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Friday, August 28, 2009

Golden Umbrellas

My blog has now been running for three years and twenty-two days. I missed the anniversary because I took it upon myself to accomplish diversity in the workplace at the start of August and it took me rather longer than I expected.

Looking back at my early posts, they could all have been printed this week. In fact, if I run out of inspiration for what to write, perhaps I will just re-print them.

I've noticed a few changes in my blog since the start. For example, I used capitals an awful lot back then. Now I sometimes forget even to start a sentence with a capital. I also used to blog more frequently, perhaps feeling that if I talked about them enough, things might change. Now I accept that I blog solely for myself and my readers, and not with any dream of world revolution.

If you apply those two changes to the way I police, I guess it's changed in pretty much the same way.

I'm occasionally asked if there's a conflict between blogging and policing. By contrast, I think that blogging has got me through some tough weeks and months at work, and that work has got me through some tough weeks' blogging. There's no real overlap, but definitely a complementary relationship of some kind. Still, if I'm going to continue the blog, I think it's time to take it in a new direction.

As my readers will know, I've toyed with mention of promotion, and in fact started the lengthy process some time ago. The main thing standing between a brash young PC and his/her stripes is some Acting experience. This is when you get promoted, take on all the responsibility and get paid the salary of a sergeant, but can be demoted or moved at any time with no right of appeal. As you might imagine, this somewhat limits your opportunities to be open, frank and take risks.

Therefore, to stand a chance of survival in this cut-throat world, I must henceforth cease any discussion of rebellion on the frontline and promote only my force's values and strategic aims. And so I make these solemn promises:
  • To always show how professional and jolly police officers are, and how rosy everything is in the world of criminal justice.
  • To use the word 'umbrella' in a management context a lot more often.
Things are changing.

Watch this space.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Blogger DOT said...

Unfortunately, your comments of risk taking are not confined to the police; they are true of any big concerns - public or commercial. I once worked, not directly, but as a consultant over a couple of years for one of the largest. Every meeting we had, and they were endless, was to decide not to decide because member A, B or C wasn't present.

Oddly, the people at the very top, another client was the DHS, are highly intelligent and understand the problems - it is the people in the middle holding mirrors to watch their backs, who put down anyone brave enough to show themselves of individual thought.

I shall promote you to SargeBloggs from now on.

28 August, 2009 17:31

Blogger jerym said...

a fair bit of irony there I hope

28 August, 2009 20:20

Blogger Sergeant Simon said...

ha ha acting up, I remember those days. At least you are doing it with a degree of voluntariness (if that's a word). Unlike myself, who was told I was doing it as there was nobody else qualified! Worked out well in the end though, if actually getting promoted was the right thing..... hum....

29 August, 2009 08:33

Anonymous MarkUK said...

DOT - how true your comments about large organisations other than the police.

I used to work for a family-owned multinational. Whilst I never got to meet the family, I heard that they were firm but fair - and could understand how minions were feeling. They also knew that you caught more flies with honey than with vinegar, and really wanted to help the workforce.

Lower levels of management, other than those who saw themselves as high-fliers, were usually good too.

It was the middle- and senior middle-management who were the real sh1ts.

29 August, 2009 20:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please rise to your level of competence, you will never know till you try.
It appears from what little I read that you have good head on thy shoulders.
As others have said, there always some hyenas and rattle snakes in any organization, whom wish to get to the top via the tail and trash of politics , but wise ones that make the organization work usually are aware of useless ones unless they too risen to the level of their incompetence, therefore be blind, so then you have to find a worthy organisation, worthy of thy talents and you have many avaiable waiting for your talent.
The world is your oyster.

30 August, 2009 02:41

Anonymous R/T said...

Good luck! Don't forget "Partner Agencies" and "I will always try...". Never looked back!

30 August, 2009 03:35

Anonymous VS said...

Choices ahead, traditional metal numbers or safe easy washable embroidered? It will say something about you to others who have placed some respect in 'tradition'.

It won't decide how good a copper you are, only you can do that.


30 August, 2009 09:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assimilation is painless.....

01 September, 2009 23:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic apologies - but with news calling for a tot of good malt. The vile Coppersblog has just taken a torpedo hit to the rudder.

02 September, 2009 18:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Vile Coppersblog'? Ha ha ha. Must be why he sold 100,000 books...

03 September, 2009 16:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only 100K dandyfireman? If Officer Davidson intends to better Mein Kampf, then he has some way to go.

03 September, 2009 17:16

Anonymous Bish Bosh said...

I really don't understand why 'anonymous' wants to come to this blog and start talking about another one? I seriously suggest some psychiatric help, you spend FAR too much time thinking about Coppersblog and worrying your little head about it :-)

03 September, 2009 17:20

Blogger Bill Sticker said...

Noooo! You've opened a management 'umbrella' indoors. That's really unlucky.

03 September, 2009 19:04

Anonymous Dan said...

Just a quick note to say I spoke briefly to Copperfield last night and he's fine - he's just considering whether, after six years and having moved acorss the ocean, he has the time and inclination to continue blogging.
Meanwhile, he's shut up shop temporarily.
PS He hasn't quite sold 100,000 copies, anon... but he's not that far off.

04 September, 2009 11:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I set up a google account especially so I could carry on reading it!

04 September, 2009 21:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Copperfield is okay. His blog wasn't "vile" but some of the people who left comments on it had some vile attitudes. And why shouldn't someone comment about Coppersblog on here? He was the first one to blog, and get a mention in the House of Commons!!! People commented on here when Nightjack got outed......

06 September, 2009 03:03

Blogger EnglishTeacher365 said...

Never mind PC Copperfield - what's up with you? Where have you been the past week or so - on your happy hols?

08 September, 2009 10:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy cow, I take a break, and the world goes mad. My cat went missing and the local PCSO told me if a put a poster on a lamp post, It's gonna cost me 80 quid. Littering, apparently. Per lampy.

Sheesh. Wheelie.

15 September, 2009 16:21

Blogger ravi said...

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20 September, 2009 18:32

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