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Monday, September 02, 2013

Out Back

For anyone who stumbles into this disused box room during a spring clean of their favourites tab, I thought I'd out a short note of explanation on about my absence over the last year or so.  

I never took a decision to stop blogging, but it tailed off for various reasons.  Some personal - I became busier at home.  But also because of work. I started my blog to put across what it was like on the front line of Britain's police force. I did end up satirising performance culture, and bureaucracy, and the insidious world of senior policing.  But really my aim was to fly the flag for the front line bobby.  I never intended to keep blogging if I was no longer front-line, which is the case at the moment.  Although the role I do now is still police work, I am a lot less likely to be assaulted or vomited on. Well, by non-police officers anyway.

I believe that those who take the greatest risk have the most right to tell others what it's like out there.  I still fight daily fights for common sense in uniform, and I still have a lot to say about the world that politicians think we live in. I guess I've become a bit jaded when it comes to my ability to change anything - some of those we bloggers talked sense to 3-4 years ago are now the worst instigators of lunatic policy when it comes to the police. 

I will go back to the front-line, and I hope I come back to blogging. The archive will remain up for anyone who's interested, and to remind myself what I joined both my force, and, for.  Contrary to what a lot of people think, the two aren't mutually exclusive. 

For now, stay safe out there.

Sgt Ellie Bloggs

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but for the first time in months, I just happened to open your blog today.

Without you the public rely on the likes of the Daily Mail for their policing information. You give a little bit of balance to all the uninformed rubbish the press print.

It doesn't matter what 'area of the business' (management speak - yuk) you're in, the lower ranks still need you to tell the truth.

Whatever you do, good luck and I hope everything works out.

02 September, 2013 18:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Front line? Lordy get her! I am just back from Bab Al Hawa REAL Syrian front line. Now go cosh a hippy luv!

02 September, 2013 21:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 21:51, really... good for you, do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?

You're comment 'I'm just back' is telling. Most police officers never get a rest, they are constantly on the front line and whilst the police version of 'front line' may not (always) be as intense as a military conflict, over the weeks and years of constantly working there it can cause just as much, if not more, damage to an individual. Just ask one of the many police officers who are ex-military.

Your comment therefore was very uninformed - but I suspect you know that.

Well done Sgt Bloggs.

03 September, 2013 07:16

Anonymous MTG said...

"I believe that those who take the greatest risk have the most right to tell others what it's like out there."

Do tell the World of the risky missions fixing FPN's to trawler hulls while walking on deep sea water.

03 September, 2013 07:17

Anonymous painauchocolat said...

To the guy who claims to be just back from Syria, and the guy talking about trawlers, why don't you start blogs to tell the world just how brave you are? Blogging isn't a bravery competition, it's about informing and entertaining the readers. Ellie does both of these very well, and I'm looking forward to reading more if/when she starts writing regularly again.

03 September, 2013 08:06

Anonymous MTG said...

"...and I'm looking forward to reading more if/when she starts writing regularly again."

Reading Bloggs' fiction probably heightens the sensation of your daily gastric challenges, painauchoccy. However the true occupational risks to which the former is exposed equate to radiator hugging. Oh...wait.

03 September, 2013 08:29

Anonymous shijuro said...

despite numerous attempts, melv can't get on my blog, he's to scared to do his own, so l guess this is it...

03 September, 2013 09:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pop over to Rehills blog.A lesson in mental illness.Posts altered by this great believer in free speech.

03 September, 2013 20:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a programme on Channel 5 last night about a woman who claimed to be a survivor of the World Trade Centre attack. She helped set up a support group and lived in a fantasy world, eventually causing misery to many.

There are a few people who post comments on this blog who appear to suffer from the same kind of delusions or mental illness.

In a way I hope they do suffer mental illness, otherwise they are just individuals with deviant and meaningless lives who get their kicks, and a feelings of importance, out of attempting to annoy others.

I personally enjoy reading their rubbish because it’s nice to know there is always someone around more mental than me!

03 September, 2013 21:59

Anonymous Steve at the Pub said...

Bloggers block. We all get it.
At times I've had it quite badly.

Afterward it can take quite a bit of effort to slot back into the blogging groove.

04 September, 2013 08:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No hold on,i'm sure MGT has spoken to each of the millions of police critics that are out there-how else would you explain that he speaks for all of them?

04 September, 2013 18:34

Blogger jerym said...

Good to hear that you`re still around.Has`nt been the same since you and Gadget packed it in.
Best of luck and hope to see you back soon.

06 September, 2013 00:14

Anonymous Cabbage said...

For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I'd be interested in reading about whatever you're doing now, even if it doesn't involve wrestling drunks and getting punched in the face.

Good luck to you, whatever you're doing, and I look forward to your return to blogging. I don't use a favourites bar, but I've been thinking of this blog and checking in on it every few weeks for the last year, and will continue to do so as I await your return some day.

07 September, 2013 09:19


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