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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Imagine a world in which we told our employers we were going to quit... but refused to tell them when. I am thinking of submitting the following letter to my Area Commander.

The first thing I want to do is apologise on behalf of the rest of my team, as they really have made me look bad these last few months.

As we both know, I'm not really enjoying my job any more, my own shift doesn't like me, my detection rate has dwindled to nil and most of the victims and witnesses I am dealing with are pretty pissed off with me. Still, it is my decision when to go and I won't be hurried simply by the knowledge that no one much wants me here any more. I think you'll agree that would be a bad reason to quit.

It would be most wrong of me to pick a precise date when I am to go. I would not want my victims or offenders on bail to think I am engaged in an orderly handover of their affairs, nor give my sergeant time to reallocate my jobs efficiently. These things are much better done at the last minute. In any event, you will be happy to hear that I have lined up a replacement who will not need an interview or any kind of selection process, but is ready to step into my uniform and post whenever I do finally chuck it in.

There are important things happening in the world today. People are being murdered and raped, and although I am doing nothing to stop it I think the date of my resignation pales into insignicance next to that.

Now imagine if the Chief Constable him/herself issued that statement.

Now imagine if the Prime Minister did it.

Tony, just pick a date and go!

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Anonymous justacop said...

Don't pick a date, just go, and don't forget to close your door ont he way out - got to be careful of burglars. Oh hang on, your in the Met area so it's safe to leave your door open, the commissioner said so.

07 September, 2006 18:05

Anonymous canadian copper said...

Brilliant post.

08 September, 2006 05:10

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