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Monday, June 18, 2007

Good Old Fashioned Crime

With the advent of Ocean's Thirteen this month, I am led to despair that I rarely get to deal with any decent criminals. The fact is I will count myself lucky if I even get to stand on a security cordon at the scene of a bank robbery, let alone a gold heist.

There are some serious bad guys in Blandmore. The kind of people who have not heard of "Threats to Kill" and "Harassment". If they want to steal money there are blueprints and guns and fake police cars. If they want someone dead the person dies, there are no text messages reading 'i 8 u bich u gona b ded'.

Unfortunately, the victims of these bad guys do not require the services of PC Bloggs. They more usually require the services of their passport and a Mediterranean clime. Instead, I find myself dealing with people who wish each other dead on a daily basis but are about as genuinely menacing as a wet flannel. So I spend my time writing out the contents of sixty texts along the above lines, before being told that actually they still love each other and can I not arrest anyone after all. To which I sigh and say ok, but don't blame me if my detection rate goes down.

Every few months there is some excitement in Blandmore and some of the serious bad guys are caught, usually after someone paid more than me has paid one of them to rat on their mates. When we knock on their doors they come quietly because it is beneath them to scrap with the police. They are calm and polite and resigned to their fate. They respect us and we them. They do not post comments on blogs.

When, oh when will I get to meet some good old-fashioned criminals?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not long after I joined my first shift I had the pleasure of dealing with a professional criminal that I had nicked mid entry to a highstreet drugstore. Apart from being a thoroughly nice bloke he knew the game inside out, his philosophy was it was his job to make as much money as possible in between slipping up occasionally and getting nicked, at which point he would fess up to around 15% of his crimes, get them TIC'd and then pay a bit back whilst getting lots of nods from the bench when he went to court for being such a thoroughly nice bloke. in his particular line of card cheque fraud and nonres burglary he was making around £12k a month a getting nicked around once every 2 years. I even learned how to pick a yale lock from him which came in handy when I locked myself out of my house once. nice.

I miss dealing with proper criminals, nearly everyone I have to deal now with is a cock. and they suck thir teeth at me which grips my shit like an anaconda around a monkey.


19 June, 2007 10:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You bastards are a joke.

Thief-takers? Shit. You wankers spend all your time on blogs, filling in forms, attending racial awareness courses, suing each other for sexual harrassment.......

19 June, 2007 16:18

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

& what exactly is it you do anon? Apart from spend all your time posting police hate comments on blogs? Oh I forgot, you take a walk down to the dole office, then spend the rest of your time watching Jeremy Kyle for life guidance & calling the police when it doesn't quite go to plan. How could I possibly forget!

20 June, 2007 04:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

..and their only apologist is some silly young girl, in a dead-end job, who's desperately waiting for her own application to join the wooodentops to be processed ...and even with the quota systems it's still touch and go for her too.

Should fit right in.

20 June, 2007 08:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you think wet flannels aren't menacing you've clearly never been inside a prison... or a boys' public school. :O


20 June, 2007 14:27

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

I notice you still didn't answer my question though anon, unless of course I am to take your silence for me being bang on the money in how you run your life?

As for touch & go whether I get in, I doubt it, I have high hopes & it's a career I'd be proud to have. As for dead end job, I could go on to further stuff & have been offered the chance but I don't want to, I'd rather do something worthwhile & join the woodentops, put something back into society that the dregs take out. Do a job I enjoy :o)
Yep, I am a silly young girl, silly enough to think people like you will change & young enough to have multiple choices open to me. I couldn't ask for more :o)

20 June, 2007 17:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You couldn't ask for more?... well, you could ask for 30 or 40 extra IQ points and some pubic hair

Grow up. Silly child.

Anon 0808 you had better watch out! - this evangelical, self-deluding, rationalising loser has the makings of a top police officer: incapable of any kind of thinking that does not conform to sterotypes and their own narrow and limited life experiences and abundant prejudices.

Compound this with the ability to formulate hypotheses in conjunction with a complete lack of evidence to support them, then to leap to an absurd conclusion. Then lack of a rebuttal to then be taken as "proof". Marvellous. She'll go far.

Better practice that constructive crawling as a means to career advancement in the police too Miss - and there'll be no stopping you.

20 June, 2007 18:55

Blogger busybizzie said...

for someone who hates the Police so much you spend an awful lot of time on our blogs.
You hate us but you need us. Apparently even to amuse yourself.
I notice you didn't have the courage to enter a proper discussion.
Very typical. Very boring.

20 June, 2007 19:03

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Which I presume you asked for anon but got refused?

Silly Child?
Again, silly enough to think people like you will change. As for child, I ceased being one of those 5 years ago, I presume by your abuse of anyone who questions your views & opinions you have yet to reach that mental age & ability?

Stereotypes? Are you not stereotyping yourself somewhat? According to your previous comment (& I assume it is your comment labelled as anonymous at 16:18 spewing forth similar abuse?) all the police are, & I quote

"You wankers spend all your time on blogs, filling in forms, attending racial awareness courses, suing each other for sexual harrassment"

So is that not stereotyping? 1 or 2 incidents that you have chosen to block together & apply to all police officers? Or is it just what you choose to believe in your own small, narrow mind.

As for limited life experiences, if you had bothered to read any of my blog you would see that is certainly not true, my link is there if you choose to read it.
Abundant prejudices, are you telling me you are completely unprejudiced? Because I find that extremely hard to believe going by the comments you have posted.

And yet again, I notice you didn't answer my original question, if I'm so wrong why don't you answer & put it right? I never said "proof", there is a considerable difference between proof & assumption, as you are not putting my assumption right I am led to believe it is in fact, correct. "Proof" is an entirely different matter, "proof" would warrant me needing evidence you are in fact on the dole & do in fact run your life by Jeremy Kyle et al.

20 June, 2007 21:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bizzypiggy - you lot are not worthy of hate. Just contempt.

Surprisingly, you are right about one thing: you do amuse me.

You are desparate to draw down a "discussion" because of the basic inferiority complex you experience, that is characteristic of a lot of the lower echelon Plod. This gives rise to an anxious need to justify yourself in your own eyes and attract the approval of society at large.

The respect which you think is your due for doing the job that you do is not forthcoming - not from ANY level of society. And it grates. Doesn't it?

However, deep down, you know that a significant fraction of PCs (including yourself most likely) are mostly poorly-educated, ineffectual and mendacious. Even if they start of with some displaced sense of idealism, as time goes by they evolve into a sub-set of older Plod who are just indolent swaggering time-serving oafs who will inevitably abuse the little bit of power with which they have been entrusted.

Even though, any reponse I'd expect you (or the rest of your mob of bloggers) to deliver would be one of mere bluff and bluster...ask yourself honestly: have you never met anyone on the Job who fits this description? Not a single one? Say: "no" I defy you to.

So certainly bizzypiggy. Start your "discussion"... because watching the likes of you trying to hold your own in intelligent, reasoned real-time argument would be something very,very amusing indeed. ...rather like watching a dog trying to pay the trombone. If I'm bored enough, I might eveb throw you a biscuit from time to time.


20 June, 2007 21:29

Anonymous Mark B said...


I respect the police. I respect women. I am polite to everyone I come across. It was the way I was brought up. I don't patronise people.

Why do you pick on a young woman who wants to make something of her life or the police for doing their job ?

Mark B

20 June, 2007 23:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Child next door - you're young and, at best, mediocre. It really is not your fault that you are shallow to the point of being a two-dimensional carboard cut out.

Any small depth that you do possess is unfortunately filled full of frustration, nitwit idealism and regurgitated platitudes. However, in time you should outgrow your post-teenage angst phase.

My advice to you however, no matter what line of work you eventually drift into, would be to practice composing your thoughts and trying to express yourself in a cogent fashion, as your rebuttal was very disjointed and self-contradictory.

These are skills that you really should have been taught at school..but sadly, the degraded modern educational system - much like the degraded modern police force - is another institution that is failing society....

...and who the bloody Hell is Jeremy Kyle?

20 June, 2007 23:27

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Calling me a child is very poor, being 21 is generally classed as being a young adult, which I'm proud to say I behave like, it is a shame the same cannot be said for others at times.

Shallow I am not, if you knew me you'd know just how very wide of the mark your comments are, but I'm glad to say you don't, not that I would associate myself with somebody who gets a kick out of abusing people on a blog comments system using only 'anonymous' as identity, not what you would call manly really is it? That is, assuming you are a man.

Frustration yes, frustration that people like you walk this earth with such a holier than thou attitude & more unbelievably, think it is deserved & that it gives you the right to judge other people on nothing but the profession they choose in life.

In time I should outgrow my "teenage angst" phase, funny that, being as I never was one for teenage angst in the first place. Some just grow bitter at the world & forget the teenage angst entirely I suppose, just grow up holding a grudge & letting it fester, allowing them to become so disillusioned they feel it right & acceptable to put a 21 year old woman down & call others "scum" simply because they are policemen/women. I never would & never wish to be held down & eaten away at by such things.

You seem to have a direct hate for the police & for some reason, a rather large disliking for me, even though I am a complete stranger to you & you have no basis for this dislike, except of course I am planning to join the police, & that is the grudge you carry & the hate you hold & the only thing you judge others on.

I don't see how my post was contradictory but I suppose that would be my poor schooling showing again. At least my parents had the decency to bring me up with respect & manners, it really is a shame yours failed to do such a good job, if they had you wouldn't be abusing people from the cowardly safety of an 'anonymous' comment feature.
As for my poor English skills, I presume that is what you are referring to when you say "..would be to practice composing your thoughts and trying to express yourself in a cogent fashion"
well I'm so very sorry they don't meet your highly patronising standards, but that's me & you know, getting an A* in English after spending the last 6 months of school in hospital or recovering from illness I guess my language skills can't be that poor!
Drift into? The work I choose to aim for & work at you mean? Drifting would imply my only aim in life is to be a shelf stacker at my local supermarket, fine for some but not what I want.

Yet again what exactly is it you do with your life that gives you an automatic right to abuse those that do a well respected & hard job? And don't tell me it isn't hard because cast your mind back to 07/07/2005 & have a long hard think about what the emergency services had to cope with then.

Unless you can hold a meaningful discussion with me, without being patronising, without trying to belittle me, without judging me on my career choice & without being highly repellent then I'm afraid to say I will no longer be wasting anymore time on you. It is entirely up to you anon, if you want to explain what exactly your problem is with me & the police in general then go ahead, explain away. Busybizzie for one is listening.

Mark B, thank you for that, that is precisely my point.

21 June, 2007 01:03

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh & Jeremy Kyle? I thought you would know that one. But for your information, he tends to sort out other peoples problems, they tend to be unable to do it themselves & have some kind of complex, dependance or deep rooted hate of something or someone & have to resort to a t.v show to sort it out for them, a bit like when the police are called for petty neighbour disputes & similar, having to rely on a third party for something which could quite easily be sorted themselves if they had the maturity & brains in which to do so.

Unfortunately you cannot get away from it, it is a sign of the society we live in, one which is unanswerable to it's actions & moral less, doesn't care for right or wrong nor respect & decency.

21 June, 2007 01:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A* GCSE in English? Not surpising.

The dumbing-down of the British educational system is is now complete. There are prizes for all the kids these days - even those who don't know the difference between simple abstract concepts such as hate and comtempt, or the even more basic differences between "like" and "as" (Too much to ask that Miss A* English has ever heard of prepositions and adverbs I suppose?)

Your wisdom and sagacity and general worldliness? Yes, truly isn't about time that you went back to Mummy and Daddy and the horses?

21 June, 2007 08:22

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Yes, my English could be better, I'm well aware of that. Strangely though you're the only one that has a major problem with it.

Still you fail to answer my question as to what you do with your life that is so commendable & worthwhile & gives you the right to look down on other's & their career choices.

You are full of contempt & hate, both, not one or the other. You have shown yourself to be so.
As for getting back to mummy & daddy & the horses. My horse I keep myself, I don't look to others to support my hobby, not that I have to justify myself to you but the way in which you said it makes it sound as if you think I am a spoiled rich girl. You couldn't be further from the truth, again.
I live in the country & my horse is kept at a local farm, you don't have to be rich to keep horses, simply willing to work hard.

You consistently fail to answer my questions or enter into any kind of debate or reason as to why you have such a problem with the police choosing instead to attack me personally, again not giving any reason as to why.
Your comments here show you as a narrow minded, pompous individual with a closed mind, unwilling to open it to any further viewpoints who is willing to judge people purely on their career without any clue as to what sort of person they are generally, you are full of hate & contempt for the police, for what reason I don't know. You choose to attack me personally instead of putting up any viable argument or indeed any type of worthy discussion, this is purely based on my choice of future career & nothing else. As pointed out, you fail consistently to answer any questions put to yourself or enter into any kind of debate without insulting, belittling & patronising those that have dared to come back at your small minded replies & opinions.

Should you wish to enter into an adult & reasonable debate without personally attacking & insulting myself & others, instead choosing to discuss the original subject; why you have such a problem with the police, then you know where to find me. If you fail to do so then I refuse to enter into any further communication with yourself, I refuse to be insulted, belittled, patronised & personally attacked by you just because I made known to you my choice of future career.

21 June, 2007 11:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon, you still haven't answered her question, what do you do that makes you think you can judge others on their chosen profession?

And as for uneducated would that included accountants, surveyors, nurses, doctors and anyone with masters degree in subjects such as astrophysics, mathematics, virology or forensic science??

Yes I do work with the occasional cretin and I would be surprised if the obtained an F in GSCE English but then I also work with all of the above - of which I am one of the list I might add.

Unlike the usual uneducated fool taken lately to posting abuse on Police blogs, you don't seem to be stupid or uneducated, but you do seem to have an extremely high opinion of yourself.
Is that opinion based on your belief that your job is better than ours? or that you are more highly educated and experienced than us??

You are posting abuse and critism that appears to be based either on little or merely negative experience. Ask yourself this, is an opinion based on incorrect or biased information still a valid opinion??
If I were inumerate and had an argument about algebra with a mathmetician and nothing I said had basis in fact or indeed made sense would that make my opinion - however wrong - still valid?? or would that just make me a twat??


21 June, 2007 11:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You maintain that you are not employed in the Met?

Generalise? Abuse people? .. this from someone who calls memebers of the public "..whinnging twats.."

You are Plod. You are demonstrably a hypocrite.You also need a thesaurus

21 June, 2007 12:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you read the piece correctly you'll see that the comment about the public being whinging twats was a quote from an Inspector who had dealt with too many complaints from people who were complaining about things they knew nothing about or didn't understand, in that instance our new and extremely ineffective radio system.

I also never said I didn't work for the Met, again if you read any of the comments correctly you'll realise that.

And as for abusing people, the only people I have ever insulted and leved abuse towards are those who are ignorant and stupid enough to attempt to critise and abuse my colleagues and I using reasoning and examples that have little basis in fact or experience.. like you good self I might add.

And you still haven't answered the question!!!!!


21 June, 2007 12:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed, you didn't say that you were specifically employed as this or that. You just wanted to give the misleading impression that the greater part of your working day was spent in the company of highly educated, highly trained and well-qualified professionals.

The reality is of course, is that you are just another lower echelon Plod.

Don't blame you for trying to hide that fact - but where's your feigned impartiality now?

You then proceed to admitting to routinely insulting and levelling abuse at people and reach a Dalek-like crescendo of ranting demands to answer questions.

Forget the thesaurus. Instead, get a dictionary and look up "irony".'s right up there, next to "idiot"

21 June, 2007 15:56

Anonymous Anonymous said...

irony is next to idiot in the dictionary is it?? I thought the letter 'e' came after 'd'. silly me.

You appear to have made assumptions about me, my collegues and those who wish to join the Police that have no factual basis.
With reference to the other professionals I work with - every single one of those people is a Police officer with varying levels of service having chosen to change careers, and we are as you so eloquently put "low echelon plods"

Does that mean because someone changes their job that they become an uneducated pleb with no hope of a future?? No... didn't think so.
I could earn twice my salary if I stayed in the profession I have been trained and qualified in but would I be happy?? No, I enjoy the job I do and am able to do the activities I enjoy but am as frustrated by all the bureaucratic crap that goes with it as much as members of the public - like you. I would love nothing more than to actually do the job I joined to do in the first place without having one hand figuratively tied behind my back becuase of government issued targets that change on a near weekly basis.

Just because I have made the concious career choice to not progress up the ranks does not mean in any way that I am incapable of doing so, you merely assume that is the case because of your own apparently prejudiced view point which is again of no factual value what so ever.
Even a 'low echelon plod' is able to specialise in their career if they choose to and work their ass off for it, rank has nothing to do with it.

The reason I have continued to ask you in a 'dalek-like' fashion is so that I can actually have a reasoned debate based on chosen careers, I am neither stupid nor uneducated despite your obvious beliefs to the contrary.

Instead you attempt to insult me based purely on the job I have chosen to do and because I have admitted to levelling abuse at those who have not only initiated the argument in the first instance but have no basis behind the insults that they have directed to me or my collegues?!!?


21 June, 2007 16:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you chose to throw away all those years of hard training and take a job at half the pay you could expect to get in industry?... Sure you did.

Gave up a mangificent career? Not really because you couldn't cut it and weren't nearly good enough for industry and the Met was the only place you could go.... The only place with standards low enough to have you?

You chose not to exploit your abundant skills to facilitate an otherwise meteoric rise up the ranks - but deliberately made the conscious decision to stay on the bottom? Not that you weren't good enough to progress of course... how refreshing. Well, good for you! It's not often that you get someone who enjoys the fringe benfits of swabbing out cells and mopping up urine so much. Good use of your high-falutin' training there eh?

And you say that all your buddies there are similarly self-sacrificing idealists who have abandoned high-flying, lucrative careers in order to serve the public good?....and not really a bunch of loosers who couldn't get a job anywhere else.?

Commendable sense of social responibility there chaps....

...and I'd thought that the comedic value of this was running thin.

BTW: Another couple from the dictionary for you:- rationalisation and (self) delusion


21 June, 2007 18:08

Anonymous Mark B said...


If you are the person that used the word abberant in a previous post, did you not mean aberrant as in deviating from what is normal. I only graduated with a Science degree from a Poly and being the son of a retired Constable guess I would not be able to use a dictionary.

You still have not answered the question. Why do you pick on a young female and Police Officers? Go on tell us. You know you want to.

GND. You have defended yourself well. Unfortunately some people never grow up.

PC Bloggs. I find posts very funny in a dry way.

21 June, 2007 18:32

Anonymous mark b said...

PC Bloggs

Just spotted the typo. I find your posts funny in a dry way

21 June, 2007 18:47

Blogger busybizzie said...

Anon has a huge chip on his shoulder and an impressive superiority complex.
Sadly he doesn't have anything to say.
Such a waste of the worlds greatest intellect.
I'm off to burn my degree. I clearly don't deserve it. Sniff.

21 June, 2007 19:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon, you hit the nail right on the head - commendable sense of social responsibility - every one of us joined because we wanted to do a job and try and help other people and be part of something that is bigger than ourselves.
There is a Latin saying that fits your last post down to the ground.

"A coward thinks all other men are cowards, a cheat thinks all other men are cheats, and a fool thinks all other men are fools"

It is obviously too much for you to comprehend that there are people in this world who choose to put their desire for a job where they can genuinely help other people over that of financial gain. Are you suggesting that nurses, paramedics and firefighters are all uneducated fools because they choose a career with disgustingly low pay??? And yet still go to work everyday and do longer hours than anyone in an office would ever consider doing?

Could it possibly be that they are more selfless than you would ever be able to be?

How do you explain professionals from industry, science and medicine changing careers to do something they always wanted to do?? Many people choose to stay 'a lower echelon plod' (for plod read nurse, firefighter, police officer, paramedic, coastguard) because when they can really do some good it massively outweighs any negative aspect of their chosen career.

Have you ever saved someones life? Have you ever seen true unadulterated gratitude on someones face when you have prevented them from the danger or death that was inevitable had you not turned up when you did to help them?? Or seen the look on a parents face when you have found their lost child? Or been the only point of support for a grieving relative at the scene of a horrific accident?

No you haven't. I know that because if you ever had been in that situation - one we face every single time we go to work - you wouldn't say the things you have or abuse those who would do everything they could to try and help you if you genuinely needed it. Exactly as our collegue PC Henry did when he was killed last week, and exactly as every member of every emergency service that has ever died on duty, giving their lives trying to help someone else.

Not that you obviously give a flying fuck, nor will even give it consideration if you ever find yourself in need of any one of us when you are incapable of dealing with whatever situation you have the misfortune of finding yourself in.

The other glaringly obvious irony is you are proving with every illresearched comment you make the level of contempt that some people hold us in when they haven't really got a clue what we do or why we do it other than 'what a mate told you once who knew a copper' or by watching the Bill or Holby or any other crap that dopes nothing to assist the professional emergency service works that those shows do nothing but use scenarios for drama for people with nothing else in their lives that closely relate.

Live you life as you want but if you're going to try and insult someone because of their job then how about doing a bit of research into it before you make yourself look a like a cock.


21 June, 2007 20:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that last one was from me by the way and yes I said dopes instead of does. Thats what happens when you let an irritating tool get o you unfortunately


21 June, 2007 20:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"..every one of us joined because we wanted to do a job and try and help other people and be part of something that is bigger than ourselves..."

Where do you get such dialogue? Or did you plagarise this one too? Risable.

Mealymouthy, your post 1654 showed your true motivation and how raw that particular nerve of yours is. Too late for you too backpeddle now. In your petulnce you just said too much. From your own words,you joined the Met because there was no one else who would have you - as you simply weren't good enough. And you know it. Your said so yourself.

The only compensation for you to make things bearable, to bear the scorn that you know this often inspires in those who know you, is to distort your own sense of worth by casting yourself Water Mitty style in the heroic mould.

Believe me though, a doctor or a firefighter or anyone else genuinely worthy of respect, you aint.

You are that lower echelon Plod and that is what you'll stay. Not because of self-declared noblilty and self sacrifice but because you are incapable of advancement via your own merit and resources. You admited as much yourself. The clasiic profile of most men in your situation, is that they fall to the bottom and stay there because they are weak, effeminate and ineffectual.

Go with your drinking buddies and fellow bloggers, swap your lies and exagerated stories of daring-do when you nicked those 11 year olds in the school playground or jumped on a drunk with half a dozen of your mates, or saved civilsation by persecuting moorists..., believe that objectively you are actually worthy of anything more than comptempt.

And multiply you by several thousand even less capable parasites. It's a poor situation for the rest of us. The genuine workers and producers.

Hey catch, here's a buiscuit!

22 June, 2007 00:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bizzypiggy - post 2129? You seem to have bottled it.

22 June, 2007 01:18

Anonymous pc pc said...

anon I love your carefully placed spelling mistakes, some typos, some obvious ignorance. clasiic.

22 June, 2007 01:39

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

It seems you're quite happy to slag other people off anon, just so long as you can avoid answering any questions yourself. Because all the way through this you have ignored any questions put your way, instead slagging off each person that has confronted your narrow minded views. Accusing them of being weak, spoiled, uneducated, cowardly & hypocritical, among others. Even resorting to name calling which shows your level of maturity for what it is.

All of this because you are in essence, somebody who hates the police. Yet again you fail to provide any reason as to why this is, the same as you fail to answer why you feel it ok to judge other's on their chosen profession without saying exactly what it is you do.

22 June, 2007 09:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least some of yours and Anon's exchanges have had a beneficial effect Girl Next Door. You do appear to have re-discovered the use of full stops.

22 June, 2007 10:24

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

If this whole thing centered around my punctuation & grammar then I would be at the bottom of the pile, I am aware of that. But it doesn't, it center's around anon's obvious dislike, contempt & hate of the police & a personal attack on me, judging me purely on my future career choice & other's chosen career.

22 June, 2007 11:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering Girl Next Door that you told Anon that your career options boiled down to a choice between drifting into a job stacking supermarket shelves or joining the police, then you have obviously made the right decision and you're right, you should not be criticised for it. It's a good job with prospects.

22 June, 2007 12:23

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

To correct you, anon implied I was in a dead end job (receptionist) it isn't a dead end job & I could stay & carry on with what I am doing but it isn't a job I am happy doing or really enjoy & want to be in. The job I would be happy doing is to be a policewoman. He/she accused me of "drifting aimlessly" or words to that effect, to which I pointed out I could progress but I don't want to because I want to join the police. My retort to him as regards to my apparent aimless drifting is as follows

"Drift into? The work I choose to aim for & work at you mean? Drifting would imply my only aim in life is to be a shelf stacker at my local supermarket, fine for some but not what I want."

As you can see I pointed out drifting would imply my only aim was to be a shelf stacker, as in not be bothered enough or want to work hard enough for an actual career. Again, I pointed out that was fine for some if that is what they want but I don't want that which is why I am applying to the police. A job I would enjoy & one that you quite rightly pointed out, has prospects.

22 June, 2007 12:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean you actually chose the police ??! I thought that you had made the sensible decision and decided to opt for Tesco's.

Work as a receptionist you say? Working at the moment Girl Next Door? Idly surfing the netall morning on the company's time whilst they pay you do do a job of work.

With this laziness, misappropriation of resources, disregard for honest diligence and skiving on company time , it looks like Anon was right - you'll make a fine police officer indeed.

22 June, 2007 12:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 1253... you are such a prick fella

22 June, 2007 13:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost Swiftian in it's rapier-like riposte.

Crap.. this is too easy.

Shalom loosers

22 June, 2007 13:41

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

I gather from your attitude & comments you also hold contempt for the police? It isn't the police I blame for some of the ridiculous laws & guidelines, it is the government that passes them.

No actually, I am on an owed day off & having close family in different countries & therefore timezones means I like to spend a few hours catching up with them when I have the time to spare. So no, I'm not using valuable company time or skiving. Nor do I have a disregard for honest diligence. Yes I suppose I am being slightly lazy spending a few hours on the 'net talking to family I haven't had the time to talk to for a month or so but then it is my day off & my time to do as I please with.
Are there any other personal things you would like to have a go at me for? Bearing in mind you know me no more than a stranger you pass on the street? The only reason you have tried to belittle me & put me down is because of my future career choice. Granted you did mention my punctuation but as I said, I know myself it isn't the best & stated the reason, the reason being I was unlucky enough to miss the last six months of my school year & the first year/18 months of primary school through illness. Besides which this isn't what this ongoing 'discussion' is about, is it? It is about why you & others hold the police in such contempt, why you see fit to judge individuals as one group based purely on their profession. In light of that would you prefer to say why you hold such a grudge against the police & what it is based on? Or just continue to personally attack me?

You automatically assuming I am wasting company time & skiving with no basis or proof, to me, says more about yourself & your work ethics than my own.

22 June, 2007 13:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"..Unless you can hold a meaningful discussion with me, without being patronising, without trying to belittle me, without judging me on my career choice & without being highly repellent then I'm afraid to say I will no longer be wasting anymore time on you. It is entirely up to you anon, if you want to explain what exactly your problem is with me & the police in general then go ahead, explain away. Busybizzie for one is listening..."

Go and play outside. It's stopped raining now.

22 June, 2007 14:00

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Which proves entirely your immaturity & refusal to enter into any kind of sensible discussion or debate because you are only capable or willing to abuse, patronize & belittle people based entirely on your views of them as policemen/women, not them as individuals.

The option is still there to prove me wrong in the above statement should you wish to do so.

22 June, 2007 14:12

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

You refuse to say why you have such a problem with the police, which is what this was originally about. You decided to carry on being personal & generalising everyone, using stereotypes & being rather abusive at times whilst refusing to say what exactly it is that you do that gives you the right to judge others in such a holier than thou attitude.

22 June, 2007 14:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl Next Door - a genuine piece of advice.

Always be extremely taciturn in revealing information about yourself. Do not ever,ever, ever tell anyone anything at all about yourself, that they can exploit or turn use against you - and if they do never, ever, let on that they have scored a hit. Certainly never admit to any failings in a public forum either.

I have had a few spare days and in a bit of down-time have been indulging in the the time honoured tradition bear-baiting. It's fun. You just got caught up in the cross-fire. Reflex action - sorry.

However, my POV is not without good reason and my sentiments about the police are genuine and justifiable. At the moment you are idealistic ...and that is good as you'll become jaded and cynical soon enough.

The downside is that you see a career in the police through rose-tinted spectacles, as you genuinely do believe that you want to do some good as you pass through this life. Excellent sentiment and I really do applaud you for it. But really, do try to think of some contingencies and other possible career choices as a way to express it.

However, if by some mischance you do end up in the police, then, seriously, be warned: you really do need to aquire a much thicker skin than you've demonstrated so far in the (very) gentle exchanges with the people on this site - and also you would be well served if you were to learn some emotional detatchment and control too. In addition, if you can, try to be more critical(in the original meaning of the word) of what you are told.

Now, unlike you, most of the Plod either aren't capable of tenderness understanding or sensitivity or have long since had it burnt out of them.

Be warned. Join the police and you'll be shocked and horrified at some of the things that you'll encounter. At the great gulf between the way you'd like the world to be, and the way the world actually is. Stupidity, mendacity and pure wickedness will grind you down. You really have no idea. Bit by bit too, you'll loose your ideals and your integrity. This is inevitable if you were to join the police and were to stay.

Anyway, enough prosletysing - just stay back on the sidelines if there's a bit more of an exchange before my vacation sport is over eh?.

Fare you well - and good luck!

22 June, 2007 14:47

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15 April, 2009 12:38


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