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Friday, June 15, 2007

PC Bloggs Investigates... PDRs:

There might be some people out there wondering how we police are trained, developed and monitored. There might be some police officers wondering the same thing. The answer lies, as with most things in the police, in the PDR. You may be trying to guess what this stands for. Do not bother: nobody will be able to tell you whether or not you are right because nobody knows.

The PDR is a folder, computer programme or scrap of paper where police officers record how much the force objectives and strategic policy means to them. It follows them around for their whole career and is equivalent to a personnel record. It is worth mentioning that police officers also have a personnel record, which is equivalent to a dusty shelf in an archive.

The purpose of the PDR is threefold:
  • It gives police officers something to do when there's no crime happening.
  • It involves police officers in the excitement of the tax year.
  • It enables police officers to demonstrate that they should not be fired no matter what they do.
If a sergeant wants to fire someone, they have to spend about a year putting negative reports into their PDR. Every time the person does something right, their sergeant has to start the process again. Police officers can appeal against negative remarks and unless the sergeant wants to attend a meeting - which I can assure you, they do not - they will change the remarks to positive ones.

The public think that shoddy police officers are kept in their job because police forces are institutionally racist, hate civilians and think they can prance around doing as they please. The real reason is PDRs.

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Anonymous PC Dogberry (as was) said...

Got my PDR review coming up in the next couple of weeks. The joy!
Fortunately my sarge is a top bloke and will say nice things about me (I hope).

16 June, 2007 02:55

Anonymous Reactively Proactive said...

My PDR is about to be written by my brand new sergeant who I have spoken with a couple of times but never actually worked with... at all. I am currently attached to another team but still on my original teams books. I think I will write it myself and have him sign it as being his views on me- that should do the trick.

16 June, 2007 08:44

Blogger Mousie said...

We have them in the NHS too.

This is why shit nurses keep their jobs - because all the stuff they're shit at (ie nursing) wasn't identified in their last PDR.

If you didn't laugh you'd cry.

16 June, 2007 10:51

Blogger Minty said...

We have them as well.
My last one was done by a line manager that I had worked to for 3 weeks, and she was on leave for 2 of those.
Went well, I told her how fab I was, and she wrote it down!

16 June, 2007 12:03

Blogger Noddy said...

I can assume you will now be deluged with comments & hits from various Jox!



>PDR = >HR Staffing

16 June, 2007 13:17

Blogger CSI:UK said...

Arrgg we have them too, They are useful if you need to identify a course you need to go, as long as you plan it 2 years in advance.

My gaffer has us write out a Mini-PDR every month, saying what we thought went well, what have we done towards our personal and team PDR objectives and how many DNA and Fingerprint Hits we have, which are then put onto a nice graph and displayed in the office.

Other than the stats I leave the rest blank, until such time as it's usefulness is explained to me. Load of old cock!

16 June, 2007 16:56

Blogger busybizzie said...

Think the PDR's bad try the NVQ!

17 June, 2007 10:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

euakgefIn the mid 1990's I went undetected for nearly 5 years without having a PDR mainly because supervisors came and went as frequently as the rain. In the end a newly qualified Sgt decided that I really should get it done, so he told me to sit down, write it and then we would discuss it. I did, at home, as no time at work and submitted it to him. He then treated me to a coffee in the canteen and we had our first proper conversation during which I think I found out more about him than he did me. Well that PDR strangely enough formed the basis of each of the ones that followed til I retired. I don't think anyone ever took them seriously. I didn't.

17 June, 2007 16:45

Blogger staghounds said...

I am so lucky. I am an at will employee of a boss who despises paper work. So, since he's the sole evaluator, all I have to do is keep him pleased with my performance. Or, better yet, unaware that I exist. (No complaints = invisibility.)

17 June, 2007 21:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And so the Plod is feather-bedded and ensconced.

Incompotent oafs sucking on the public teat, stupid scum who'd not pass muster as security guards working for Argos otherwise.

This is sad.

18 June, 2007 00:17

Blogger busybizzie said...

It is sad. But hey, you wrote it what the hell.

18 June, 2007 11:53

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Anon, how refreshing to see you admit how stupid & invalid your comments are. They do say that admitting your problem is the first step on the path to recovery, do let us know how you're getting on won't you? And well done for taking that first step!

18 June, 2007 13:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 0017, would you like a hug? I'm pretty good at hugs and could probably sell them. I'll give you your first hug for free, just as a taster :o)


18 June, 2007 14:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

certainly beats the rapid entry and rope on the fun stakes I think!!!


23 June, 2007 14:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a god saturday night metcountybobby

23 June, 2007 22:54

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15 April, 2009 12:38


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