on a Friday and Saturday night in Blandmore town centre (or anywhere else).

In future, I hope to see laws making it illegal to discriminate against police officers. The term "PIG" should be outlawed, and "Assault Police" should be made a specific criminal offence. Er...

Anyway, I digress, it isn't as if there's a problem with people hating the police.

** I apologise for the use of the word "Squaddie" and eagerly await government guidance on the politically correct term to use.

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Blogger uniform said...

thank god ..for a moment there I thought that this was a knee jerk reaction by a deeply unpopular PM looking to score a few cheap Gordon Browny points . But then I realised that it was a well thought out effort

19 May, 2008 17:49

Blogger Dave the Dog said...

I fully agree with you both. How could such a person as the PM, who we all know loves the Armed Forces and Emergency Services so much, possibly be accused of political opportunism and hypocrisy.

19 May, 2008 18:28

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

What about soldiers fighting between Regiments when they are "out on the town"? Do they get done for the new offence?

19 May, 2008 18:42

Anonymous Mark UK said...

Isn't it about time that we just lumped everything together? Why should it be seen as sort of OK to discriminate against a middle-aged hetero short fat white bloke (i.e. me!) whereas it's not allowed against women, ethnic minorities, GLBT people, disabled people, old people and itinerants?

Suirely we should just have a law that it's illegal to discriminate against anyone.

19 May, 2008 21:42

Anonymous some bloke said...

Splendid idea, one might have thought this should have been done years ago but the problem ( "anti-squaddyism" ) is a recent one.

Where does that leave bouncers, sorry, door staff, who regularly refuse entry to anyone they decide is 'military' even though they are in civvies ?

20 May, 2008 06:14

Anonymous shame_on_me said...

Funny that about door staff, as they're very frequently moonlighting soldiers themselves. Takes one to know one.

20 May, 2008 10:08

Anonymous pzgirl said...

Another new law - that's exactly what this country needs. I don't think there has been enough new legislation in recent years.

20 May, 2008 10:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats the first time I have seen the clip everyone was talking about. I agree with some comments on other sites. The police have clearly intimidated the peaceful crowd with their vast numbers and scary riot gear. I mean, can't anyone have a good time these days without being batoned?

20 May, 2008 10:20

Anonymous TheBinarySurfer said...

Nice to see another well thought out, badly needed law to tackle this constant scourge of our society.

Next week he'll be turning his attention to people who discriminate against the police while in uniform i take it?

20 May, 2008 13:26

Anonymous Richard, Nottingham said...

Man did you see how utterly unprepared & ineffective the Manchester Police were ? Scary !!

20 May, 2008 15:20

Blogger uniform said...

Dick of Nottingham

man , no !

did you see how many of our northern pict bretheren cramed into every Ford and Vauxhall , drank every service area on the M6 dry and then invaded Manchester .Last time it was ok as they were with Bonnie Prince Charlie and had to turn back at Derby. it was the biggest deployment of Scottish squadrons since the second world war.

20 May, 2008 16:19

Blogger Busy said...

Oh crap. Tell the printers. They'll have to change the crime reports AGAIN!
Is this incident percieved to be squaddist? How does the victim describe their regimentality?

20 May, 2008 20:23

Anonymous Richard, Nottingham said...

Man Uniform, how fast can you run ?

Whoops ! I forgot. You'll never see a uniform on the street. Perhaps you need a new tag. How about "invisible".

21 May, 2008 09:25

Blogger TheBronze said...

People can call me a PIG all they want!

It stands for


22 May, 2008 01:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey "the bronze" - now that's what I call true positive thinking! And you are So right. However there are other real pigs, at the trough in Westminster, ever so greedy, and do you know what....they often tell Huge porkies. It should be made illegal.

25 May, 2008 02:22

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15 April, 2009 10:31


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