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Monday, February 05, 2007

Taking it personally.

If it isn't enough that I can see my profession slated daily at the press of a button or turning of a page, I am now having insulting articles sent directly to my inbox. This arrived today, about how apparently British cops are lazy, scared and no good.

I would comment, but I can't be bothered, I'm afraid I'll crash the computer, and it just wouldn't be funny.

On a sidenote, can my police readers all please vote in ExtraSpecialCopper's poll as I am interested to see how many people are willing to work the Speed Camera Team but not Traffic.

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Anonymous xoggoth said...

Don't take it personally as I really like your blog but I think most reading that will be nodding their heads at much of it. I have had a couple of experiences that reinforce just what that bloke is saying. Like many I would think twice before wasting my time calling the police on similar issues again. (Criminal damage to a flat or car theft)

I think most realise though that it is isn't the individual coppers so much as the ridiculous target driven, paperwork bound, criminal rights but no duties, idiot rules that hamstring them.

05 February, 2007 21:05

Blogger PC South West said...

I had that email sent direct to my inbox too, and have posted about it also.
I do know some of my colleagues who are lazy and scared and not very good.

But I too object to being labeled as one of these type of officers or having the profession labeled in the same way as a whole.
But I will say that we are pretty toothless as a police force in general, softened by years of criticism by do gooding lefties who want us to give criminals vouchers for being good boys.
Those who expect us to justify every use of force we employ while trying desperately to avoid being punched or spat at.
The courts for fining those who assault a constable and in the process assault British justice and authority as a whole.
The criminals are laughing at British justice and at our lack of respect.
There is much in the article that is unfair to the police, who somehow manage to keep the wheel on through near impossible times with wholly inadequate resources. But there is an element of truth in the message I feel.

05 February, 2007 22:08

Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Oh thank goodness I wasnt the only one.
Personally I think we can only blame the SMT for creating this image.

As for you being lazy pc bloggs, i extremely doubt it and would happily crew with you!

05 February, 2007 22:37

Blogger Noddy said...

Just jump up and down instead. I'm told it works.

05 February, 2007 23:04

Blogger Big Fella in Blue said...

Noddy you McNumpty!!

Bloggs, you find lazy t**ts in every job I could name and shame a couple in my nick. The whole Home Office set up is a shambles and will probably get worse before it gets better - yes I have hope!! I am young and brighteyed and as far as what others say about the police in general I take it with a pinch of salt - unfortunately if you come across something good you may tell three or four people if you come across something bad you tell everyone you meet and this is how we get stuck with the shitty stick!

Chin Up Bloggs come on duty with me I'll have you smiling before the end of the shift even if it is just me hitting my head on the low scaffolding!! (Done that twice in the last month its either scaffolding or market stalls!

05 February, 2007 23:28

Blogger Sergeant Simon said...

I agree with what he says in a certain way- sworn officers are completely under-resourced and over stretched, and have neither the time nor inclination to deal with the low level crime, as it entails a mammoth amount of work for little or no reward, either from the criminal justice system or from the victim who cannot understand why "doing something about x y or z" actually means several days work, and we cannot give a quick fix.

The government, instead of dealing with the lack of resourcing and officer numbers to allow us to be able to cope with this, instead goes for the much cheaper and easier option of employing people on civilian basis (i.e. no pension etc).

My issue with this article is that he tars every police officer with the same brush- like its the front line officers that a)want or b) created this ridiculous situation in the first place.

06 February, 2007 13:24

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

Deep down in a place they won't admit at parties, they want us on that wall, they need us on that wall. They rise and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom we provide, and then criticise the way in which we provide it. etc etc

06 February, 2007 15:31

Blogger staghounds said...

Oh My God I am choking with laughter.

06 February, 2007 20:31

Blogger staghounds said...

And in all seriousness, the article is pretty true. Of police COMMANDERS, the policy makers and ministers. "The police" who have made things so fouled up are NOT the uniforms who answer the calls. Those police are, probably more than in most professions, hard working, brave, and skilled. Their bosses value those attributes so little that they place obstacles in the way of using them.

Is a police officer who is prevented from answering a call by having too much nonsense to do lazy? Is a police officer who is ordered not to confront a violent danger a coward? Is a police officer who is commanded not to use effective investigative techniques no good?

I submit that, to the outsider, he IS. The fish rots from the head down, but Ian Blair and the home secretary don't answer the calls, do they?

ALL this could easily change. We live in a country where we can change things. We choose not to.

06 February, 2007 20:40

Blogger Black in Blue said...

Revised policy on official emails
Emails sent by police employees using police computers will hence forth become the property, of the Force, or precisely, myself, the Chief Constable. This revised amendment is amended to protect the human rights of myself, the Chief Constable, and my peers.
The oppressed might be liable under The new ammendment to the Theft Act 1968 incorporated in the TWINING ACT 2007.

Emails highlighting poor working practices will not be circulated to DC, Insp G, PC Bloggs, or any other blog writers, or any tabliod newspaper or police review. No, no no.

Any person found to be in contravention of the revised policy will be dealt with via the new misconduct/misfortune/theft codes, (that I have written just and which I will circulate laters innit).

This revised policy here-with the consent of ACPO now applies to all 43 Forces. All chief constables will have the same jurisdiction as myself.

Dated: 11/01/07

Chief Constable Twining,


06 February, 2007 21:07

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15 April, 2009 11:55


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