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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Have we gone mad?

These men have been given a higher sentence than this man and this man.

This is a good example of what Criminal Justice in Britain is all about, and I applaud it. After all, shouting about bombs is just as bad, if not worse, than actually planting them. I have nothing against sending extremists to prison, mind you, I just wonder if maybe there's a bit of a double standard going on here with criminal sentencing.

While we're on the subject, all of this was started by some offensive cartoons showing the Prophet Mohammed. I think all cartoons are offensive and should not be published, produced or turned into movies. Combine this with anything that satirises religion or terrorism and you can hardly blame the poor radicalists for calling for bombs to fall on Britain.

On another note, according to one of my readers, talking about female issues is a "left turn". I will do my best to be more right-wing in future, and display more male-oriented, nationalist pictures. Now, where did I put that iron...

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Blogger BelfastPeeler said...

Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war


Onward Mujahideen marching as to Jihad

Incitement to racial hatred.

We couldn't possibly censor people, that would be unthinkable. Oh, unless its swearing on TV before 9'o'clock.

19 July, 2007 22:09

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

to be honest I was amazed they didn't get nicked at the time, we were ordered not to arrest anyone demonstrating in case it caused more tension and the crowd became aggressive. I know quite a few people who wanted to turn around batter the living shit out of them at the time, it was disgusting. No more disgusting however than anything Combat 18 or the BNP have tried, but then they would have got nicked on the spot instead of cuasing a complete media fuck up by standing there and taking it!!!

19 July, 2007 22:41

Blogger Hoddy said...

Reading your blog gets increasingly difficult when the first sentence makes little or no sense unless one follows - and comes back from - three URLs in the first sentence.

Links add to the sense, sure - but they don't replace having a meaningful sentence in the first place!!!!

If I could be arsed, I'd put a link here to show how it breaks the flow of comprehension and detracts from the reading experince. But I can't.


20 July, 2007 09:17

Blogger British National Party member said...

Hang on a minute, that's a bit below the belt isn't it - what have we ever done that is disgusting? Nick Griffin has been cleared twice of inciting anything (Once anonymously, even with a muslim woman on the jury!) and also we are nothing to do with C18.

Course they wont tell you that in diversity indoctrination, but then they are pushing a heavy agenda in the guise of comunidy relayshuns Which amounts to 'foreigners good, natives bad'.

20 July, 2007 12:11

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

BNP member, I used to work in a place with a large BNP group and went to a couple of 'demos' where the BNP 'members' were nothing but a bunch of racist pissed up football hooligans who just wanted to kick the crap out of anyone they didn't percieve to be English, and as for Combat 18, in my experience having taken a massive amount of shit from both, are only slightly to the right when you're facing the end of bottle full of piss being thrown at you.

20 July, 2007 15:10

Anonymous U.S. Detective Sergeant said...

Remember my brothers and sisters..the jihadists have one goal in life:


If they talk about doing it...they mean it. Anyone that preaches it should be locked up...for a long time. At least until they get too feeble to cause any problem and then return them to their country of origin, postage due!

20 July, 2007 18:09

Anonymous pcr said...

Hello again
Although I'm quite enjoying getting a rise out of you, my main concern is that that content of the blog will alter to fit the tone set by the front cover of your book. Which is awful.
I like the blog, honest!
By the way, your iron is next to your hair straighteners....

20 July, 2007 20:38

Anonymous Stan said...

PCR you sond like a lonely guy! ou really ought to find yourself a girl mate. Something tells me that you are single!!!!

Hey Bloggs i bet PCR buys the book for the cover alone! He prob needs it for his love life.

Keep up the good work, am looking forward to the book

20 July, 2007 23:23

Blogger British National Party member said...

I cant imagine any of these people doing anything with a bottle of piss!

I dont recognise what you describe. Ive not met anyone like that in our party metcountymounty.

21 July, 2007 00:11

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

I have a solution: lock EVERYONE up. We could have large camps in forests. We could use the rail network to get them to the camps. Hmmmmm......... on second thoughts, that's been done before. On the subject of the book being about female police issues - I agree... after all women are under represented in police blogs... gulp!

21 July, 2007 09:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PCR - the idea that a woman police officer should write about police matters from the perspective of er, a woman, is quite rightly mad.

(as for the cover, i quite like it myself)


21 July, 2007 10:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just had a thought, and checked amazon.... where the book is now on sale???? didn't think it was out yet???

anyway the blurb underneath the cover suggests bloggsys not exactly turned commie on us yet :-)


21 July, 2007 10:41

Anonymous Simon Kelly said...

I may have misunderstood this stuff about you turning into a lefty, Bloggs... is it because you aren't in favour of genital mutilation?
I have to say, as a male from a community which doesn't practise this it's not top of my list of priorities, but it's undoubtedly an unpleasant and nasty crime and one which the police should be dealing with whenever they can, surely?
Keep on keeping on, Bloggs

21 July, 2007 12:19

Anonymous U.S. Detective Sergeant said...

Am I "detecting" some left leaning bloggers on this site?

Putting them all on a train doesn't sound so bad when you work in a city that has ELEVEN people shot in NINE unrelated incidents in a time period of less than TWO hours and all in the SAME PATCH! (precinct)last Thursday night.

Flashing lights. ambulances and generators are not so romantic after all. Lest you stand in the shadows so as not to become a victim of a drive by shooting while you're working the scene(s).

Yes, four(4) detectives assigned to work all eleven shootings and you have a murder case in court the next morning.

And, last night (Friday), two armed robberies, a stabbing and another murder and the same four detectives.

Where is that train?

21 July, 2007 16:37

Anonymous pcr said...

Dear Stan
I have in fact had a preview copy of the new book (dispatched under plain brown wrapper), and was looking forward to a good night in on my own with the baby oil. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to contain only several pithy remarks about the CPS and a wry sideways look at new home office directives.
Fortunately David Copperfield's book was to hand. He's got a great six pack, that guy....

21 July, 2007 20:07

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15 April, 2009 12:46


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