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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On the Road to Nowhere

News today is that nine illegal immigrants have "vanished" on a train after being given tickets by the police and told to make their way to the immigration centre at Croydon. The police say Immigration told them to do it. Immigration say the police were told to hold the illegals in custody.

Illegals are a bit of a nightmare in Blandmore. Occasionally we get sent to jobs where 15 or so of them come pouring out of a lorry and starburst into the night. Assuming we do manage to capture the bulk of them, the new policy is to transport them directly to a nearby "holding" centre. This functions between the hours of about 10-11am and if we arrive any other time it is likely to be shut or full. In that eventuality, we are to take them to Blandmore custody and await the arrival of Immigration officers.

If Blandmore custody is shut or full, there is a dilemma. Regardless of the BIA's protests in the above case, they have and do advise police officers to stick illegals on a train to Croydon. I've seen and heard them do it.

Either way, it's quite a magic trick. Are we sure the immigrants have "vanished" and aren't just lost in the British rail network somewhere?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We got told to kick the Illegals out the custody door and ask them to make their way to Liverpool (30miles away) else Manchester (5 miles away).
Yeah - like they're going to turn up.
But the BIA are just like us - guided by Goverment interference and statistics.
Why count them if you can hide them?
At least it is all coming out now into the Public Domain - hopefully the voters will be able to make a better choice next time.

11 March, 2008 11:14

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

In Ruralshire, we stick a silly blue hat on them and make them PCSO's.

11 March, 2008 11:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Magistrate on the Croydon bench.

Trust me: most of the illegals do get there. Well: to the Perfume counter at Debenhams in Croydon, at any rate. [Voted 'Easiest high value shoplift' in Croydon for two years running by our trained panel of underclass and illegals].

Maybe sending all our illegals to one place and then not having the resources there to interview them all (let alone feed them or house them) might be a tad shortsighted?

Naah. Couldn't possibly be.

11 March, 2008 13:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard Nottingham...

Yeah - thanks for that , helpful as ever...

The prisons are full - police cells have reduced in numbers, paperwork has soared, even for a simple arrest, we spend our time compiling statistics for a morally corrupt government trying to justify and con voters....
Being so wise perhaps you could tell me how I can arrest more people with a system so stacked against me!!

11 March, 2008 14:44

Blogger Dan O'H said...

I remember hearing a few years back that asylum-seekers leaving Oakington detention center near Cambridge would be taken to the station, and told to get on a train to Liverpool. Problem was, trains from that station also go to Liverpool Street Station in London - and so a fair number of refugees ended up there instead.

11 March, 2008 14:48

Anonymous Dave said...

A murderer went on the run a few years ago (after he killed several women). He was caught after a few weeks living rough. Britain's just too crowded to hide that way -you need someone supporting you. There must be quite some network for these numbers to disappear. Is helping illegals a bit illegal?

Gadget jibed about ´making them PCSOs. It may be a priority to create a more diverse force/service, but jihadists will be thirsty for inside sources too.

11 March, 2008 15:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

on a side issue, you must have done the ospre part 1. How'd it go or did you feel like the rest of us and want to throw yourself of some high bridge.

11 March, 2008 18:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bless them, they are only running to safety. What you do?

11 March, 2008 18:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 18.27....
OSPRE Pt1 - Nightmare. 1st attempt for me and I found it a lot harder than I thought. I'd revised (admittedly not intensively) since before Christmas. Over the last month I hammered the Q & A from Blackstone’s (incl the online service.) Due in no small part after somebody told me he'd used the CD's and found during his exam he'd recognised about 50% of the Q's and knew the answers before reading the options.
Sadly however, not for me this was not the case.... I recognised about 3 questions from the entire backlog (and I'd looked at around 1,000!). Still, you never know, those guesses might do the trick!

Good luck to y'all who tried this year

11 March, 2008 18:58

Blogger kingmagic said...

Could there be a whole race of illegals whizzing up and down the country on trains for years at a time?

Feeding themselves from scraps found on station platforms and drinking water form the train toilets.

They could be subsisting on lost property left on trains and evolving into a whole new species. "Illegalis Sapiens Travellous Railous".

I,m sure I,ve seen some scurrying around the tracks in the dead of night feasting on the discarded kebabs and collecting tab ends to make roll ups!

11 March, 2008 20:21

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

immigration don't even bother to turn out to us now unless they are seriously CRO, I can't actually remember the last time I called them and they turned up to deal.

11 March, 2008 20:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys are so cruel! They still humans! Immigrant or not!

11 March, 2008 20:47

Blogger blueknight said...

The simple fact is that Britain is an island and at some point there will be room or resources to assimilate the numbers of immigrants that are arriving here. When that point will be reached is a matter for debate. Another 10,000or another 1,000,000 but at some point the limit will be reached.This is nothing to do with race, colour or language, just simple maths.
For too long now immigration control has been associated with racism and the problem has been not been discussed. Except by the BNP and worse.
That being said the latest wave of immigrants from Eastern Eurpoe are predominently white, so the Govt are probably more confident about mentioning it.

12 March, 2008 00:01

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

Richard, nottingham.

Is your call centre job that good? maybe you can send us some info on job satisfaction. That would be really helpfull.

I think those illegals will be found sweeping the stations of the rail network, rather than actually using it to get to Croydon.

12 March, 2008 14:50

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Comments from "Richard, Nottingham" removed due to the way he was signing them off.

12 March, 2008 20:08

Anonymous Richard, Nottingham said...

Ms Bloggs, I won't forget "him" and how he was let down, even if you choose to.

13 March, 2008 14:23

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15 April, 2009 10:18


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