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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Official: P**b is not offensive

The results of my poll are conclusive.  Out of 124 votes, 104 people voted for a term of abuse containing the expletive "fuck".  So "fuck" really is offensive, and we can stop debating whether or not the Chief Whip also called them p**bs

Incidentially, the word pleb comes from plebeian. The plebeians/plebes were a separate group, possibly originally immigrants to the Roman empire, forbidden to intermarry with patricians.  Check me out, I should be prime minister. (NB Boris would have known the answers.)

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Anonymous Sam Yeager said...

Super comment! Good to see it's not just Boris who comes up with these phrases. :)

27 September, 2012 19:41

Anonymous Brontosaurus said...

You asked which was the most offensive Ellie. Obviously 'Fucking Pleb' is more offensive than 'Pleb.'
The use of the word pleb simply confirms what we knew. This Government are arrogant bastards, concerned only about status and lining their pockets and those of their ilk.

28 September, 2012 09:03

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Yes, but more people were offended by the last one, which was solely expletives!

28 September, 2012 19:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If one of the officers had called the politician a f*cking pleb would he or she have kept their job?

28 September, 2012 22:04

Blogger Minbu said...


30 September, 2012 19:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...


19 December, 2012 09:04


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