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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Accountability... sigh...

Once again we have been treated to the sight of a Tory with a posh accent talking a lot of sense. This time it was about making police authorities ACCOUNTABLE. As a police officer, I am probably the worst person to ask about the role of the police authority. I have no idea what it is, what it does or how it affects my job or the public. I am therefore extremely happy to hear that it is police authorities that are the problem and not people like me. I don't happen to agree with Cameron's solution, however.

Apparently, we all yearn for accountability. Even PC Copperfield. I heard him say so on television. The Labour Government has found all kinds of ways to make us accountable, some of which merely build on previous Conservative policies, some of which are new and imaginative ideas of their own. Here are some of them:
This is all marvellous and I have felt thoroughly accountable to the Department of Critical Emailing for the last year and a half. My only problem with the approach is that it does not go nearly far enough. We should see police officers filling out forms every time they think suspicious thoughts. How else can we stamp out racism? Police constables whose arrest and detection figures are lower than their colleagues should be Named and Shamed by The Sun. Moreover, Chief Officers responsible for areas where newspapers have printed disparaging stories about the police should be subjected to not just one, but several meetings with the Home Secretary to explain themselves. It's the only way we'll learn.

Cameron's approach is flawed, therefore. As far as I can tell, accountability is not about involving communities in shaping their local police forces, but it is about transferring everything onto bits of paper so that police officers don't have to talk to members of public at all. When our business can be conducted entirely by way of email, fax and meeting, THEN we will be truly Accountable.

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PS For those of you who thought that my last post was in some way disparaging of sergeants, please re-read it.
PPS It turns out my blog isn't broken after all.


Blogger Phill said...

Having slagged off Cameron in my last post I was quite astonished to find myself agreeing with him about much of what he was saying on 'The Politics Show' today.

Surely taking control of the police away from the Home Office can only be a good thing?

I'm still not sure about this elected commissioner idea but as long as the police force itself does not become politicised then it could work.

It's certainly an improvement on his earlier comments on law and order such as "Hug a hoody" or "Blame absent fathers"

18 February, 2007 22:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We used to have a policeman where we live. Now he's a security guard that follows me around pcworld 'cause my face looks a bit familiar. He's 35 and very grey. Guess he tried to keep up with the latest technology and got stuck somehow....

Now we have community support thingy's who know how to do txt spk n stf and chat to the teens hanging around the local spanish fag seller (I'm told) in full view of the CCTV on his wall funded by a safer community scheme.

Think you're right. Soon the community support thingy's will have all the local scroats email address's and numbers, and be able to issue on-the-spots from a pc, and leave a perfectly accountable electronic trail...

18 February, 2007 23:16

Blogger Black in Blue said...


19 February, 2007 09:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the local 'full of himself ' councillors you know the sort, if there is a photo opportunity and any personal kudos going he will be there at the front but anything a bit confrontational and well where is he I wonder. I expect you know the sort a grade one 'w****r'. Naturally he took great delight on informing me of his appointment to the local police authority but soon started avoiding me when I began to raise issues that were of concern to the rank and file like the useless radios and inadequate staffing. I then did some research and discovered that it truly is a 'job for the boys' and when you see the allowances and how much they receive you will also see why it is truly a nice little earner. My police authority is like a club one where membership is strictly restricted to the haves. I could think of half a dozen people with their feet still on planet earth who would be able to truly be representative of our society and they would do it for nothing.

19 February, 2007 19:40

Blogger busybizzie said...

The idea of having some local politician or enraged anti speed camera campaigner being elected as a police commissioner fills me with dread.
Can you imagine how moften policies would shift as each new boss tried to gain the vote? I'd rather chop my left knacker off.
Bloggs, when are you going to switch to beta?

19 February, 2007 19:56

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

bizzie you've touched a nerve - I will switch as soon as this Bleeping ***ing blogspot allows me to!

19 February, 2007 22:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still having trouble getting something into print. Is this your end or mine, can't tell if there is a problem or what. Word verification is back but unable to log in comments so gone anon

19 February, 2007 22:42

Blogger Whichendbites said...

There will be a general election coming around the corner soon and we'll see who is saying what. Remember Tony Blair at Wembley ? Was it that long ago ? What did he say ? Nothing, yet lots of people cheered and clapped for a load of political statements that did nothing for our cause at all. Why even consider anyone else will be any different, because they won't. Accountability is delivered as an answer by those who can't understand what the problems are and want to dodge the responsibility away from themselves. They want to blame someone else and that is the culture that bounces the responsibility away from them. Any change will involve trying to get ever more from ever fewer and claim that itis somehow better by kidding everyone that whatever system is working.

19 February, 2007 23:00

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15 April, 2009 11:49


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