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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gate gate

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

pucking fleb?

25 September, 2012 23:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What made me the most angry, was to be called a liar and a mental case attention seeker, as a child, when I had been raped, sexually abused and very nearly killed by them, because I had blown the whistle on my 'betters' ....

Paedophiles, some of whom were of ACPO rank and members of the judiciary, judges included. The correct term of address for them is low life scum, with not an F word in sight!

'They,' my 'betters,' got away with it, and with murder. Because their victims were only the 'PLEBS' who had no power against their abusers.

Am I still angry? YES, because it is still going on, sanctioned by a twisted system that has been skewed in favour of the corrupt in authority at THE TOP, to abuse and oppress the little 'plebs.'

26 September, 2012 03:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This yer car, mate?

26 September, 2012 07:22

Blogger jerym said...

It`s not so much the actual words used but the sheer arrogance of the man who does`nt even have the intelligence to control it.
he should`nt be in government but Cameron no doubt finds him useful as a whip to bully gutless backbenchers into toeing the party line.

26 September, 2012 10:23

Blogger Joker said...

Try looking at it from our perspective. That of the plebs' plebs, that is...

26 September, 2012 16:00

Anonymous A Polis Man said...

definately Fuckety fuckeroo for me because I'd have to think about it before ignoring it as abuse.

Being called a liar is a flame to blue touch paper though, and an investigation into which one is lying is needed and then they need to be disciplined for lying (not for calling someone a fucking pleb!)

26 September, 2012 19:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tory C#nt would upset me, but only the first bit. At least the second are useful.

26 September, 2012 22:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

call me what you like,- just dont call me late for dinner.

26 September, 2012 22:18


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