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Monday, April 07, 2008

Told you so...

Update 9th April: Karen Matthews has now been charged, and we now know that she broke down and confessed all to the Family Liaison Officer. Bit of a shock for the FLO, who probably plumped for that job because he/she knew it would mean no arrests, no files and no statements.

I wonder who the source could be for the Mail story linked to above? Just three options I guess, and I doubt it's Karen Matthews.

Believe it or not, there are some people who think Shannon Matthews' family are somehow to blame for her disappearance!

This poor family. Not only has Karen Matthews been unable to claim that crucial seventh child benefit for over three weeks, but now she is ignominiously being held in a police cell where no doubt her shoelaces have been stripped from her in an act of twenty-first century brutality...

I think their mistake here was using a nine-year-old child as the subject of the plot. Surely if the kidnappee had been younger, she would have been too young to tell the police exactly what happened. Or perhaps it was leaving her alive and unharmed - who was ever going to believe that a kidnapper would risk a few months in prison just to have a kid living in his divan?

Or was the real mistake being naive enough to think that they could somehow cover up what kind of family they really were.

Those of you who commented here that the police are all snobs and cynics and should have been reaching out with our hearts to the poor Matthews-Hooker-Rose-Meehan family, what say ye...?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people shouldn't be allowed to have children - we don't give these type of people a driving licence!!
Call me a snob, bigot etc - I don't care. I'm just annoyed that I have to pay for their 10 minutes of passion as well as my own !!

07 April, 2008 16:23

Anonymous John said...

Perhaps the only good thing about this is that the general public will see what sort of people the police have to look after - because they can't look after themselves. Someone mentioned that this wouldn't happen to Maddie McCann if she turned up - well I think it should!

07 April, 2008 16:27

Anonymous local scum bag chav said...

Well i fink they make a lovely couple innit, look at them kissin thats real love man!

07 April, 2008 16:29

Anonymous XTP said...

Well! Who'd have thought it?!!!!!!!

07 April, 2008 17:48

Anonymous bobbyc said...

ha, ha, I bet the bleeding heart libs will be speecheless, but i'm sure there will be atleast one here to lecture us about prejudice and state oppression.

1.0 to common sense i think

07 April, 2008 18:16

Anonymous Rural Traffic Cop said...

The scary thing is that my wife and I discussed this the other night and agreed that this is the "norm" for a family in Britain.

What were they really thinking -"Mmmm Maddie went missing and look at all of the support and MONEY that the McCann family got - think of all the John Smiths that we could buy"

Bet that they all sung when in the pokey - hence the arrests of all the "family" - as for the Uncle in Prison - we stopped him killing himself because???

The Tory's were right - people on Benefits (constantly) should be sterilized at birth.

Its the kids I feel sorry for.

07 April, 2008 19:30

Blogger WeePeeCee said...

Eurgh. You know it's a hideous situation when people start on the sterilization argument.
Not quite sure where driving licences come into it though. Have I missed a vital new piece of legislation?

07 April, 2008 19:49

Blogger Emma said...

It's such a shame to say we all kind of knew somehow didn't we, what is society coming to??

07 April, 2008 21:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the genetic pool of life this lot are swimming in the shallow end!

07 April, 2008 22:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on - work harder - you have to pay for all this.
These are the future you voted for.
No time for idle blogging.

08 April, 2008 09:04

Anonymous Dewsbury massive stain innit! said...

Your last blog was titled:

'A Tale of No Intelligence '

Perhaps you should have given this blog the title:

'A Tale of (way) Below intelligence


08 April, 2008 09:52

Anonymous Dave H. said...

Cynics have pointed out that an episode of Shameless, broadcast 22 January, had a very similar plot.

Low-life imitating art?

08 April, 2008 10:12

Anonymous The scuminator said...

Emma said...
It's such a shame to say we all kind of knew somehow didn't we, what is society coming to??

Emma where do you live? Its not what society is coming too, society has arrived at its destination with all guns blazing. Literally in some areas!

08 April, 2008 10:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think scaryduck had the best idea - spike all pot noodles with contraceptives - that'll keep the chav population down

08 April, 2008 11:29

Blogger JuliaM said...

"The scary thing is that my wife and I discussed this the other night and agreed that this is the "norm" for a family in Britain."

Not quite yet. There are still plenty of old fashioned working class families who look at this clusterf**k with utter despair. And who could have pointed the police in the right direction...

I agree that the percentage of scum is rising daily, but the hordes aren't yet at the gates.

08 April, 2008 11:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

These "clusterf**ks" will never climb out of their pits and do anything with their lives whilst we have a government pandering to their ilk and making the benefit system so welcoming.
500 000 Poles have managed to come to this country and find jobs - despite people bleating there is no employment for them !!
Amazing - not!
Cut benefits for those who can't get out of their pits and do some work.
Instead the government raises tax from 10 to 20% for the lowest paid workers - madness!

08 April, 2008 14:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all cops reading this blog. Big up to us because we KNEW what type of people the Matthews/whatever other name they have chosen to call themselves today were because we deal with them every day in our various parts of the country. They are all the SAME, they just have different accents. A collective IQ of par golf if they're lucky. Britain has created these monsters and now we are stuck with them. I have had trouble getting a Google account and have to be anonymous unfortunately but I post on Gadget's site as pcmcgarry#452. Ppppptttthhhh to bleeding heart pinko liberals.

08 April, 2008 16:03

Anonymous bobbyc said...

Well said mate, the sad truth is us nasty, suspicious, prejudiacial coppers always seem to know who did it, lol

08 April, 2008 16:25

Anonymous xtp said...

These people are just low-life, good-for-nothing wasters. Please - anybody - what is the answer? there's some brighter sparks than me on here so somebody must have an answer.

I have 6.5 years left of dealing with these plantlife every other day (I work response in a "good" area so it's not every day. I do feel for you poor bobbies who have it "up to here" day in, day out) and half the time I just want to get the asp to them!

08 April, 2008 16:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

xtp - we need either another penal colony, else enlist them in the army for the "1st in suicide squadrons".
Unfortunately many years ago this Country messed things up with penal colonies - it should have sent the law abiding to Australia and left the crims here.
We could all now be sat on a beach in the sun with a can of beer if the Government 200 or so years ago got things right.....
Some things don't change !!

08 April, 2008 18:08

Anonymous pzgirl said...

The worst of it is that it's not going to improve in the future. Decent people are having fewer children, some deciding not to have any at all, whilst the scavengers are having more and more children. The end result will be that well brought up families will be in a tiny minority. It doesn't bear thinking about.

08 April, 2008 18:09

Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I say, give the woman back her shoelaces!

08 April, 2008 18:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The uncle is described as a computer programmer, now that is not easy to do, I studied it for a while and gave up to become a brain surgeon.

08 April, 2008 21:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss Carnivorous said:

Can't remember now. She is looking filthy good, even this early in the morning

09 April, 2008 06:07

Blogger Virtual Supply said...

1) Take away their ability to procreate.
2) Take away their ability to have endless free money from the State.
3) Give the coppers the judge some backbone and the law some teeth.
4) Spread the word this kind of life style is neither wanted nor welcome.

09 April, 2008 07:17

Anonymous In the know said...

'To all cops reading this blog. Big up to us because we KNEW what type of people the Matthews/whatever other name they have chosen to call themselves today were because we deal with them every day in our various parts of the country. '

Now, far be it for me to p!$$ on your parade but it is not only coppers who have to deal with this shit every day, some of us have to live amongst this shit! We too also know what these type of low life idiots are like as well so a big up to all us MOP's who know as well!

09 April, 2008 08:53

Blogger Sergeant Simon said...

...and she's now been remanded and sent off to court re all this.

Just how selfish can one person be!

*shaking head in despair*

09 April, 2008 09:47

Blogger Drugsblogger said...

1. Has any member of the family been found guilty by trial yet? No. So how do you know any of them are guilty? You don't. You're supposed to uphold the law not invent or pre-empt it. Maybe the family are very naughty, maybe they're not - we won't know for sure about this case until it is tested by trial.
2. A number of correspondents seem to be recommending eugenics as a way of solving crimes or criminal behaviour. Eugenics was seen in the early-to-mid part of the 20th century as a way of solving the 'Jewish' problem..... by Hitler. Bloggs, I am surprised that you allow this kind of foul racism/classism/whateverism to be plastered around your blog. I know many decent, kind, long-suffering police officers who will be appalled at these views. You don't allow swearing or other abuse, don't allow this kind of hate-filled filth either. At least not without a rebuttal from you.

09 April, 2008 15:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...


The truth hurts my liberal do goody two shoes, dont watch the trial eh!

09 April, 2008 16:04

Blogger TotallyUn-Pc said...

Ok, I've come out of my sabbatical briefly to say this.... Lots of people said (over on IG's Blog and on here) we were out of order when many of us in Police Blog world stated there was something fishier than a sackful of Kippers about the whole Shannon Matthews Case.

Now I'm not saying we are the experts here at spotting a collection of thick-chav-job-shy-piss-takers....

Actually, yes I am saying we are the experts at spotting thick-chav-job-shy-piss-takers.....

Because we are... we see them every day, and every night.

I'm off tonight, so I'm enveloped by the onset of normality. But come tomorrow, I'll meet this sorry bunch a dozen times over!

You can't make it up!

09 April, 2008 16:41

Anonymous Rural Traffic Cop said...

hey drugsblogger, get a life!

Karen MATTHEWS has admitted the offences - as the old saying goes - aint no smoke without fire......

09 April, 2008 17:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tupperware PC... it's: "normalcy"

09 April, 2008 18:04

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Drugsblogger said: "Maybe the family are very naughty, maybe they're not - we won't know for sure about this case until it is tested by trial."

Because the TRUTH always comes out in trial.

Still, I'm guessing a guilty plea in court from Karen, given she broke down in a police car and confessed all. Bet she gets longer in jail than the killers of Evren Anil.

As for suggesting I should edit the eugenics remarks, as I apparently do for swearing/abuse: actually I've nothing against swearing particularly and don't edit those remarks. I only remove abuse if it's unconstructive.

I'm not for sterilising chavs, but I am for locking them up when they lie, cheat and steal. Not sure if that makes me hate-filled, but if so I can live with it.

09 April, 2008 18:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Because the TRUTH always comes out in trial"

Humph. wish I had your faith....

09 April, 2008 19:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you appear to be of the non-judgemental social worker type who wants to "understand" these people rather than improve them, please feel free to pay that part of my taxes which goes on funding these benefit scroungers and underclass.
As for the line "So how do you know any of them are guilty" - simple - for the same reasons I know most of those I arrest/summons are guilty. Call it intuition, confessions, evidence, video footage, experience, common sense, strong circumstantial, that feeling that something isn't quite right etc etc...
It's rarey wrong

09 April, 2008 21:47

Anonymous theoldman66 said...

Drugsblogger, according to Godwin's Law, you lose and this discussion is over!

09 April, 2008 22:20

Blogger Busy said...

At least Mrs Bizzie is impressed with my detective skills now.

10 April, 2008 09:31

Anonymous bobbyc said...

Drugsblogger, free speech still exists, even in a New labour Britain, im afraid some people will find your socio political views just as

P.S, a confession usually means guilt, but then maybe we tortured her into it, thats what the police do isn't it?

10 April, 2008 09:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sterilization is out for a variety of good (?) reasons. But it should be seen as the far end (not quite the furthest end - that is death) of a spectrum of incentives that has at its other end - giving lots of money to people for having kids even as they commit crimes.
So what should we be doing? Changing the incentives for the underclass towards 1) Less procreation with self generated support (eg working for a living). 2) Stronger deterrents against casual crime. 3) Improving situation of children born into such families.

So, what should we do? I suggest that we curtail the "rights" of persistent criminals who also scrounge off benefits. Anyone who is defined as a persistent offender should be forced to 1) carry an ID card on him at all times. No ID card, no benefit. No ID card when stopped, automatic jail sentence - using fingerprints it should be easy to deduce whether they should be carrying an ID card. 2) Electronically tagged so that if they are in the vicinity of a crime committed it will be easy to catch them. Again automatic sentence if they remove tag. The ID cards of such persistent offenders would then be used as a shared database amongst the police, social services, etc. Those reoffending would find their kids in care and their benefits reduced. Real joined up government.

I am personally not in favour of ID cards for the whole population (it wont work, it will cost too much, it is an intrusion into personal privacy), but a limited scheme for persistent criminals would be very sensible. This type of targeted electronic surveillance would be a far more sensible use of resources. Persistent criminals who are arrested and convicted would rapidly find that they are caught far more easily, and that their benefits are stopped when caught and their children taken into care.

Because it would only be applied to convicted criminals with a suitably high bar (unlike the ASBOs, which are used indiscriminately and stupidly), this reduction in the human rights of a limited proportion of society can be seen as relatively just. Now this I would pay for.

10 April, 2008 11:26

Anonymous scuminator said...

anon 11:26

Very good points. Double tap to the head though would be far quicker and a lot less expensive. I hereby offer to do it for free!

10 April, 2008 11:54

Blogger PC McGarry#452 said...

Ppppptttthhhh to bleeding heart pinko liberals.

Especially for you drugsblogger. Sit back and imagine the police resources wasted on these wasters. Resources that could and should have been used elsewhere to better effect. Lock them all up for 5 years.

10 April, 2008 12:52

Anonymous XTP said...

Drugsblogger - I know lots of decent, kind, long-suffering Police Officers as well and NOT ONE of them will be appalled at these views, you tosser.

10 April, 2008 16:10

Anonymous Sue said...

Im not a copper - actually Im merely just a member of the public who detests people wasting police time and believes there should be a min 10 year sentence of hard hard labour for those that do (my wish is thwarted by already overcramed prisons)but what I detest more, as a mere member of the public, is people who put into operation, a plan to tug at the good nature of other decent people, that places unnecessary fear into the minds of people, who make it difficult for kids to go out and play, and THEN sits back and watches!!! and watches while a reported £5m taxpayers money is spent and the hours and hours of police power and resources being sucked away on nothing but a selfish scam........and now the coppers dealing with the case who gave her sympathy etc have to still deal with her knowing shes a liar and worse. Me: well I wouldnt like to imagine whats been said to her - and good on those saying it ;)
(btw ive not re-read this cause I cant be bothered lol - hope it reads ok)

10 April, 2008 16:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bloggs,
leave the FLOs alone. I'm a FLO coordinator and am aware of just how important they are in an investigation.They arent full time FLOs most of mine do lock peole up, do files get abuse and work nights. It is a bolt on job and without them the job wouldnt get done, just thought Id redress the balance. And by the way as a FLC I work full time, full shifts and deal with the scum as described -its n extra role for me too!

10 April, 2008 17:26

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

I should think FLO for the Karen Matthews clan IS a full-time job!

10 April, 2008 19:02

Blogger Emma said...

Good answer Ellie!! x

10 April, 2008 19:08

Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Some time ago now, the Brits were developing a euthanasia pill. They called it the "Death Pill."

My grandma loved this story when she heard, it and forever after, whenever she saw someone do something she did not approve of or agree with, she would yell "Give them the Death Pill!!"

Whatever happened to the death pill?

10 April, 2008 20:08

Anonymous TotallyUn-PC said...

Hey nightjack your right

A few perks one thing. Out and out corruption is quite another!!

Me and my chums in the van, with whom I spend most of my night shift with, might take a complimentary cup of tea, a burger or……… some sausage now and then -

- but these b*stards give us all a bad name!!!!

10 April, 2008 23:05

Anonymous the drugs dont work blogger said...

Drugsblogger, pipe down there in the back, your talking shite.

Miss Carnivorous said:

I keep forgetting still, can you blame me. Filthy good again!

11 April, 2008 07:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...50 comments! Wow Ellie! Anyway, I agree with the 1st comment. Council housed people should have to apply to be allowed to have children! Lol! I was watching 'The Jeremy Kyle' show earlier, for a laugh, and they made me laugh so much!

11 April, 2008 16:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well well, what a revelation! It would appear that many fans of HITLER have reincarnated and joined the British police force.

Many appear to be totally unaware of the fact that Karen Matthews was in fear of her life and the lives of her family, and that's why she kept her mouth shut about the truth of where Shannon was.

Shannon wasn't in Donovans flat from day 1. There was no "scam" to get money. The family were under surveillance because they live on a council estate and Shannon WAS TARGETED and the family scapegoated. But of course that TRUTH doesn't sit well with plod, does it?

It's an old M.O used by pervs in authority who targeted the kids of the poor in the 1950's, many of whom were never seen again. Some were found dead, if it suited the bent "authority" to stitch an innocent person up for the crime.

And, by the way, a child as young as 6 or even 4 years old is quite capable of telling the police what happened to her/him - not that anything was actually done about it officially in MY CASE, nor in the case of fellow victims.

So, some things never change do they? It's the same old, same old lies, hypocrisy, stitch ups and cover ups by "authority" and the poor working class KIDS are still the victims.

It also appears to have escaped the attention of some of the bloggers on here, that Meehan was working as a fishmonger and not claiming benefits. If this is the standard of the police, in that they can't get their facts straight, well God help us all. It's no wonder the "justice" system is in such a mess.

13 April, 2008 00:56

Anonymous goose stepping to work said...

anon 00:56

Is that you drugsblogger? Listen: the drugs still aint working love, try a long lie down in a darkened room the voices will quit then.

14 April, 2008 07:49

Anonymous disgruntledcs said...

Late in on this one, and I know there is a newer thread, but I am more interested in whether Godwin’s Law would apply here. Whilst theoldman66 gave a link to the wiki for Godwin’s Law, let us just give a précis – Once a remake is made that likens a discussion to the Nazi regime the person who made that comparison looses the argument and the argument is dead. Unless there is a direct discussion, of course, as such things as the genocide, propaganda etc.

Now then, eugenics is a state enforced sterilisation programme or controlled breeding programme and, indeed, the Nazi regime did have a eugenic policy.

However, another proponent of eugenics was Winston Churchill, and we all know his part in the 2nd World War.

The difference, the Nazi principle was based around race and Churchill’s support was based upon class.

Now I am one of those woolly thinking liberals and am abhorred by such Brave New World stances as Eugenics, however I can recognise that the proposition of eugenics in this case was based around class (and specifically the underclass that we have created in the UK). Therefore, as it was not racial in content the proposition cannot be likened to the Nazi regime and thus Drugsblogger’s point falls under Godwin’s Law and (technically) Bloggs should close comments on this article – which isn’t an issue as the next thread has started anyway.

14 April, 2008 09:17

Blogger Drugsblogger said...

Good heavens, it only takes one wet liberal with a small 'l' to challenge your set-in-stone prejudices and everyone goes off on one. Isn't it interesting that, given this is an open site (i.e. one doesn't need to register), you all get so upset when your prejudices are put under pressure?

Two things:

1. What you police seem to be doing most of the time is policing an 'underclass'. Now, I and my fellow middle-class mates are grateful for this because we don't want them robbing our houses, despite the fact that most research (that's science, not opinion) suggests that most poor people who are naughty spend most of their time robbing each other. Nevertheless you are in the business as you would put it of Chav management.

2. Huge silence from the Bloggs-osphere about my comment on eugenics. How do those of you who support forcible genetic management (castration etc and presumably forced sterilisation of women) suggest it should be carried out? Some nice little sharp additions to your utility belts perhaps?

14 April, 2008 15:10

Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I'm all for eugenics. For the other guy, of course. Not for me. The thing is, when all the dumb and dumbers are gone, us middle-of-the-road smarties will begin to look like candidates for euthanasia as well. Just sayin' is all. Like a doctor once said, "All of us are differently abled, otherwise we'd all be combinations of Michael Jordon and Albert Einstein.

14 April, 2008 23:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goose stepping to work person must be a wannabe cop of the HMRC or DWP variety. Silly man. And no, anon @ 0.56 13th April wasn't "drugsblogger".

If you cops want to play spot the nonce, they are the ones who insult survivors of sexual abuse by dismissing them as mental cases on "medication". Callous and indifferent to the suffering of others - that's nonces for you.

And if I could hear the voice of my guardian angel Mr Goosebrain, I'd find out where bin Laden was and inform MI6.

19 April, 2008 05:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why the police are laden down with so much 'unnecessary' paperwork and aren't automatically believed in court anymore.

Judging people before they've even got to court without hearing the evidence is what the tabloid reading proles do, before happily trotting into the polling station and having their ignorant and petty rage manipulated into votes that keep Labor and the Tories in power.

Anyone seriously advocating sterilization shouldn't be let anywhere near the police force and in any case it's a view that makes you just as grotesque as some of the murdering scum that inhabit these places.

The comments on this blog from people who claim to be serving police officers gives me great delight in the anal control over your working lives, since you apparently can't be trusted to do your jobs without someone who doesn't advocate a return to barbarism looking ove your shoulder.

03 August, 2008 03:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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03 April, 2009 21:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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