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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ding Ding Ding!


2008's second POLICING PLEDGE has arrived. This time we are promised more "Terror Police". 300 of them, to be precise. Exactly how many will be coming to Blanshire's streets is not pledged, but I would hazard a guess at an approximate estimate of roughly about zero. (The last time anyone was arrested in Blandshire for terrorism it was done by Met officers. Our Special Branch is barely allowed a look in before the subjects are whisked off to Paddington Green with total disregard for their PACE clock.)

Police in the south taken off the streets following Terror raids. Will these extra 300 Terror Police guard their own crime scenes?

The local Blandmore community I police are already writing in to express their joy at the Home Secretary's latest promise:

Mrs Doris Elderflower of Grapevine Parade said, "It is just marvellous. We have been complaining about the yobs on the street corner for years, and now at last the Home Secretary is giving London a few extra police officers to solve the problem."

Mr Graham Bottleberry of Blandmore Community Centre added, "We were burgled four times last year. The local police are in despair because all they get money for is new Police Community Support Officers, who don't work after midnight when the offences are happening. But NOW we can rest easy in our beds."

In an astute U-turn, the Home Secretary has also shown that she understands the intricacies of modern day policing: the new 300 police officers will not be there to catch and lock up terrorists, but instead to "persuade" them not to do it in the first place.

Jacqui Smith: "We can't arrest our way out of the terrorist threat."

At least she's consistent. Ms Smith seems to think that we can't arrest and imprison our way out of burglary, robbery or sex crimes either.

Update: Oh dear, it seems the latest pledge is illegal. Don't worry, Jacqui, there's always arbitration.

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Blogger kingmagic said...

Will the 300 Police Officers be ground troops or more admin wallas?

Does the implementation of 300 more Police Officers have anything to do with the recent blockbuster at the flicks "300"?

I am seeing a connection between the two as to the final outcome...which was'nt good in the film for the good guys!

16 April, 2008 17:01

Anonymous xtp said...

Does enyone actually swallow this codswallop any more? Is there anyone left who actually believes that they'll see 300 more bobbies? They've spun it well, though. It was one of the lead items on 5Live when I was driving home this morning so they've obviously got the BBC news editors "onside".

Oh yes - Judges Rules, for those of us old enough to remember, were quite marvellous compared to what came after. Looking back, was PACE the very top of the slippery slope which we've been racing down for a while now?

P.S. Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way when you find that he was right, you're a mile away and you've got his shoes!

16 April, 2008 17:13

Blogger staghounds said...

Once upon a time I was before a legislative panel. One of them said to me, "You keep saying to lock people up, we can't incarcerate ourselves out of the problem!"

I said, "Hold up, Senator. Do you mean to tell me that if everyone in the State was locked up except for the two of us, you'd break into my house?"

17 April, 2008 00:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding PACE clocks,I think you'll find that under the Terrorism Act 2000, reviews of detention are carried out under S41, Schedule 8 of that act and bare no resemblance to the normal PACE requirements.

17 April, 2008 11:42

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Last anon - you are right, I guess I meant "relevant time".

17 April, 2008 12:21

Anonymous notellin said...

300 Police Officers?

I was under the impression she said Police and then in small voice "Officers and Staff"

This is exactly the same double think new speak they have been using to try and convince (lie) to the MOPS that "Police" Numbers are rising or at an all time high which they are if you include the tens of thousands of PCS0's and other assorted Civy staff who multiply almost geometrically in their "make work" little empires, that did not exist before.

The actual truth is that Police Officer numbers are falling and 9-5 Office dwellers know as Police Staff are rising. That would be alight if they helped (with notable if proportionally rare exceptions) but since they don't its not aright, not at all!

So for your "300 anti terror Police" you will get a smattering of Special Branch and about 250 pen pushing civvies who will be re branded youth workers who will attempt to convince people that bombs are bad.

17 April, 2008 13:26

Blogger TotallyUn-Pc said...

300 terror cops divided between 43 police forces in England and Wales... assuming we don't send any to Scotland, the Met will get 20, then everyone else will get 6 each... That'll teach those terrorists....

18 April, 2008 14:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The three hundred extra "terror police" are to be recruited over the next five years.
During this time 300 "terror police" will retire.

Sounds brilliant now - not !

18 April, 2008 15:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 10:24


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