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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Welfare and Farewell

Today on the homepage of South Yorkshire Police's website:
  • "You told us what you wanted, this is what we are doing about it." - Link to local policing plan.
  • Advert for Google search engine.
  • Find out what your Safer Neighbourhood Team is up to.
  • Appeal for information about a minor assault.
  • "GUNS AND KNIVES... TAKE LIVES" - a superb piece of poetry that will SAVE LIVES.
Nowhere on the homepage of South Yorkshire Police's website:
  • "We are deeply saddened to report the death of a serving officer, who was last year crucified in the press before being cleared by an external and internal investigation. PC Mulhall's family have our full support - please leave messages of condolences here."
No doubt the local Neighbourhood Action Group concluded that dog-fouling and street lights ranked higher than the death of a serving officer. At least South Yorks have their priorities straight.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in all good bookstores and online.


Anonymous Johnny said...

I was going to head over there to see if there was an online book of condolence. Don't think Ill bother now. Im sure this will be part of a damage limitation exercise.Then I thought the fed might make some representations, but I doubt it.

We are all just a number Bloggsy.

20 July, 2008 15:54

Blogger Unsworth said...

"We are deeply saddened to report the death of a serving officer, who was last year crucified in the press before being cleared by an external and internal investigation"

And these two factors are directly linked? Any evidence?

20 July, 2008 15:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yeah, most of the officers he worked with.

I have just tried to find an appropriate email address to ask SYP if they could put up an e book of condolence so colleagues can show solidarity with PC MULHALL and his family. Couldnt find an appropriate one that wasn't community engagemnet of diversity based. Wonder if their PSD dept will answer my email..?

20 July, 2008 16:03

Blogger Noggsy said...

Unsworth - Bloggsy doesn't say they are linked and I don't think it matters whether they are or not. The fact is, SYP does not have it on their front page under News, although there is a story about the death of another officer and trophy presented in memory of her, so it is clearly something they comment on.

Bloggsy, thanks for raising this, I didn't realise he had died. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

20 July, 2008 16:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not even shocking any more. Just sad.

20 July, 2008 18:02

Anonymous XTP said...

Reading the comments from Chakrabarti, Dizaei et al makes my blood boil. And doesn't it anger you when supposed quality newspapers infer that butter wouldn't melt in the mouth of these scrotes who we spend half our Fridays and Saturdays rolling around the gutter with?

Condolences to all

20 July, 2008 19:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, RIP officer, thoughts to your family and all that you served with.

Second when I saw that film in the press, you could see what the officer had to deal with. Yet another drunk/drugged CRO who once arrested kicks off. Women are some of the worst you have to deal with. I would rather tackle a 6,4 monster than some 5,4 slip of a lass. the lass will fight nastier and then claim all sorts including pregnant.

20 July, 2008 21:01

Anonymous notellin said...

Bloggsy - I wouldn't have expected them too and i doubt you would too.

Lets face it, his chiefs didn't seem to care then, it would be foolish to believe that they care now.

Everyone from Nick Clegg to Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty (who in theory should be all in favor of innocent to proven guilty) jumped on Pc Mulhall and had him hung drawn and quartered even before an investigation had begun.

I doubt any of them have shown any acts of contrition for their demonising of Pc Mulhall when he was found innocent and i doubt they will now.

RIP Pc Mulhall, my thoughts are with you and yours.

20 July, 2008 22:15

Anonymous PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Hey, it's the weekend ... Did you expect the corporate website to be updated before Monday at 8am?

20 July, 2008 22:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts and sympathies go out to PC Mulhall's family and friends.

As NJ said it's so sad that those who are still prepared to stick their heads above the parapet and do what we swore an oath to do are treated like this. The likes of Dezai are not fit to wear the uniform or be mentioned is the same breath as PC Mulhall or the thousands of other front line bobbies who, lets face it, could find themselves in a similar position. A very sorry state of affairs.

20 July, 2008 22:58

Anonymous PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Sorry, I meant 10am. Time for coffee and back-patting before we consider the death of an officer. I mean, how inconvenient.

Rest where no shadows fall, colleague.

20 July, 2008 23:03

Anonymous Alwyn said...

He admitted to using brute force in punching a woman repeatedly in the face as she lay on the goriund. In order to "subdue " her.

Interesting omission of this little detail in the post

21 July, 2008 04:09

Blogger Unsworth said...

@ Noggsy

"Bloggsy doesn't say they are linked and I don't think it matters whether they are or not."

Two separate points:

a) Nor does Bloggsy say they are not linked, but there is - in my view - an attempt at linkage. Maybe Bloggsy can offer a little clarification on this.

b) It clearly does matter to some contributors here - witness Anonymous 20 July, 2008 16:03, amongst others. Actually I tend to agree. It is sad indeed when the circumstances are such that individuals take their own lives (as is 'implied' here).

21 July, 2008 09:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@alwyn -- you might as well mention that all this took place while she was reaching for a handful of his genitals.

(if you're going to quote him, you might as well quote it all).

21 July, 2008 09:59

Anonymous CC said...

I, and I'm sure many of the people reading this, have nothing but CONTEMPT for the ignorant fools who feel that this is a forum for them to denigrate a man who has died in tragic circumstances.
A year ago he was treated terribly by those who should have been supporting him. Then when he was proven innocent of ANY wrongdoing there were no apologies, nothing...
He was a man who put himself on the line countless times, I am sure, so that ungrateful, ignorant, petty-minded simpletons like some of the posters on here can live there lives safe from the kind of bottom feeding pond scum that Tony Comer represents.
Shame on any of you who have taken this opportunity to say anything negative about this man. I can only hope that you find yourself on the receiving end of the actions of some vicious little scrote (male or female) in the very near future...

Sleep Well PC Mulhall.

21 July, 2008 12:27

Blogger uniform said...


Here are the facts.

PC Mulhall had what you describe in his pocket note book, and in his written statement, it was read out in court and said by the officer. The court accepted that, no sanction or mention was made by the bench or protestations by the defence barristers on the steps after her guilty conviction.

She was not just laying on the ground, but was actively fighting back.

Home office approved techniques were used backed up by the courts, the senior offices in SYP, and then by the IPCC and an internal enquiry.

So, Pal, read this and get it into your thick head


The message?

Fight back against a lawfully empowered legally justified arrest and detention, and you will have proportionate force used against you.

That means what it says, try and punch kick or attempt kill me, and you WILL get it back.

I do not give at toss if that offends you personally

Now, piddle off back to the shallow end of the gene pool.

21 July, 2008 15:18

Anonymous Member of the Public said...

Alwyn - he punched her on the arm, because she was trying to knee and kick him in the balls and was resisting being cuffed.
I'm sure he'd gone through all the other options first, ibncluding asking ehr. But when people refuse to be arrested, they have to be arrested forcibly I'm afraid. Unless you can think of another way of doing things?
Also: Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei of the National Black Police Association said that, while the video looked “appalling” at first glance, it was acceptable for officers to use force of the kind seen if it was necessary to stop the person being arrested from harming themselves or someone else.
Happy now?
RIP PC Mulhall

21 July, 2008 15:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I looked at the website as soon as I heard about it - tumbleweed. Bastards. When the Chief died at GMP it was on immediately.

21 July, 2008 17:14

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

unsworth, I didn't say they were linked in the sense that one caused the other. however, they are linked in the sense that it was the same officer in both cases.

21 July, 2008 18:52

Blogger Area Trace No Search said...

Bloggs, I don't agree with everything you say (nor should I), but this is a top post.

It is beyond disgusting that the force fails to recognise the death of a serving officer - well done for pointing it out.

The absolute buggers.

22 July, 2008 00:10

Blogger Stressed Out Cop said...

I recall watching this on TV at the time and felt like kicking the screen in. The cctv clearly showed PC Mulhall acting in a reasonable way when faced with a non-compliant violent prisoner. I could not understand the usual anti-police comments. He was treated in a disgraceful way and should never have been taken off front line duty during the investigation.

The story rolled on until Toni COMER was interviewed on Sky by I think Kay BURLEY and showed herself up to be a scheming liar she is. This sort of killed the coverage.

This is very tragic and time will tell if linked. The fact remains PC Mulhall just did his job properly and was then treated unfairly by the system.

RIP - We won't forget you or the way you were treated.

Alwyn - The police are NOT perfect but how can you honestly take her side after viewing the CCTV?

22 July, 2008 07:55

Blogger Unsworth said...

@ PC Bloggs.

Thanks for your clarification. No implication or causality, then.

22 July, 2008 13:51

Blogger staghounds said...

He was an unperson on the website when he was in trouble, and when he was vindicated, so perhaps his status hasn't been changed to mentionable yet.

And dog fouling and street lights are more important to plenty of the MOP. That's part of being a public servant- we are just numbers.


22 July, 2008 14:56

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15 April, 2009 10:41


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