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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good lord... I'm on film. How did that happen?

The McCanns think the police are listening to them in the UK. If they're reading (highly unlikely), I would like to reassure them that if there is one thing the UK's police are undoubtedly FAR worse at than any other nation's in the world, it is intercepting people's phonecalls.

Apart from the mountain of forms that need to be filled in just to get authorisation to bug someone's calls, there is the issue of requiring technology that works, a crack secret surveillance team and enough officers to trawl through the footage later.

My message to the McCanns would therefore be: go and have a look out of the window. If there isn't a bobby there with his ear pressed to the wall, you aren't being listened to!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading mail for unusual words, would be nice work in the safety of air conditioned office with ear stuffed with a music playing, for those ladds and Lassies of the community service attachments.

In this hood, the community service types wear distinctive clothing that expresses that they are attached to Police Department [ police emblem , not the uniform of the Blue squad] , so the community knows that for getting reports and other logistic paper work or finding where the nearest loo be for the desperate ones, the man on patrol can have his work of doing the serious stuff.

23 September, 2007 04:04

Blogger BFB said...

'facists in uniform'....

Neo-Lab facists, at that.

Are The Black Police Association racist?

23 September, 2007 07:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Police are not "listening" to them...

... but GCHQ most definitely is.

23 September, 2007 15:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's highly unlikely - in a world crawling with Islamic terrorists - that GCHQ is spending a lot of time listening to the McCanns, anon.
By the way, nice piece in the Mail on Sunday today, Bloggsy.

23 September, 2007 16:41

Blogger alanorei said...

Anon said:

By the way, nice piece in the Mail on Sunday today, Bloggsy.

Agreed. I've bookmarked it. Only 1 negative comment out of the 22 posted and the critic missed the point of the article as another commentator rightly pointed out.

I had sent this to PC Dave/Stu earlier and also to PC Bloggs by email but I insert it here as I think it makes interesting reading, comparing policing past and preent.

Apologies for the length but some striking similarities occur, with respect to then and now, together with some striking contrasts.

The following extracts are from a book entitled Caminada the Crime Buster, ISBN 1-874358-13-3. Jerome Caminada spent almost 30 years on the Manchester Force in the late 1800s and early 1900s, first as a uniformed officer, than as a detective.

Over that time a great deal of 'slum clearance' was effected in Manchester though the city still had its "dark spots" when Caminada retired.

He wrote of the areas where, in the 1870s, a typical house displayed "Its dingy, crumbling brick face...begrimed by the soot of years...the outside looks more like a rag man's warehouse than a family home in Christian England."

The interior, he says, is filthy, with "no arrangements for personal cleanliness" and "The walls are dotted with gaudily covered prints, mostly of crude sexual subjects."

The adults are sat around drinking and "The language they speak at the top of their voices is unrecognisable, for it is filled with ribaldry and dreadful oaths, uttered by men, women and children alike."

Of the youngsters, he says, "The young girls were already abandoned and reckless. The young men were already being set up for their life of crime by...sullen-faced returned convicts and other villainous characters. This was our future generation, being formed and moulded in this modern Gomorra, the abscess in the side of our great and wealthy city."

On Caminada's first night on duty, in 1868, he was punched in the face by a ruffian who accused him of being "a lazy copper," not worth the taxes required "to keep the likes of you in work." PC Caminada arrested the ruffian after a scuffle in which he sustained some minor though painful injuries.

On his first 'domestic' case, he ventured into a house where two grown-up sons "were slugging each other like dogs in a pit fight" and were covered in blood. He managed to quieten the family of five down but they objected, "Canna we have a row in ar' own house wi'out thee interfering?"

He had no choice but to beat a dignified retreat, after which "the shindig began all over again and...probably lasted until daylight."

On another occasion, he and three other officers had the job of conveying a half-dressed, female stab victim named Martha through snow one night on a makeshift stretcher to the infirmary, where the doctor, on learning from the officers that Martha "was a loose character" advised that she be taken to the workhouse. This involved another arduous trek for the four men - Martha weighed 17 stone and they carried her a total of 2 miles.

When they got to the workhouse, Martha, who had been semi-conscious most of the time, suddenly woke up and asked where she was. On being told of her destination, she declared she wasn't going inside and "despite her loss of blood and considerable intake of alcohol," got to her feet ("shakily") and stalked off, "leaving drops of blood behind her in the snow."

"My fellow constables," says the then PC Caminada, "shouted after Martha and most of what they said has no place here."

Martha would have done Shaz 'n Kelly proud, I think (2 female antagonists in PC Dave's book).

As a detective, Caminada solved many serious and daunting cases, in days of course when modern forensic methods did not exist. They are a compelling read.

One thing he doesn't seem to have encountered was excessive paper work. One thing he did encounter, which I believe would have a resonance with serving officers today, was that virtually none of the villains he dealt with was inclined to reform.

Given that social conditions generally are much better today, I think Isaiah of old (circa 700 BC) had a much more realistic outlook than today's criminal justice policy makers:

"Let favour be shewed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the Lord" Isaiah 26:10.

23 September, 2007 18:22

Anonymous pcR said...

Is anyone else getting a bit bored with alaorei using other peoples blogs to spin his/her tedious fables; the 50 page ones that you have to spend valuable time scrolling past on the way to the next bit of spiteful bile from "anon".
Get your own blog you boring old fart

23 September, 2007 19:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, If there is a bobby there with their ear pressed to the wall, they're probably just restin', or waiting for the pizza bloke to turn up.

Puzzle me the McCann's do. It's almost like a political 'heart & minds' campaign. Millionaires and mates popping up and.. I dunno.

Could you imagine the legendary 'Our Tracy From The Estate' pulling this one after being questioned?

Or am I missing the point?


23 September, 2007 20:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mr Thompson said they would not encourage any police officer to jump into the water because of the dangers".

I wish I had have known that to tell to Ernie Store (sp?) at Bruche, when I was going through Hell to pass my life saving course.

Bundesmarine Polizei.

25 September, 2007 08:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry people. My last seems to have been posted on the wrong page.

Just ignore me, I will go and get my coat.

25 September, 2007 08:48

Blogger Phil A said...

The Police might not be listening but you can bet the tabloid press are...

02 October, 2007 11:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 08:46


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