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Saturday, September 15, 2007

In a lost and lonely part of town...


You might think I would be exhausted with all my outrage this week, but believe it or not I am in a girlish tizzy yet again. Two young men have been cut down in the prime of life in Chandler's Ford.

I know nothing about the men brutally shot by armed police in a pre-planned attack on Thursday, but I have no doubt they were completely innocent. Police are probably busy planting evidence and fabricating DNA out of thin air to make out their precious firearms officers are totally innocent, as they always do.

The balls of the British police just know no bounds. Now they think it is acceptable to gun down a poor teenager just because he made a slight mistake and tried to bag a bit of cash from a bank. It was probably drugs that drove him to it, which really makes it the fault of society. If only HSBC had been made to pay more taxes to fund the victim's rehabilitation, this never would have happened. In fact, I think their customers should have to pay for the legal case to have the shooters jailed for murder.

This can't go on.

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Anonymous Vic said...

We should bestow a generous amount of compensation on the families for their tragic loss. We should have the officers hanged, drawn and quartered and their heads placed on signposts to the town. We should release all prisoners and have law-biding citizens placed in jails as that would then be the only safe place.

Anyone want to help me start a Release Chris Langham campaign?

15 September, 2007 22:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...first! I thought I'd misheard when I heard the BBC reporter describe this incident as a 'tragedy'.Personally I'd have to say what a bloody excellent result.

15 September, 2007 22:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK so I wasn't first...bugger!

15 September, 2007 22:07

Blogger metcountymounty said...

The public are all tw*ts.

15 September, 2007 23:31

Anonymous Joe.P said...

That's a little harsh.

16 September, 2007 00:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the BBC reports on the PCC investigation as to how the alleged bank robbers were killed.

I would have thought that obvious. The copper pointed his firearm at them and pulled the trigger.

Begs the question though? Which will cost more the investigation into the shootings or the trial and subsequent (not very long) incarceration of the criminals?

16 September, 2007 08:44

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I know the crims are nnow dead and so won't go to trial - I meant hypothetically which scenario would cost more.

16 September, 2007 08:45

Anonymous Vic said...

Spare a thought for the one they captured.

There he was on a heist, expecting lotsa cash and then he loses two drinking buddies.

In consolation, he does acquire some new mates - in prison.

16 September, 2007 09:09

Blogger British National Party member said...

Here's a shockingly detailed article about British policemen needlessly being killed.

16 September, 2007 09:57

Blogger Payasoru said...

I'm a card-carrying Lib Dem, so you might assume I'd agree with Sandra Gidley. I don't. It seems to simple-minded me that when someone has put a gun to another person's head, the only sensible thing is to render him incapable of pulling the trigger as quickly as possible. Since no firearms officer is accompanied by a Hollywood director of westerns, he/she unfortunately can't be given any tips about how to niftily shoot the gun out of his hand.

16 September, 2007 10:53

Anonymous Peter N said...

I suppose that the current gungho attitude of the police can be traced back to the extra-judicial slaying of that unfortunate Brazilian electrician, who was shot by armed police eight times in the head at point blank range while being restrained by a plain clothes police officer.

16 September, 2007 13:57

Blogger hobbybobby said...

Sandra Gidley writes: "I intend to call a meeting with the Chief Constable to discuss this case, to ensure that local people were never put at undue risk during this operation."

I assume from this comment that the unfortunate security guard who was put at undue risk by one of the robbers pointing a gun at his head is not a "sleepy Chandlers Ford local", and therefore doesn't warrant any concern from Sandra. How liberally minded.

My thoughts are with not just the security gard, but the ARU officers - they'd have been treated like criminals immediately afterwards, carted off to the station to have their clothing seized and swabs taken. Let's hope the inquiry is over and done with as quickly as possible so that they and their families can get on with their lives.

16 September, 2007 15:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I suppose that the current gungho attitude of the police can be traced back"

Lets wait until we know the facts before accusing anyone of being gung ho.

Out of all the possible results this one is not too bad.

Safety of the public? - OK
Safety of the police? - OK
Safety of the armed suspects? ....

Well 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

It would have been better if nobody had been injured but if anyone is to be hurt then it might as well be the armed criminals who chose to commit the crime.

If that's gungho then so be it.

16 September, 2007 19:03

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

Yes, I am gungho at every oportunity. I actually fed an apple to a horse in a field on my patch the other day. This was dangerous becasue it was on eof those mad looking shire horse things.

16 September, 2007 19:24

Blogger alanorei said...

My late dad once worked with a chap who'd been a detective with the Darlinghurst police HQ in Sydney, Aust., back in the 1950s.

Darlinghurst was (possibly still is) a rough inner suburb of Sydney at the time - and scene of the razor gang turf wars in the 1920s-30s, as indicated in an earlier post.

Ken (my dad's mate) said in an interview with a local newspaper in about 1980 that on one occasion, he came on duty to be told there was 'a bit of a do' at a local hostel.

Apparently, a migrant (Australia received many southern and eastern European immigrants in the early post WW2 years) had gone beserk with a shotgun, killed the hostel proprietor and was menacing the dead man's wife.

Ken and a couple of colleagues entered the building by the back way and began to ascend a flight of stairs to the room where the migrant was believed to be holding the widow hostage. Ken was in the lead.

The migrant suddenly appeared on the landing, brandishing the shotgun and refused the police demand to drop the weapon.

Ken said later that his whole life was flashing in front of him the instant the gunman appeared, so apparently that experience is not an urban myth.

Ken and the migrant fired their weapons simultaneously. The migrant was killed and Ken was badly wounded in the arm. He said that the flesh of his arm was hanging down 'like a string of sausages.'

Skilled surgery saved Ken's arm but he had to retire from the force owing to disability and went to work for the company where my dad met up with him.

Apparently, it was part of police procedure that Ken was charged with murder following the incident. I think this was so the procedure could then bring in a verdict of justifiable homicide.

I don't recall the 1980 interview focussing on any outcry about violation of the shotgun murderer's '(in)human rights' but it appears that an attitude of misguided 'toleration' has emerged over the last couple of decades so that the Sydney police can no longer contain foreign-based crime.

The end result is a genuine nightmare scenario:

16 September, 2007 23:42

Anonymous EyreJ said...


Your reply is either the height of irony, in which case I applaud it; or it is the actual thoughts of a serving PC, in which case YOU, sir, are the reason the tw*t public:
a) won't talk to you when you need them to, or
b) don't like coppers very much.

Please elaborate.
I refrain from calling you a tw*t, as you'll probably get your mates in the HTCU to trace my IP and have me framed (complete with planted DNA) and banged up for some trivial offence..Get a life.

17 September, 2007 12:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just seen your article on BBC news..I really admire your guts.

21 September, 2007 08:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

H.said, i am a Police Officer of 18 yrs and have seen the wheel turn many times. New promotions bring new changes and disruption to Policing systems that are in place from the last turn of the wheel.As in all public sectors the gov spin on data and figures causes havoc. I pity the officers who put down and stopped the two at the HSBC they will now be looked at as the offenders by there force. BY consecutive gov interference the Police service is not going forward and the public are suffering eg "we cannot get an officer to you for 4 days ". It is about time the Chief Constables are allowed to govern the needs of the county rather than parliament.

21 September, 2007 10:56

Anonymous Anonymous said...

retired sept 2000 after 20 years in uniform working shifts things don't change never enough bobbies to do job properly.When I joined I was issued with whistle wooden trungeon and one of those fantastic blue cotton stab proof shirts(lol) but the one great thing we all had (new labour since removed)discretion. Chief constables now work for their political masters and have never worked at sharp end.

Just heard rumour that u must be able to swim and learn to save life if u wish to be a blunket bobby.What a disgace what is the service coming too when chief constables are willing to employ these instead of real police, I suppose govt will not provide funds as they don't want to pay pensions. Health and safety is the lame excuse god how did this country win two world wars etc.

21 September, 2007 13:04

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15 April, 2009 08:50


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