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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Days like these

I am not sure how a team goes into work the next day following something like this.

I am distraught that the anti-knives campaigners have failed to make the most of the opportunity. In this they are sadly beneath the contempt of more ruthless lobby groups.

Let's hope days like these remain mercifully rare. Somehow I am not so sure they will.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a day for celebration as more pig scum gets put down.

let us celibate that the streets are rid of one more Nazi pig.

13 June, 2007 10:40

Anonymous Ex-Luton Special said...

Dragon: You are a low-life piece of sh;t and I hope that one day you get what you deserve.

Luton is a poorer place without PC Henry.

My condolences to PC Henry's family, all decent people are thinking of you

13 June, 2007 12:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dragon you are the shit on my extremely well worn and experienced boot.
go and f*ck your sister you inbred prick.

Bloggsy you make a very good point indeed about the any knife lobby, where the hell are they in this?? I doubt though that a mandatory 5 years for carrying a blade would have put this guy off though given what I have heard about the attack.

RIP PC Henry, I'm sure I would have loved working with you.


13 June, 2007 12:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, DRAGON proberbly uses the Police to sort out all of his domestic problems because he's to inbred to sort his own life out, and uses NHS as his own personal service, demanding that he be seen to now, not later, and is paid by the state so he can afford his 44" TV, and uninsured car. (although the rest of his house is a shithole)

He proberbly wears big thick fake Gold necklaces, tracksuits that have never been faster than a walk, and owns a Staffie...(you all know the type)...Bet I'm not far wrong. And the reason he hates the Police? Because he doesn't have the intelligence or intelect to understand the workings of the world, outside his own small self involved, selfish universe, and his only other contact with the Police is when he's broken the law, and finds it astounding when the Police come knocking.

Dragon, I see alot of people starting to form a queue to pound your little smug face, and I'm stood in it.

Rest In Peace PC HENRY, You are a hero, and you can walk the dark road with your head held high, knowing a hero's welcome awaits.

13 June, 2007 13:13

Blogger The Thin Blue Line said...

This idiot (or at least somebody who shares his views and lack of intelligence) has been going around blogs posting the same thing.
Dragon, seriously, you're beneath contempt. We all know that when you're taking a kicking or somebody breaks into your house and nicks your favourite burberry hat it's the Police you call for help.
You hate us because we keep locking you up. Here's a deal. You stop committing crime and we'll stop arresting you. Promise.
PC Bloggs - as everyone else, thanks for the post. R.I.P. Jon

13 June, 2007 19:53

Blogger busybizzie said...

Poor old Dragon. We all meet him and his kind every weekend. He hates us because he can't beat us.
If he knew what courage was he'd be scared of it.

13 June, 2007 20:35

Anonymous Sue said...

words fail me!!!!!! a bloke gets stabbed to death while trying to help someone else who is getting attacked - a family man, someones son, brother, mate, colleague, dedicates his mind and attitude to helping to protect people like me and some numpty nuts, who goes by the name of a mythical creature writes words like that!!!!!!!! whats even sadder is this dropkick writes like he/she is educated - sad waste of money when is expressed like that - its a sad day really........
actually it seems words apparently dont fail me lol

13 June, 2007 23:14

Blogger Roses said...

Great! Someone with more time and broadband to play with. Such a shame this person will never be held accountable for all the oxygen he's stolen from the rest of us.


14 June, 2007 09:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

14 June, 2007 10:32

Blogger Joe90 said...

Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit.

14 June, 2007 14:16

Blogger busybizzie said...

I think it's great that the internet's giving a voice to the mentally retarded.

14 June, 2007 16:36

Anonymous paul said...

My condolences to PC Henry's family, friends and colleagues.

Dragon - you are the complete opposite of the man PC Henry was. He was showed supreme bravery and dedication to duty.

These are alien concepts to you. The best you can do is type insults on the police blogs. Bet any money you wouldn't say anything to an officer face to face like a man. You little turd.

14 June, 2007 17:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if dragon was brave enough to challenge an officer- then got a well earned shoeing for his troubles, do you think he'd take it on the chin....or most likely blaze a path to the nearest inspector to whine about it?

14 June, 2007 17:45

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

I do not normally delete comments but have removed one for its sheer offensive value. Educated people like us police bloggers just cannot be expected to read such poorly-spelt and constructed sentences.

14 June, 2007 18:18

Anonymous Sue said...

am glad you deleted the said post PCBloggs - i couldnt work the phase 'toow ho' out at all lol....well done

14 June, 2007 19:00

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Dragon, you are beneath contempt, the lowest of the very low. By "celibate" I presume you mean 'celebrate'? Then again, "Celibate" in your case wouldn't be so wide of the mark would it? Although granted it wouldn't be out of choice but simply because nobody is so desperate as to be in such close prximity to a person who is so sickening as yourself.

PC Bloggs, excellent post & may PC Henry rest in peace. Unfortunately I have to agree with you, this won't be the last time something like this happens, I just hope the government does more to try & prevent before it does.

14 June, 2007 22:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

another dirty pig bites the dust. many more will follow the scum.

The people have had there fill of the storm troopers.

this cunts death is one more victory for the people.

may many more dirty pigs follow the scum too hell.

15 June, 2007 03:51

Blogger busybizzie said...

I'm starting to like Anon/dragon. He's like a pet.
I think we should rename him cuddles.

15 June, 2007 12:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Dragons got a chip on his shoulder.

Its a shame people get killed in the line of duty, but you guys do a dangerous job. I dont see the need for more anti knife lobbying. There is nothing more the government can do. Short of banning all knifes full stop, kitchen knives included, then how would we prepare our food?

Its a shame when things like this happen but we must be careful not to overreact, lest we loose our liberies.

15 June, 2007 13:37

Anonymous dogberry the dragon slayer said...

Hopefully this "dragon" character will soon step out in front of a loaded artic and go to meet his maker in many small pieces.
I really don't think this piece of human detritus is worth getting upset about, he clearly wants to provoke reaction and that's exactly what we've given him.
Rest assured, with an attitude like that, he'll be getting his comeuppance on a regular basis from his local constabulary for sure. Or, as I rather expect, he doesn't have the guts to be rude to an officer face to face, rather he would hide behind the safety of guaranteed anonymity by making stupid comments on an internet forum. twerp, put down your tin of Stella (payed for by the State) and go get an honest and decent job, stop being a twat and GROW UP!

16 June, 2007 03:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey PC Clod! ... the past participle of spell is "spelled" not "spelt"


18 June, 2007 00:25

Anonymous dogberry said...'s what the dictionary says about the word "SPELT"

Main Entry: 2spelt
Pronunciation: 'spelt
chiefly British past and past participle of SPELL

Oh, and by the way, Spelt (the noun) is also a kind of Wheat type plant.

Kindly do your research before making a tit of yourself yet again!!

18 June, 2007 02:05

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Cuddles, you get everywhere don't you? Wonder if that's where "celibate" comes into it in your first comment... Don't want to go spreading things to other people do you now?

Anon 13.37, it isn't laws on knives the police want because as you pointed out that would be impractical with kitchen knives etc. What they want is more protection for themselves regards to tazers, not being single crewed, better management practices, better quality eqiupment etc etc. For that to happen the government needs to get involved & stop taking a back seat only to come out & send their condolences to the family of yet another policeman/woman lost in the line of duty.

18 June, 2007 13:41

Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh yeah, Doggers, where's your blog gone?!! Did you have to close it? Hope not but I suspect that is the reason it isn't about anymore :o(
Still, nice reply to anon! Go Doggers!

18 June, 2007 13:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dogberry - look at the OED and not the dictionary supplied for your dumbed-down GCSE English or from that online source ..

..the most interesting thing about pages like this, is you few people posting here (and your glove puppets to swell the numbers) incestuously scanning each others' blogs, anxious to coin in on the same commercial success as Copperfield - and so very easily and totally distracted from the serious and sombre topic of a colleague's death into puerile bickering with passing posters ... Mediocre IQ and short-attention spans is the most charitable interpretaion. ...Hardly in the top 3% you lot are you?


18 June, 2007 23:05

Blogger MerseyCon said...

Hmmmm, it always interests me when people who hate the police wish that there were none. I dont understand how they think life would be without the police? Rampaging drug-dealer / burglar types are one thing, they would carry on with what they do best although i think they'd find it more dangerous as EVERYONE would have guns and shoot you just for looking at their house/car/girlfriend etc., i know i would - without the police who'd stop me? As for the far left civil liberty all police are storm troopers types, when they are being beaten to death by a gang of young thugs in hoodies shouting 'die hippy queer', i would be quite interested to see who they call. Maybe someone could give them a hug and we'd all live in peace.

Here in sunny Britain we have one of the most controlled and accountable police forces in the world. It can only be, in short, thickness, that makes people say 'kill all police', because if they did, life as they knew it would be over. And if they think its bad being stop searched 'for nothin honest' (i suppose that extensive criminal record was a prize in a raffle then), i wish they could see a picture of a society without a proper police force. Try the third world.

20 June, 2007 13:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, from your post, are you saying that you think that all Third World countries must inveitably be murderous,lawless places?

20 June, 2007 21:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have a copy of the OED, both spelt and spelled are correct.

Presumably you have a different OED, are illiterate or just stupid.

22 June, 2007 00:03

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three days aren't bad. Must have been quite a cerebral run around the block for you. Did you actaully go to the place with the books? Wow. Well done...Doggers, you preposterous little person you.

Now look at some older books on grammar, research the parts that describe transitive verbs in classical syntactical constructs.

Hint: common usage des not designate correct usage. For example, consider: "burnt post" vs "burned post". Take your time...

22 June, 2007 00:31

Anonymous pc pc said...

Poorly-spelled = "he spelled it poorly".

Poorly-spelt = "the words were spelt poorly".

I don't see a problem with the use of "spelt" which started this whole fiasco. Embarrassed yourself a bit there, didn't you Anon.

22 June, 2007 01:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK you dolts - some of you have resorted to making up your own rules of grammar. (A force of habit from making up statements I suppose)

Pissy PC, look up what a personal pronoun is. Then familiarise yourself with each of the three types, then try to learn about the object and subject of a sentence...

22 June, 2007 13:31

Anonymous Roxy said...

It's such a shame that a post about a human life being cut short has been hi-jacked by ignorant people and degenerated into a frankly bizarre argument about grammar and spelling. The best way to deal with these people is to just post your feelings on the original post and ignore the trolls. As someone once said, you can't argue with idiots, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

Condlences to PC Henry's family, friends and colleagues, as for the rest of you front line coppers please don't be the next statistic

25 June, 2007 18:09

Blogger MerseyCon said...

Just a quick response,

First, please let the grammar thing go everyone!!

Second, no i'm not saying all third world places are murderous places, however having had first hand experience of one or two, i can say that they are not a place where you can expect the police to be (reasonably) fair and honest. There are the obvious such as certain African and Middle Eastern countries where if you can find a police organisation that won't ignore you or beat you because of your colour / religion / tribal background, then they may simply rob you or be bribed by those you wish to see brought to justice. Or you could try the more bizarre such as Pakistan where the crime is against the individual so to speak, if you have enough money you could murder someone then simply pay off their relatives- nice ey? People need to appreciate what they have and be constructive as apposed to the usual 'Kill all pigs crap'- it shows how little intelligence they have.

Anonymous, whoever you are, don't try and be smart.

25 June, 2007 19:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 12:39


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