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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now don't do it again!... Oops.

Topic: Criminal Justice
Question One
In what country does the rapist of a seven-year-old child fail to receive a prison sentence, and then go onto rape a younger child within days of his 'community order' starting?

Surely nowhere in the civilised world.

Well done, Judge Adrian Smith, who thought it would be a good idea to let this depraved sex offender back onto the streets because the parents of the victim "forgave him".

Could this be the same judge who sentenced three teenagers to six months in prison for accidentally setting fire to a charity in 2000, when the charity did not want them jailed at all? He said to them, "Young people on estates and communities up and down the country must realise that the courts view their activities very seriously indeed."

The same Crown Court judge who jailed a man for 40 months for stealing cash as a customs officer, telling him, "You have committed the greatest possible breach of trust when dealing with members of the public"?

The self-same Judge Adrian who put a woman inside for five years for smuggling drugs to her boyfriend in prison, her main crime appearing to be her "type" (ie middle class)?

Or the one who imprisoned a man for just a few months for recklessly endangering an aircraft saying, "This was a serious offence that could have had fatal consequences"?

It's pretty clear that Judge Adrian Smith and myself have a very different interpretation of the words "serious", "greatest" and "very seriously". How can we hope for consistency in sentencing if one judge isn't even consistent with himself?

Then again, there is some consistency. Back in 1999, Judge Adrian Smith sentenced a 12-year-old girl for sexually assaulting a number of very young boys over a period of time. He said the following:

"The courts always take a serious attitude view when someone sexually interferes with children. Normally adults appear before the court, but sometimes other children interfere with children as well. The difference in age between you and these children was a big difference. They would have looked at you and thought of you as a very big girl and that's important, because why the courts take a serious view is that this sort of behaviour is very, very confusing to young children."

She got a 12-month supervision order.

Comments? Questions? Confusion?

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Anonymous MET PC said...

Lets face it folks. Our little corner of the world is now, and forever, F***ed.

All we can do it try to slow its decline. We've gone too far now and common sense had been buried and forgotten.

11 November, 2009 21:25

Blogger Minbu said...

R.I.P Common Sense.

11 November, 2009 22:42

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

My answer would be "the family have said that they forgive you and that you should be left free to walk out of here. We - the few sane people left in the country - however think you are a little rapist bastard and you should receive the following punishment - two rounds in the chest, and one round in the head"

I wonder if the family saw fit to forgive themselves for their fucking ridiculous naivity that left another child to get horrifically raped? I'm not a big fan of 'man in the sky' lovers, and that kind of foolishness reinforces my opinion.

11 November, 2009 23:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are misunderstanding something MCM. How you can turn on the family because of their own personal spiritual beliefs, betrays some sort of confused thinking process, or a lack of understanding.

People forgive others for the wrongs done to them, for their OWN well being. Spiritually, regardless of religion, forgiving people who have done harm avoids the karma of having to reincarnate into a future life and deal with unfinished business with those who have hurt them. Holding onto hurts and bitterness towards others will only result in the manifestation of physically and mental illness.

That is a universal spiritual truth. It sounds like you have turned to the dark side MCM, and that has got nothing to do with any sort of belief in the "man in the sky". The Creator of this universe and all life, isn't a "man".

I'm no fan of rapist bastards either, nor of murderers. But two wrongs do not make a right MCM.

Your "spitting fire" really should have been aimed at the "fool" of a judge. If he is a fool that is, and not another paedophile hiding in the legal system, doing favours for the rest of his ilk, unless they happen to be young females who do wrong.

WHO was responsible for teaching the 12 year old girl about sex, for her to be confused enough to interfere with younger children?
Would you put a gun to her head MCM?

12 November, 2009 01:36

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

People are welcome to their spiritual views as long as they dont interfere with others.In this case a christian family decided to act the way they did because acording to the poster above it will have made them feel better in themselves.That is pure selfishness-as a result another child has been abused and another family has been wronged-the child now will probably never be able to grow up and form proper relations with other people.If the christians had left it to the judge I am sure the rapist would have got a custodial and another child would now sleeping peacefully in its bed.

12 November, 2009 09:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK so the family forgave him, but so what? It's COMPLETELY irrelevant. The judge should have been sentencing based on the crime committed, not how the victim's family felt about it - supposing they said they wanted him locked up for life would the judge have listened then? In this case the judge frakked up good and proper.

12 November, 2009 11:00

Blogger PCDC-Copper Bottom said...

I wonder how their 'Christian morality' faired under the news of the 2nd sexual assault?

It just proves again (to me) that the Christian hand-wringing is a selfish act - designed to make them feel better.

anon is correct- the judge should have listened but... stuck him away...

12 November, 2009 11:48

Blogger PCDC-Copper Bottom said...


that nothing will change until its a family of someone in the government that is raped after a judge does the same again (as they surely will...).

Look at the expenses thing... We only get change if MPs get it in the neck...

12 November, 2009 11:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Police viewing or commenting on this or the other two well known police blogs of ill repute, are tarnished by association.

Good career advice is to stay well clear of all three.

12 November, 2009 12:04

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

Hello Dr Gray-for it is you

12 November, 2009 12:34

Anonymous A.J. Wimble said...

The family are free to forgive the rapist, if that is what they choose to do. The judge however has a duty to dispense justice, and I fair to see how any rape can be treated as anything less than a serious crime worthy of jail time, let alone the rape of a young child.

12 November, 2009 12:52

Blogger PCDC-Copper Bottom said...

Hi Doc- still need to take some of your own meds...



12 November, 2009 14:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comments? That's a lot of detections though isn't it? And that's all that really matters now, isn't it?

12 November, 2009 19:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that was a Cop that fucked up so badly it'd be P45 after a 12 month witch hunt. What'll happen to his right Honourable Buffoon?.

A good lunch at his Old Etonian Sodomy synidcate club followed by a bottle of Claret and Cigars.

Well it's just another common oik after all is'nt it?.

Sick, Tired and Angry.

12 November, 2009 22:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well- I faced an 8-month PSD investigation for something my old DS 'thought' I hadnt done!!!

13 November, 2009 09:43

Anonymous Virtual Supply said...

I truly despair. Bloggsy, you have a unique way of presenting things, and once again, you eloquently present a simple masterpiece. I hope to hell you never get to become an MP or something, no one, will ever understand you.


13 November, 2009 15:51

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

VS, Enigma is my chief defence.

13 November, 2009 22:57

Anonymous Fox in sox said...

I think some of the comments are too tough on the first victims family. They are Christians and forgave the perpetrator, but did aid the prosecution.

Forgiveness is a complex transaction, but a critical one for conflict resolution. Forgiveness does not mean lack of punishment, indeed forgiveness often requires punishment before the slate can be wiped.

This is a very sad case for all concerned. Is there any circumstance where this criminal can live free again and the public be safe?

As a doctor I would be up before the GMC for such incompetence as this judge has shown. What is the judicial equivalent?

14 November, 2009 08:55

Blogger PCDC-Copper Bottom said...

Doc- you are so right- GMC and bye-bye to your Porsche and 80k per ann...

As to circs- yes... in a few years when a doctor (head) will tell the Prison board he is 'all better now'...

hey ho...

love it.

14 November, 2009 15:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something I don't understand...

The judge took on board the family's forgiveness. Ok, it happened.

But if the family had asked for the accused to be locked up forever? No. I don't think so.


15 November, 2009 11:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of the comments on here are reading like the Romans persecuting the Christians again.
So, according to some with a warped view on this case, it is the parents of the first victim who are to blame for the mistake made by the judge. Because they chose to forgive a 16 year old who harmed their child. How those parents can be blamed, because the boy went on to commit another crime, is as bad as blaming the victims of his crimes. It stinks.

Forgiving others isn't an act of "selfishness" at all. It shows wisdom and great generosity of spirit, plus an understanding of what IS in the best interests of all concerned. Because holding on to hurts and resentment just breeds even MORE negative situations.

Vengeance IS mine, sayeth the Lord. Apart from the earthly judge, who failed in his duty, God punishes those who do wrong - if not in this life, then certainly in the next.

16 November, 2009 00:37

Blogger psywhizz said...

Miss! Miss! I know the answer!

Because, this judge gets turned on by the idea of young people ****ing younger people..?


16 November, 2009 21:12

Blogger PCDC-Copper Bottom said...

Vengeance IS mine, sayeth the Lord. Apart from the earthly judge, who failed in his duty, God punishes those who do wrong - if not in this life, then certainly in the next.


just take a moment to think we dont all believe sky fairies exist...

why? because their pious actions WERE a part of the process by which he was released...

I wonder what they think now?

17 November, 2009 05:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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17 November, 2009 12:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PCDC Copper Bottom. You are entitled to believe, or not to believe in whatever you chose.

The religious faith of the parents of the victim, plus their personal forgiveness of the boy, SHOULD NOT have given the judge the green light to let him off so lightly.
There are supposed to be sentencing guidelines, are there not?

Blame the idiot judge, not the parents who have and expressed their own spiritual beliefs.
There was a case a few years ago that hit the media, of a young black boy who was killed by yobs. His mother, a devout Christian forgave her son's killers. Did the judge let them off lightly because the mother of the victim had forgiven the killers? I don't think so. The problem is clearly the judge, not Christianity, nor people who forgive the sins of others. The problem is this confused legal system, and judges who show no common sense, or worse.

Fairies, the folklore tells us, PCDC Copper Bottom, are usually found at the bottom of the garden, IF one is sensitive enough to actually see them. Elementals I believe they are classed as.
However....Angels are found in Heaven, the astral realm, where only the good boys and girls go to, when they pass on from this earthly life.

And Saint Peter DOES NOT "guard the gates of Heaven". How do I know this is true you may ask?

Well, I can tell you, that I know from personal experience. Been there, got sent back, because it wasn't my time then. I was only 4 yrs old, and had been raped which caused a heart attack. I was revived, but NEVER the same since.
God exists and so do Angels.

Oh, and by the way, the animals who raped me were never prosecuted. God knows how many more they hurt because the government in 1957 DID NOTHING about the "problem". Why? Because the rapists were men in positions of power and authority - law and order, including high and mighty judges. Nobody would touch them.

I suspect that nothing much has changed, despite the Child Protection system, that I was "sent back" to instigate when I grew up - the praise for it hijacked by the vile animal who had raped me as a child. Oh how he fooled the media and the public, as they do, and have done for decades, hiding their dirty secrets and their shame behind a cloak of respectability, all "grime" swept under the carpet by an embarrassed police force and a corrupt government. Hypocrites.

Why don't you get annoyed about that PCDC Copper Bottom?

18 November, 2009 00:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read this blog. Thank author for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more soon.

18 November, 2009 06:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon... eh?

you can personally testify to the existance of angels?

you cant prove that God exists any more I can 'prove' he dont...

I dont have an issue with belief- if you want to waste your life-thats your concern.

What I DO have an issue with - is people that dont keep it as a private matter.

As you may or may not be aware- I worked on a PPU - sex offenders was my thing- Things have changed a lot... I dont get angry anymore about these matters as it serves no purpose...

I just do my job- happy that I occasionally make a small difference to someones life.

As to your experience of sexual assault- I have huge empathy for any child that had to endure such a horrific experience... I wish you well.

I just dont believe in god, the devil and any other gods/goddesses- the loch ness monster, yeti, spring healed jack, vampires, werewolves, aliens and ghosts.

too old...

18 November, 2009 13:11

Blogger The TEFL Tradesman said...

Come on, let's see a picture on the pages of this blog of the mad judge in question!

18 November, 2009 18:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PCDC Copper Bottom. I just DID "testify" that Angels do exist. I have seen them, heard them. Why should people keep quiet about their belief in spiritual forces and the universal spiritual laws that govern all our lives?

And belief in that is not a waste of my life, nor anyone elses lives. Belief and faith is beneficial and brings its own rewards. There are some in the Intelligence service, and the police, who DO have proof that God exists, and Angels, because much of what was foretold via an Angel over 50 years ago, has happened.
But the government don't want to admit to this Intelligence record, because they have "cherry picked" the guidance and warnings given.
Particularly the warning to abolish the use of all Nuclear, power and weapons - FOOLS.

Anger can actually be a great motivator, used in a positive way, to instigate change when circumstances are unacceptable. Also handy when someone is trying to kill you, and you are only 6 yrs old. I survived because of 100% faith in God and Angels, who helped me. The devil did exist, and he did "rule" over this earth, which is why this country especially is in such a mess. He was brought down, "conquered and chained" in December 2004, but a few of his "demons" are still around causing trouble, as they do.

Perhaps one day the truth will be told and humanity can evolve out of ignorance and darkness, through a better understanding of the spiritual laws that affect each and every one of us, like it or not. None of us are "too old" to learn something new to benefit our existence on this planet.

I don't especially believe in the loch ness monster, nor vampires as portrayed in films. But there are definately people who do drain ones energy and have a negative effect upon people, without sucking out all their blood. Yeti, who knows for sure, as there have been sightings and footprints made by "something big" and not human.
Never heard of spring healed jack.

Aliens? Far too many people have seen strange flying machines, including some very sensible and responsible police and military officers. I believe from credible TV news reports, that there IS proof that Aliens do exist.

Ghosts? If you mean the spirit of one who has died. Well, there is also a great deal of proof that the soul does survive "death", and some are psychic and sensitive enough to be aware of them.

It would be a great shame, if, due to many years of being a copper, you have become cynical and fixed like glue in your thinking process PCDC Copper Bottom.

As a child I certainly did have to endure horrific experiences of sexual abuse and attempted murder. But it didn't end there, in my childhood, as the memories of it all, having been blocked out for most of my life, have been "re-lived" in recent years. Sexual abuse is a life sentence on the victim, which many of the judges do not appear to fully understand, nor care about. My experiences of abuse were the driving force behind MY CAMPAIGN to do something to save kids from having to go through that sort of ordeal, especially at the hands of men in authority. Huge problem, huge task, and one that will keep good coppers in full employment for many years to come.

But thanks anyway, for your good wishes. I wish you well too. xx

19 November, 2009 04:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old post I know, but recent news in the Mail calls for a comment I feel, about yet another ABUSE OF POWER by a judge. The Daily Mail reports on the 19th November......
"MI6 wins battle to keep evidence secret in court"....."Anger as judge's ruling sets precedent in civil cases." This is about the case of Binyam Mohamed and others who were tortured by Security Service officers, with the complicity of this corrupt government. They are suing the government for unlawful acts and conspiracy. I hope they win their cases!

However, a judge has ruled that the state can, for the first time, withhold evidence from people involved in civil cases. The decision means that an injured party will be left unaware of the evidence the police, government or security services are using to blacken their name, as they contest a case for damages. This was decided by Mr Justice Silper. Lawyers described it as a "constitutional outrage" that overturns the whole history of the fundamental principle that both sides must be on an equal footing.
[That has NEVER been the case anyway!]

The Intelligence services want their evidence disputing the claims to be available only in secret hearings, using a special advocate system. The information is kept hidden from the individual involved. Only a lawyer appointed on their behalf sees the intelligence, and s/he is not able to discuss it with the accused.

So how can someone EVER clear their name if it has been deliberately blackened by corrupt agents of the state? How is this an act of "equality". We already have secret family courts, and now secret inquests. This government REALLY ARE setting the stage for state abuses of power against the individual. They have gone too far.

As it happens, and for the internet record, Binyam Mohamed has told the truth. The security services made mistakes, and now they are being allowed to cover it up - citing "in the interests of national security". In the best interests of the security services and government, is a lot closer to the truth of the matter. They just do not want to admit that they screwed up, to avoid a scandal.

20 November, 2009 01:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

crazy idea i know but how do u think credit cruch affected porn?


19 January, 2010 12:24


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