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Thursday, November 19, 2009

When we heard the news about Harriet Harman...

It may not be professional to take pleasure in others' downfall.

But sometimes what goes around...

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, yeah, Me Too! Me Too!


Officer and a lady.

19 November, 2009 21:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harriet Harman should be informed that she has overlooked a blatant "inequality" in the justice system. Quick somebody, get her on the case!!! The state now has far too much power over ordinary people, who are being hounded, persecuted and SILENCED about their ill treatment, by the legal system. SHAME ON YOU NULABOUR.

We have secret family courts, where agents of the state can blacken the name of an individual, to justify snatching their children and placing them up for adoption. None of it can be discussed with others, by the injured party, nor reported in the media. SHAME ON YOU NULABOUR.

Then recently Jack Straw decided that we will now have secret inquests, where controversy and wrong doing by agents of the state, can be covered up and information withheld from relatives of a victim of state abuse. SHAME ON YOU NULABOUR.

And NOW a judge has decided that where the government, police or security services dispute a civil claim against them, for abuse, ill treatment and damages, that THEIR LIES that have blackened the name of their victim, can be withheld and disclosed only to a lawyer appointed on the claimant's behalf.
What if someone wanted to represent themselves in a case?

I will certainly dance and cheer when this lot in government get their long overdue come-uppance, for the evil they have done.
Roll on the day.......

20 November, 2009 02:01

Anonymous Quill Dipper said...

She will escape with a ticking off, after all, it 'could' have an effect upon her ability to work...

20 November, 2009 06:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HH is a living example of the futility and the corrosive effects of the push for 'positive discrimination', otherwise known as 'redistributive justice'.

She was appointed merely on the basis of being a woman, not for her ability to do the job - which she clearly can't!

Roll on next Spring...

20 November, 2009 10:29

Blogger Busy said...

Don't count your chickens. I doubt this will be her downfall.

20 November, 2009 15:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone else finding those silly WPC's dancing unprofessional and humiliating? This is the Queen's uniform for God's sake!

Grumpy old bastard that I am.

As for Mrs Dromie - good riddance.

21 November, 2009 13:47

Blogger Tuesday Kid said...

I laughed too. I also said "I hope they beat a confession out of her in the cells," not the smartest thing to do in a busy paper shop. I had to leg it out of there before all the dirty looks from the blue rinse brigade turned me into stone.

21 November, 2009 17:03

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strike THREE - Harry!

yyyyyyyooooooouuuuuuu'rrrrrrrreeee OUT!!!

22 November, 2009 14:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There have been far worse things than dancing policewomen, that have been done by men of high rank in "the Queen's uniform"......but their highly unprofessional behaviour rarely gets into the newspapers, never mind put on U-Tube!

Yes Gadget, it would appear that you are a misogynist grumpy old git..... What else could we expect of you, after how many decades in the force?

23 November, 2009 01:06

Blogger Joker said...

'This video has been removed by the user'... Ah, I miss all the good stuff.

30 November, 2009 00:30


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