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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Say Cheese:

Yet again, PCSOs are being criticised, this time for enforcing parking in the town of Cheddar and threatening to arrest people who stop them issuing tickets. Yet again, I am astounded at the attitude of PCSOs, thinking they should be allowed to do their job without interruption, when they are clearly just picking on people who have parked illegally for twenty years and should be allowed to continue doing so.

I should imagine that the decision to focus the PCSOs of Cheddar on parking enforcement down the High Street stems from one of the following causes:
  • Serious problems with antisocial parking creating a dangerous environment for pedestrians.
  • A Neighbourhood Action Group meeting in which the three zealous residents who showed up designated parking as their major gripe.
  • The High Street being near to the police station.
  • The High Street being near to a tea outlet.
  • Cheddar being a remote Somerset village where zero crime happens.
But the PCSOs are playing a vital role: I am sure that before their arrival, the local police were just snowed under enforcing parking regulations and had no time to fight crime whatsoever.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So do you think that it is wrong that PCSOs have finally got a use other than guarding crime scenes and cycling three abreast on main roads?

27 May, 2008 20:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do think the PCSOs should be taken to task over this. After all, it was their decision, and theirs only, to make parking restrictions in these streets, after which these big, bad, PCSOs took out their paint brushes and cans of yellow paint and, very sneakly while the rest of the village was watching The Adult Channel or some other political broadcast, painted the broad yellow lines down the length of the street. Boo, Hiss, PCSOs. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Perhaps the locals should make a vote of no confidence in their local council or perhaps the Police should make public the names of those who demanded that action be taken over this parking disgrace? In the meantime, thousands of people are dying of disease and starvation in Burma and China, but, of course that matters not a jot to the local shopkeepers who may not now be able to sell one of their over-priced 'antiques'. It's a funny old world.

27 May, 2008 20:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I felt really safe today, two PCSO's were behind me for the whole of my shopping expedition in Sainsbury. They had bought a lot of Barbi foodstuffs, does that tell me something about the weekend.

27 May, 2008 21:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parking is a real issue in my area and the PCSOs are the only ones who have the powers to issue tickets for causing an obstruction. Previously (pre PCSOs) the traffic wardens had no powers to issue tickets for obstructions, only the police officers, they didn’t have the time or resources to deal with low priority parking issues. So, along come PCSOs and they enforce it. Good. People have been knocked down because of bad parking, mobility scooters have to bump the curb as the lowers part of the pavement is blocked and blind people, buggies etc are obstructed by cars parked on the pavement.

This IS anti-social and that IS the PCSOs job. End of. Good on them I say.

27 May, 2008 23:39

Anonymous some bloke said...

I have seen PCSOs writing out tickets for cars parked in the deserted business district of my city at 9am on a Sunday morning ( single yellow line, no obstruction ).
I expect that the drivers left them there after having a few drinks the night before and wonder if they will make the same decision the next time ?

I am all in favour of PCSOs being trained in and enforcing regulations on moving traffic, especially for those people who misunderstand yellow box junctions ( obstruction ).

28 May, 2008 06:40

Blogger AngryDave said...

I have been to Cheddar many times (as i do not live too far away) and know it quite well. Parking has always been a nightmare there, especialy around the tourist season. The roads are quite narrow and twisty, and in places there are no pavements.
If people have issue with the use of yellow lines, then they should take it up with the council, not the police. We cant pick and choose which laws, and when we would like them enforced.
As a biker i often park on the pavement if there is no bike parking (and if it is large enough to do so safely) to keep my bike out of harms way (car drivers love to drive over bikes and leave them). No one has yet put a ticket on it, because i am sensible about it (not even a overzelous traffic warden). However, i accept the bike should not be on the pavement, and if someone gives me a ticket then it's my own fault.

28 May, 2008 09:17

Anonymous Kenny said...

Bloggsy - bought your book finally at the weekend and devoured it on Bank Holiday Monday in one sitting. Absolutely p***ed myself. KUTGW.

28 May, 2008 09:30

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Thanks Kenny, pass it round...

28 May, 2008 16:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats. The British justice system makes the top U.S. newspapers. Specifically, this article is about how few rapes are prosecuted. It reads just like one of your blog entries, except without dripping sarcasm:

I thought you'd get a kick out of this statement:

"In Britain, a nation whose justice system has been used as a model around the globe, government officials and women's rights activists agree that rape goes largely unpunished. "

One more highlight:

"The suspect was finally arrested but acquitted at a trial in which the judge told the jury that he was "in a way a man of good character" because his previous criminal convictions, for possession of stolen goods and marijuana, did not involve violence.

Davies was furious at the judge, who also instructed the jurors to ignore the victim's young age, and at police, who lost cellphone records that contradicted the defendant's account."

It's a long article, but probably worth a read. I'll bet you didn't even know about this problem. It's not like you have mentioned it before or anything!

29 May, 2008 13:36

Anonymous Martin said...

PC are not police.

You neither serve nor protect the public

29 May, 2008 21:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PCSO Bloggs is Blonde - and she says on her latest post that she has nice tits.

Any comments?

Any competition?

30 May, 2008 01:30

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Thanks for that, Martin.

Last anon... no competition.

30 May, 2008 10:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see a police vehicle and that the sole occupant was a CSO.

Is this general - I always assumed that a police vehicle would contain a police officer.

Disgusted Grange-over Sands

30 May, 2008 13:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or a mechanic or civilian prison van driver etc. Why, what would you prefer the PCSOs used to get around a rural beat? Would you prefer it had “plastic police”, or are you happy with just “PCSO?” What would that achieve other than making the vehicle less of a deterrent?

30 May, 2008 20:15

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15 April, 2009 10:29


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