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Friday, October 05, 2012

The Real Big Society

We haven't heard a lot about Big Society this year.  In 2010, David Cameron launched it as some earth-shattering new movement, and last year claimed it was his mission.

There is no doubt that Cameron was passionate about the idea of people helping themselves, instead of relying on others.  The problem is, most of us saw it as contradictory to the recession, and not in harmony with Cameron's other policies.  The public as a whole received the message that - rather than the government and official bodies helping us - we were on our own.  

If the whole of society has felt abandoned, so have police officers.  Reading media reaction to Hilsborough, to Ian Tomlinson's death, to all the other negative news stories, is galling at a time when we also feel let down by our own management and the Home Office.  I am sure many police officers up and down the country have been wondering just what we are doing it for.  Wondering whether it's worth continuing, if we just can't bridge the gap to the public we serve.  At times, it has felt as though public support has been lost forever, and believe it or not, most of us wish for it fervently.

This week, there is hope.

Sometimes, the hardest cynic can be surprised.

Thank you, for your grief for our girls.  

Let's hope April will soon thank you herself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Officers might be very pleasantly surprised how many decent Civvies will turn out to support you and your colleagues if you need them.

There are only two problems:

First we are CHIMPS, for anyone who has never heard that phrase, it means, Completely Helpless In Most Police Situations, so will consume lots of resources in supervision and aren't very useful.

And second we are a generally a bit shy about seeming to interfere, so we have to specifically asked, and then told exactly what you want done. Something that seems to have been very skilfully handled recently in Manchester and Machynlleth.


05 October, 2012 20:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too hope and pray that April Jones will be able to personally thank the people who refuse to give up hope of finding her, alive.

The Mirror are reporting that April was seen being driven away from Machyynlleth at high speed on Monday. April's family and the people of her town are right to not give up hope of finding her.

I was very concerned to hear that the investigation into April's abduction had suddenly changed into one of her suspected murder.

Some tried to claim that the McCanns had killed Madeleine, on the basis of 'forensic evidence' of Madeleine's DNA having been found in their car. It didn't prove she was dead.

I don't believe that Madeleine is dead. I don't want to believe that April is dead. Poor little girl. The only thing that her family and the people can do is pray that she will be found, soon.

It is understandable, that the people of Machynlleth wanted to help by volunteering to search the area. But if she was taken out of it straight away, then media focus on the volunteers searching there is a bit of a distraction, or even a smokescreen and a red herring. However, the local people showed that they truly do care about April, and wanted to find her.

I pray that the Archangel Michael will protect April Jones and keep her safe from any serious harm.

06 October, 2012 02:50

Anonymous MTG said...

There is always hope. There is hope for better pay, shorter hours, limitless government funding, unquestioned respect and more time for the good life.

Then there is selfless hope.....the concern for the welfare of others. A hope divorced from 'I'm alright Jack' to which the myopic and greedy are permanently shackled.

06 October, 2012 08:10

Anonymous painauchocolat said...

I helped an officer the other day, merely by tripping up a shoplifter who was running away from arrest. It felt good to do my bit, and I got thanked for it by the officer. If I hadn't done it, the shoplifter might've got away, to commit more crime.

06 October, 2012 20:57

Anonymous painauchocolat said...

Good point MTG, but whom is it aimed at?

06 October, 2012 20:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, good point MTG.

It could be aimed, appropriately, at those who have been a bit myopic and hasty to charge Mark Bridger with the suspected 'murder' of April Jones. He could have passed her on to others and she may well still be alive. I hope so and that the search will cast a wider net, and find her alive.

Poor girl. What if she has heard the news reports that the police think she is dead? It's cruel.

Some people are 'myopic' and very insensitive towards the vulnerable.

06 October, 2012 21:56


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