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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let me hear you all say HBV

No, not a sexually transmitted disease, but Honour Based Violence. It is important that this vile type of crime is given its proper name, in case of offending people's religious sensibilities. Whilst HBV is horrific, it would be far worse if people felt they could not hold extreme murderous views loosely based on religion without attracting criticism.

Cases as drastic as that of Tulay Goren are pretty rare, but cases stopping just short of it are not. For a father to disapprove of his 15-year-old daughter's 30-year-old boyfriend probably makes him a good father. If he deals with it by murdering her,* you have to wonder just exactly who he was protecting by disapproving to start with.

With the modern-day awareness of this kind of crime, you might imagine that the Criminal Justice System is well-equipped to deal with it. You might imagine immediate and thorough police protection for victims, swift procedures for dealing with perpetrators, and powerful deterrent sentences for those found guilty.

You would be right. Blandshire Constabulary has no less than a FOUR PAGE form JUST for cases of HBV. This is on top of the yearly-expanding six page form for all domestic incidents. When attending an incident of HBV, the attending officer fills out these ten pages, making sure to duplicate the information enough times to reflect the seriousness of this kind of offence. Any action taken by the officer to safeguard the victim should be highlighted in red and underlined two or three times, just to make sure that the later Inquiry picks it out. The form should then be placed in a suitably brightly-coloured folder and signed by two or three different sergeants. If all goes to plan, no one will be fired when the victim is found dead, without the need for anyone to work any overtime whatsoever.

All joking aside, it has long been accepted that the more pages filled out by the front-line PC, the safer victims will be. Indeed, it might be possible to phase out the need for specialist departments altogether, if only uniformed response officers were willing to fill out longer forms.

Whatever you make of the above, I think we are all agreed that at no point should the police or anyone speak out condeming the extreme views held within divisions of certain religious or ethnic groups. That might upset somebody, and THAT would be a real tragedy.

* Pending the outcome of the trial, I did say 'IF'.

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Blogger PCDC-Copper Bottom said...

I agree its a tragic and senseless thing that was done...

However, I am not sure I agree with your comment that we should speak out... we are the Police- not social commentators...

i think we should stick to locking up people that murder their kids- and the message will filter through to the 'communities'...

21 October, 2009 21:12

Anonymous MarkUK said...

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men shall do nothing."

As true today as when it was first written.

The police should condemn lawbreaking, even if some people think it's OK.

Being from an ethnic minority does not give you a "Get out of jail free" card, and the police must not be afraid to say this.

Of course, the police should not make racist comments. However, when a partciular type of crime is associated with a particular ethnic group, the police have not only a right but a duty to say so.

It's the victims, and potential victims, that must come first.

21 October, 2009 21:27

Blogger Sgt. Custerd said...

Absolutely... but it is odd - when considering 'honour', traditions, and culture, that some cultures deem it acceptable to pass round the telephone numbers of women who are disapproved of so that random strangers can 'prank call' them - often in campaigns going on for months. It's one law for men (acceptable to have under-aged girlfriends) and another for women (not allowed to have careers, boyfriends, be single, be married and so on...).

But on a positive note - last week we managed to get a young woman out of her home after being battered by her father. He was off to the travel agents to buy airline tickets to take her out of the UK. We got her into a hostel before he got back...

So that's 1 point for us.

21 October, 2009 22:09

Blogger Virtual Supply said...

In our County, we don't have HBV! We are still trying to figure a way to allow car clampers to profit without offending them too much.

We do not have any problems with Racial Relations that we cannot deal with. Sure, some areas of town are a little less freindly to our Asian, Chinese, Polish peoples, but they are also against temporary employed mail workers, London Based Football Supporters and some of Blunketts Bobbies. No Ma'am, we do not have time to needfully 'pickout' a senseless crime committed by a very very small minority.

We do however ensure proper focus on crimes such as motoring offenses while the politician, erm, driver is using a mobile telephone, and we do ensure minorities are fully catered for, even allowing them their essential variations of headress. Our spangly new webby customer facing portal is brim full of our innovations as we are seen to ensure we are keepingt the people feeling safe and feeling safe from crime.

We do not need to carry a book full of Forms and Essential Guides for our officers as they nimbly proceed as we have retreated to a known politically safe position of fighting the crimes that affect most people, the most. Nicking Jonny Herbert for breaking car windows, lifting Peter Filth for looking at little girls and ensuring litter louts are fully detained, booked, fingerprinted and photographed while they wait for their meals-on-wheels lady to collect them from custody eleven hours later.

We have plenty to do without more HBV and other needless doctrinations from Forces that have rather less to do and need to fill their time keeping up the Pace.

22 October, 2009 07:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why a true multicultural society doesn't work. If you have one set of basic laws for everyone, at least one group is going to refuse to participate unless things like honour killings are illegal, but then at least one other group is going to have some of their established culture criminalised, and so won't be able to exercise it freely. Thus, someone has to give way on it, and you're taking your first steps on the way to a single culture made of the other cultures all smashed together in some way that fits.

If you don't have a basic set of laws, you end up with lots of cultures living in the same place, which is not the same as a multicultural society. This causes riots.

What I'm trying to say, really, is that people cannot expect to move to another country and continue to live and act exactly as they lived and acted before. Just as people around the world have mutually contradictory religions, and thus have to either accept that some people are eternally wrong or continually fight with them over who's right, we also have to accept that we have mutually contradictory societies (often based on the aforementioned religions) and that you have to act within the confines of the society you're living in.

It's entirely possible that underneath my attempts at a reasonable argument I'm actually a xenophobic bastard, but I'm not going to shift from that if it means I have to tolerate fathers killing their daughters (and that's to protect the father's reputation, the daughter's got nothing to do with it), or gay people being hanged for nothing more than being gay, or any of the other dreadful things which happen around the world and right here too.

22 October, 2009 09:44

Anonymous Society for acceptable policing said...



22 October, 2009 11:37

Blogger PCDC-Copper Bottom said...

ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha..

what an idiot...

what do you do for a living Society? I would love to know...

dole- I suppose...

22 October, 2009 11:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Melv. Please wipe the rabbid drool from your chin and then foxtrot Oscar.

Re the topic.

Our country, our laws. If you dont want to participate then go back whence you came.

Until politicians and Senior Police officers grow some and adopt this attitude then I am afraid we are going to have a right mess.

Its like any conflict situation. If the Cops attending do not show an assertive manner then were not in control and then it all goes to rat shit.

On a similar vein I had some Terrorism Prevention training the other day. 90% of the images / examples were of young muslim men, how they had been radicalised and what they had done. We were told that we were to "trust our gut instinct" and "be aware of the profile". i.e. we were to be prejudiced about this group of people as they are the greatest threat. Nobody had the balls to actualy say it though.


22 October, 2009 12:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't fancy standing for Prime Minister do you Blogsy?

22 October, 2009 13:00

Blogger Dhiraj said...

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22 October, 2009 14:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes, HBV. More national sledgehammers to crack local nuts. Can I get enough officers to police the town center on a Saturday night? Can I bollocks. Is there an ever growing HBV team working Monday to Friday days at FHQ to solve an issue we don't have in Ruralshire? Hell yes!

23 October, 2009 20:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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24 October, 2009 01:58

Blogger TonyF said...


Where is the Honour?

CVP. Cowardly Vile Behaviour sounds better.

MTG. Moronic trivial git, does too.

Bloggsy, get IG to get you some little monsters....I think I meant that any way, it may deter the troll.

24 October, 2009 20:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One goes to a country to work and live because the benefits derived are better than from whence you came, because of the laws allow a better style of life, otherwise why go there, if they are worse than in the new place than in the old place.
But the first thing people do is try to change the laws to the ones they were born to, strange.
Not unlike travel, people seek out the foods they left behind and fail to seek to enjoy the changes.

26 October, 2009 00:44

Blogger Joker said...

This is related, as I shall explain...

We have an organisation in our county for young people who have to help look after a parent. They get to go out to the local HQ and share their experiences with each other, and sometimes get special treats like trips to Pizza Hut, or bowling. They recently started producing a 'newspaper', and near the back carried an article reporting the creating of a new group, 'BME Carers'. Of course, I was curious to know why an outfit run, presumably, by social workers who would stamp out any racist behaviour amongst their charges, would need to create a separate group. The answer was that the group was a response to parents who might not want their child, specifically their daughter, interacting with some other children, specifically boys, or being exposed to certain forms of culture, specifically modern music.

In other words, the group wasn't based on ethnicity, it was based on culture. The organisation couldn't just say this, though. It's kind of ironic that even when a child had the opportunity to get away from the parents for a bit, she (probably) still couldn't get away from the parents...

29 October, 2009 14:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest tragedy of all is the fact that people all over the world are divided by "religions" and different beliefs, culture. This is what makes life diverse and interesting, as it would be a rather boring world if we were all the same.

However, "religions" appear to share many of the same beliefs and values, which should guide and unite people. But it is the bits of misinformation that were introduced into some of the religious teachings many hundreds of years ago, that has caused a great deal of trouble. The blatant persecution of women, by men who regarded women as inferior beings, is a good example. That injustice is not "the word of God" but the word of arrogant "religious" men, fanatical control freaks.

Homosexuals have also been unfairly persecuted because of religious bigotry, and they still are by the Church of Rome, and others. I don't know much about the Catholic regime, other than they oppressed women and homosexuals, and teach that if one commits sins they will "burn in hell". Such utter nonsense.
Hell is here on earth in the form of a very hard life of suffering IF one has caused suffering to others. It's called KARMA, or, as you sow, so shall you reap. Reincarnation is a fact, no matter what religion one follows.

And WHERE is it written in the teachings of Jesus Christ, that women and homosexuals should be oppressed and treated badly by men? My personal understanding of Christianity is, that Christ taught his followers to be non judgemental of others, to be loving, forgiving and peaceful. I don't recall the teachings of Christ advocating the persecution of women, nor hatred for homosexuals.

There is no "honour" in fanatical and extreme religious beliefs that drive people to violence and murder, convinced that they are doing "God's will". Quite the opposite is true. THAT is the tragedy. The ignorance of false beliefs which cause strife, trouble, upsets and wars, is the work of God's greatest enemy, the great deceiver. His aim was to cause mayhem on earth, by turning people against each other, which was achieved by the divisions caused by different "religions".

There is an updated Divine Message and guidance for humanity, but some will not like it, because of their own fixed and false beliefs.
The Divine Message was delivered by an Angel, first in 1954 and at regular intervals up to 1958, to my knowledge. The source and the information was believed as genuine and documented by special branch officers in 1957-8, and since then has been proved to be accurate.

The Divine Message from the Lord God Almighty is that the oppression of women, coloured people and homosexuals MUST STOP. God created us all as equals and loves us all equally. God is not a "He" as assumed by the numerous male dominated religions.

All wars MUST STOP, because wars between the tribes on earth is NOT God's will. GOD HATES WARS, which are destroying the earth and its people. We are a global family of humanity and must live in peace with one another. ALL use of Nuclear, power and weapons, MUST STOP, if humanity is to survive into the future. The use of ANY form of Nuclear will bring about the total destruction of this earth and ALL life upon it.

Satan, who had been cast out of Heaven to rule over the earth, was the great deceiver who fooled and misled humanity, by introducing false beliefs into some religions, particularly Islam and the Catholic Faith. His plan was to bring about the total destruction of God's creation, the earth and all life upon it, particularly by the use of Nuclear power and weapons.

Like it or not people, we are in a very serious "fight for survival" because the scientists and the Nuclear Industry, and indeed governments, don't like the truth.

02 November, 2009 03:03

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