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Friday, March 21, 2008

If your child was kidnapped...

It wouldn't be right to pre-judge the Matthews family (sorry, the Matthews, Meehan, Rose, Hooker and Name Unknown family) for any role that may or may not have been played in Shannon's kidnapping.

Instead, I thought I'd hold a quick quiz, so we can all make up our own minds.

1. If your child was kidnapped, would you:
A) Absolutely distraught, keep in close contact with the police and Family Liaison Officer for any news.
B) Give an impassioned on-air plea to the kidnapper to return him/her unharmed.
C) Invite a Channel 4 film crew into your house to make a documentary about your grief.

2. When the child was found alive, would you:
A) Distraught at the ordeal, rush straight to be reunited and anxiously await results of medical examinations and interviews to see whether he/she had been abused.
B) Release a short statement thanking the police and public and asking for privacy to allow the child to readjust.
C) Throw an impromptu party involving copious amounts of Fosters and White Lightning, shredding vast amounts of litter into the street and keeping the neighbourhood awake all night.

3. When told your child could not return straight home would you:
A) Suffer immense distress, unable to comprehend why you couldn't have your child back.
B) Engage a solicitor to sue the police and Social Services.
C) Announce to the media that you "understand" and didn't expect him/her to come straight home.

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Blogger Noddy said...

I suspect there is a lot more to come out of the wash.

21 March, 2008 19:37

Anonymous big up respec in the area said...

i answered c to all the questions innit, do i get a free get out of jail card and my latest asbo and fine retracted. Respec aieeeeeee, big shout out to my thick as pig shit posse, big up ya all, know what is saying!

21 March, 2008 21:54

Blogger E said...

I'm a bit disappointed in this post. I really don't see what your point is - that some people are different from you? And that this meanst that they are unfit parents? I would have thought that you would be happy that, for once, a MOP was happy to co-operate with the police and allow her child to be intereviewed in the most appropriate way - in fact if she was demanding her daughter's immediate return, that would imply to me that she didn't have her daughter's best interests at heart. This post makes you sound arrogant, ignorant and prejudiced. Shame.

22 March, 2008 08:44

Blogger Noddy said...


If my daughter was found after such a period away, bloody right I'd be demanding her back home pdq. The fact that the Police had to take out a protection order ought to say all it needs to say.

Ellie is just being realistic and as usual a little on the sarcastic side. Lighten up.

22 March, 2008 10:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

E - I am not bothered that people choose to live differently to me. I am bothered that they sit around on their backsides drinking white lightening at public expense whilst utilising the public services when they contribute little in the way of taxes.

If you are happy with this you are more than welcome to pay my taxes.

Like the people who denounce those that want control on immigration - please feel free to pay extra taxes - just don't expect the rest of us too.

22 March, 2008 11:41

Anonymous big up respec in the area said...


'I suspect there is a lot more to come out of the wash.'

Think your right there, about six months worth of shit looking at the scruffy gets on the C4 program!

22 March, 2008 11:47

Blogger thoughts running through my head.... said...

agreed-something dont smell right about this,just like I said in the beginning!!

22 March, 2008 15:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly everyone reacts differently to such events so I would not read into their behavior anything adverse. When was the last time you judged a woman reporting rape on her behavior/accent/dress or background. I would hope you looked for evidence and sought the facts. This post looks like a cheap dig - you are usually much more thoughtful.
When it was first reported that she had been found my wife commented that she would now expect Social services to put the girl in care - somehow I don't see that happening if Maddy McCann returns do you?
No doubt there is much we don't know. No doubt it will come out in due course.

22 March, 2008 16:59

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

"Everyone reacts differently to such events..."

Follow the links I have provided. We KNOW how most people react to such events. This is not a "normal" abduction, or the child would have been returned straight home. I have never heard of a child victim of abduction being put under police protection instead of being returned to the family. Nor have I seen a documentary film crew inside the house of a family distraught at the disappearance of their child. I suppose I'm just too cynical - maybe in the 21st Century we can expect not only all of the above, but to see a hidden camera in the kidnapper's jacket too, and a BBC reporter going undercover as an abducted child to see what it's like... no?

22 March, 2008 18:18

Anonymous Jeff Wood said...

In a case like this' Channel 4 would usually be willing to pay a five figure fee for the interview.

Draw your own conclusions. Social Security certainly will.

22 March, 2008 22:12

Anonymous Jeff Wood said...

Apologies for the apostrophe: it was meant to be a comma.

22 March, 2008 22:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm now expecting one of the family to appear on Big Brother.

22 March, 2008 22:49

Blogger William Gruff said...

Older and wiser or just more disillusioned and disenchanted? Whatever the reason, my first thought, and my immediate response, when Mrs Gruff informed me that the girl had been found, and the circumstances, was that she had been the object of a money making stunt.

In a world run by publicity hungry, style conscious bullshitters there is no difference between 'art' and life and neither can be said to be imitating the other. Real life is lived in and through fantasy and fiction is all that really is real.

The McCanns achieved celebrity status and obtained an audience with The Pope through the disappearance of one of their daughters, in media dominated by the death of Princess Di and Heather Mills. Who can blame those of the underclasses who seek to emulate their betters?

Andy Warhol was wrong, but only by an unimportant number of minutes.

23 March, 2008 01:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 22:49, Big Brother? I'm just waiting for them to appear on 'The Jeremy Kyle' show or 'Trisha', but there family have probably already been on it; for inbreeding!

Happy Easter PC Bloggs!

23 March, 2008 08:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well they won't be appearing on Jeremy Kyle.
I don't imagine that the family would fit into the film studio.

23 March, 2008 13:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

22 March, 2008 22:49
Blogger William Gruff said...

"Real life is in media dominated by the death of Princess Di and Heather Mills."

Are you sure? That's tough. Dying so soon after the divorce settlement.

23 March, 2008 13:57

Blogger Emma said...

I think we all have our own opinions on this one, but Ellie did a great job of using irony and sarcasm as ever without pointing the finger at anyone.

Surely most of us had our suspicions when the first sight of Karen Matthews she was sporting lovely shinner!!!

23 March, 2008 14:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question 1 and answer c could equally apply to the McCanns. Sadly we can't yet answer Q's 2&3 re the McCanns. The two families are opposite ends of the social spectrum (Dr McCann v Chav Matthews) but the stories have a great many similarities.

24 March, 2008 16:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...

tis wots said init dats impoortunt, not weather yer blinkin inglissh is purrfic or knot, but ave a star fur spottin tha missstake lover

24 March, 2008 17:53

Blogger Minty said...

This went all quiet? Did she ever get returned, or is it now before the family courts?
Maybe the happy ending to this will be when Shannon is found somewhere safe to be a kid.
Wonder if the fine upstanding Karen realises that once Channel 4 cough up her benefits will stop?

24 March, 2008 18:33

Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I've noticed the lefties tend to comment on spelling and grammar when they can't refute the content of a post, or posted comment. It's because lefties are all snobby elitists.

The family of this formerly missing girl are life unworthy of life and in my opinion best exterminated/euthanized before they have a chance to breed again.

24 March, 2008 21:46

Anonymous spell/grammar checker said...

Dear Ms Blogs,

Why was my comment deleted along with the comment I was commenting on but others were not?

I only told a Guardian reader to
p!$$ off, whats wrong with that?

24 March, 2008 22:01

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

To last commenter, your comment made no sense without the previous one, whereas some of the others - as well as referring to that comment - also make comment on the post.

The sole reason I deleted the original comment (which was about my grammar), is because it referred to me as "Madame Author" and I therefore identified it as originating with my troll, who has been banned until he/she contributes sensible debate.

While we're on the subject of grammar, yes it should be "were" kidnapped in the title, but "Madam" should also not have an "e" unless I am supposed to be either French or a brothel-owner (I am neither, sadly). Apologies to those readers this does not concern - new post imminent, just been a bit busy with the usual chavs who think Easter is more about white lightning than it is about the death/rise of Christ, or chocolate.

24 March, 2008 22:50

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

If Shannon was ever truly 'missing' then I am the King of China.


Emperor Gadget of the third Rural Dynasty

25 March, 2008 00:38

Blogger E said...

In response to anonymous' reply to my earlier comment: why so sure they are on benefits? Craig Meehan is employed, and the majority of families on the estate have at least one adult in employment. However, since unemployment in the area is very high, most of them are on minimum wage.
In response to other posters:
Shannons family didn't recieve any payment for the channel4 film, and neither Shannons' mum, nor her step-father are the person charged with her kidnapping. I am baffled as to why you are so determined to believe terrible things about these people without any evidence at all. I can only hope none of you are serving police officers.

27 March, 2008 09:26

Blogger CG said...

I agree with you, that Karen Matthews did not appear to react as I and plenty of other mothers of missing children would.
The woman is a disgrace to the British people and has really managed to show the rest of the world how the Brits can do the 'underclass' bit so well.
I judge her on what she has shown us. Actions speak louder than words. There is certainly more to this story than has been revealed. How many more families live like this in the UK? (by this, I mean, multiple offspring from various fathers). My children are so cocooned they have only just found out that people get divorced...they have no idea of single parenting....yikes!

01 April, 2008 07:04

Blogger JuliaM said...

"I am baffled as to why you are so determined to believe terrible things about these people without any evidence at all."

Seen today's news, 'e'...?

02 April, 2008 14:15

Anonymous E said...

Yes, I have seen todays news. And you're right. Everyone knows that only poor, spotty men who live on council estates look at child porn. Not priests, or teachers, or lawyers or doctors, or rock stars or (god forbid), police officers.

Don't the reports say that none of the images are of Shannon or her siblings?

The fact is that a really worryingly large minority of men use child porn. This could just as easily have happened in a 'nice' middle class family that don't claim benefits or drink cheap cider, ever.

In fact, thinking about it, given that almost all sexual violence is carried out by men, why don't we just villify and incarcerate all men, now, as a collective act of pre-meditated self defence?

04 April, 2008 09:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about the news TODAY e?

07 April, 2008 14:54

Blogger Virtual Supply said...

All in all, we got a good result here, now watch as social services, the justice system and the bloody media screw it all up.

He needs to go down for a long time, the mother needs, well, the ability to have kids taken away and the kids she has need to be in safe homes and able to gain a safe life.

The little one, she needs a damn good family around her, where the hell do we find on of those after the debacle that this will turn into.

08 April, 2008 10:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to a political victim. Unnecessarily handcuffed and ready to agree with anything put to her, is a desperate Mother at breaking point. Her comment that she knew that Shannon was always safe, is the predictable view of a loving parent and one easily taken out of context.

09 April, 2008 15:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah,the Daily Mail.

I'll wait until a more reliable source gives out the information before making any comments.

10 April, 2008 11:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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21 April, 2008 07:26

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15 April, 2009 10:16


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