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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good Old Courts

A Crown Court judge has been overridden this week on his decision to sentence two rapists to less than 2 years in prison. Apparently he didn't really want to imprison the boy who just held the girl down, as he had not actually had sex with her (the boy got a fiver for doing so, therefore it would be better dealt with under a breach of Working Time Regulations or Health and Safety).

I think it is disgraceful that these prestigious icons of our community are overridden in this ham-handed way. After all, there is good precedent for this lenient decision. In recent years we have discovered many previously unknown facts about rape:
  • if you can't remember saying yes to sex, you may well have done so nonetheless.
  • if a psychologist says your rape of a baby was a one-off, it was.
  • if you were wrongly sentenced to a too-short term for raping an ill old lady, too bad.
  • you might be proved as an abusive sexual police predator who redefines the term "batoning", but unless someone was sitting about witnessing your rapes, a charge of sexual assault is just fine.
  • if you are a cool enough customer to answer your police radio during sex, it ain't rape.
  • many raped women asked for it, so that defence is always worth a try.
The good effects of these discoveries cannot be underrated. Let us not forget that if you are a female officer on duty and a rape comes in, it means the following:

As the only female on shift, you rush to the scene. You then spend two hours with a weeping woman, interrupted constantly by phonecalls from the sergeant, CID and possibly some guy from a department responsible for emailing. You do your best to comfort her but you are solely in charge of all enquiries as it isn't appropriate for her to have to talk about vaginas in front of a man, in case he collapses, so you have a lot more to think about than just her welfare.

You have to make sure she will press charges, otherwise she hasn't really been raped. She has to consent to a medical immediately, or she hasn't really been raped. She has to give you all her clothing or she hasn't really been raped. If she's showered, urinated, eaten or brushed her teeth, you've got to ask yourself if she's really been raped. If it happened three days ago, or three months ago, you KNOW she hasn't really been raped. If there aren't any bruises or visible signs of attack, well, she pretty much definitely consented. If there isn't any sign of DNA, she is a lying whore who probably gets off on spending fourteen hours with the police alleging all kinds of things.

You will then call CID back. They are busy with the gucci arrest of the offender, so you have to seize all her clothing, make notes of her first account, organise a doctor, get her to the rape suite, try to get some overtime authorised but fail. No DC will come and the wait will start to make you feel unprofessional in front of the victim, so the best thing is to crack on with the doctor and get all the relevant swabs taken and booked in. You haven't received any training for this, but no one likes a whinging WPC who doesn't know what she is doing so just muddle through the best you can. Most big cases are lost over lack of continuity with exhibits anyway, so you will be in good company.

This is also where these recent trial decisions can help. Use them to help assess the credibility of your job. You can try to drum up a couple of witnesses, as if no one heard or saw anything, it isn't really a proper rape. If it happened behind closed doors between two adult parties, you can bet your paycheck it was consensual sex. If it is too hard to prove, falls under one of the categories where offenders were previously acquitted, and will take up too much of your time, it is "a Blandmore rape" which did not really happen, and although we have to charge the guy to get the detection, it can be binned without too much more effort.

Copyright of PC Bloggs.


Blogger Chairwoman of the bored said...

We all know that mentioning vaginas in front of men (especially the hard-nosed male constabulary), is difficult, but what if the poor victim had her period at the same time?

14 September, 2006 10:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All men are rapists.........Yawn!

MARIA MARCHESE allegedly went to great lengths to convince police that Jan Falkowski had raped her.,,2-2267802.html

A man who was jailed for five years for a sex attack has had his conviction quashed after fresh evidence pointed to his "victim" being a liar.

Perhaps a element of scepticism when dealing with rape allegations is needed.

14 September, 2006 12:07

Blogger Phill said...

FAO Anonymous:
Scepticism isn't what's needed, an open mind is. The number of vindictive liars is infinately smaller than the number of genuine victims whose attackers get away with it thanks to a biased legal system that believes that rapists only hang around parks at night but in reality a woman is more likely to be raped by someone she knows than a complete stranger.
I too was appalled when I found out that a known liar had put an innocent man away for 5 years but cases like this are in the minority which is why it is so newsworthy.
When was the last time a fatal car crash made national news?
Unfortunately this won't help justice to be served in future rape cases.

14 September, 2006 13:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hypocrasy is overwhelming.

14 September, 2006 17:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you do not agree with the legal system and are highly critical of the police then why do you continue to serve?

14 September, 2006 17:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my experience most rapes are not stranger rapes and I expect a lot if not most stranger rapes are genuine.
However I also think a lot of rapes where the victim knows her attacker are not. Victim was so drunk the night before that she does not remember what happened but feels she has had sex with someone, so it must be a rape. And if her boyfriend / husband asks, it is a rape for sure.
I also think that if a male makes the decision to have sex with a really drunk female he is a fool. a) because the female may not remember giving consent
b) she may not be in any state to give consent.
Either way some reported rapes are not rapes, so some element of doubt will be in the officers mind.

14 September, 2006 17:39

Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

"If you do not agree with the legal system and are highly critical of the police then why do you continue to serve?"

Surely the best way to change things is to do something about it rather than sit back and moan about it? No? I forgot that in todays society if you want something doing you have to sit back on your arse until someone else does something about it

14 September, 2006 17:50

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

I usually try to let my readers' comments speak for themselves. I have sat on my hands all day and tried my best not to reply, but I now feel compelled to thank the first anonymous for pointing out that all men are rapists - that was exactly the point of my posting. If this point was too obvious, I will try to smother it with a bit more sarcasm next time.

14 September, 2006 18:02

Anonymous ted said...

Not all reported rapes are genuine. As long as a case needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt there are going to be guilty men walking free.
Not a nice situation for the victim but being jailed when you are innocent is not nice either.

It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one.
- Fran�ois Marie Arouet (Voltaire), 1694 - 1778

14 September, 2006 18:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Extra special copper. If you agree with the legal system and the current state of running of the Police forces so much and think you don't need to moan, then I suggest you try to do the job for a living not a hobby. You clearly don't get the concept of these blogg sites, it would be great to come and go as we please and leave the stress, paperwork and red tape behind when we walk out the rear door.
And it's not that easy to make changes from the bottom of this organization. Your comments are dull at best and not made with knowledge of the facts.

14 September, 2006 23:02

Anonymous NorthernPC said...

Anonymous 2302hrs

If you are going to come one here and start making comments like that and singling out people because you didn't like their reply, at least have the backbone to identify yourself.


15 September, 2006 08:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the reply its the attitude. And some things should be said anonymous or they simply cant be said can they, you should know that. Why would I want to id myself and receive a load of abuse. And on top of that I dont have an id as such.
I dont think people can make a judgement about how we feel in our job with all the rubbish we have to put up with, when they don't do the same.

15 September, 2006 12:17

Blogger mrsbiscuit said...

So basically specials can't moan then?

We all moan, regulars and specials alike. extraspecialcopper simply made the point that he/she is still willing to make a difference and stick with the job despite all the many, many, many reasons it gives us to moan about it. If we all just left because of the constant stream of crap we face everyday the country would be in the hands of the PCSO's. Ahem. I won't comment further on that. Too scary.

15 September, 2006 13:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok ok I was a bit hasty in my comment, but now and then something strikes a nerve, you must know where I am coming from. It was a touch week and a tough day and the right buttons were pressed. But I do stand by one thing that we use these sites to moan about what is not changable from where I am standing. Brick wall and head. We do all have the right to moan and we should be able to moan freely without being slagged off about moaning about our jobs. I have a mortgage to pay and a family to support, so I continue to do the job I used to love, but not so much these days.
I just dont want to be told I am sat on my arse or to leave the job.
But point taken!!

15 September, 2006 13:13

Blogger mrsbiscuit said...

I am northernpc and Mrs Biscuit by the way, I don't quite know how I managed 'tis marvellous!! hope I didn't come off as a cow, I too get a bit hasty. I am most impressed that I got away without many typo's though. We all have a chunter and we all have bad days, that's why I come on blogs. I know there'll be no senior officers on (or at least if they are they won't take any notice of our gripes) but it's nice to know I'm not alone in assuming our forces are run by numpties.

15 September, 2006 16:03

Blogger Midlands PC said...

Rape is quite ironic from the victims point of view, really. Some bloke you don't know takes you somewhere you don't want to be, takes your clothes off and sticks something up you you don't like. You report it to the police, who take you somewhere you don't want to be, and some strange bloke makes you take your clothes off and sticks something up you you don't like. While the rules of evidence handed to us by the law and the courts demand this, it still amazes me the number of people who come forward.

And not all women are unwilling to talk about it with men. I was first on the scene to a rape once, when this girl had jumped out of a second floor window to get away from the bloke. It was difficult sometimes ask the questions sensitively and still cover what we needed to cover, but I managed somehow. At that point, I think most women aren't afraid of men in general, just of one in particular. Despite the fact that the x-ray of her legs looked like a madmans jigsaw puzzle, and she was in agony, she spoke constantly until they shot a bucket or morphine into her arm. When she started giggling and singing rugby songs, I decided it was time for the questions to stop for now. The shit in question got 10 years and deportation at the end of it, at which point the girls family will probably have him killed within 24 hours of him getting off the plane. Good riddance.

16 September, 2006 22:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like to you see two more allegations of rape that are questionable.

Rape, easy to allege isn't it, easy to ruin some mans life.,,2-2364025,00.html

I just wonder how many truly innocent men are in prison because of false allegations of rape.

19 September, 2006 08:06

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14 April, 2009 16:27

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15 April, 2009 08:23


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