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Monday, January 12, 2015

Trigger the Dail Mail Headline Policy Immediately

Chief Constable Lynne Owens: what an irresponsible woman.  This weekend, she has argued that the police cannot do everything, and that 20% cuts mean that we have to make a decision on what to prioritise.
I am staggered, and propose that Lynne Owens immediately be forced to resign by way of insidious Home Office campaign. 
When I joined the police, I fully accepted that most of my time would be spent searching for fourteen-year-olds whose parents sadly did not have time to search for them themselves.  To hold the hands of drunk people whose girlfriends had left them.  And to assist traumatised divorcees to de-friend their exes on Facebook.  I am appalled that this Chief Constable seeks to prevent me fulfilling my dream of becoming an official Stop-Gap while seriously ill mental health patients await assessment by more qualified staff.
No doubt, next, this crazed woman will suggest that you cannot maintain a fully staffed CID section under these kind of budgetary constraints, or that cuts will cause unpaid volunteers to start investigating crime and forensics.  Or even that scores of actual crimes may not be investigated at all if the severe austerity measures continue.
With these kind of Charlies in charge of our nation's police forces, however will commonsense prevail?





Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

Clearly mad. She will deny 'crime is down' in a minute.

12 January, 2015 18:08


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