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Friday, June 27, 2008

Version 1
The Evidence: I've applied for a job four times and been unsuccessful. Others have only applied twice and succeeded.

The Conclusion: It's racism.

Version 2
The Evidence: This bloke keeps applying for a job and failing. Other more suitable applicants have been given the job.

The Conclusion: He's not right for the job.

Then again...

Version 1
The Evidence: My force accidentally shot an innocent bloke. No one was found to be personally responsible for it. We had to pay a fine, but now it's all forgotten.
The Conclusion: It's not my fault, I'm still a good leader, and there's no point persecuting someone just because they happened to be at the helm and steering the wrong way when the ship hit the iceberg.

Version 2
The Evidence: The Metropolitan Police cocked up in trailing and shooting a bloke with zero evidence he was connected to terrorism. Formal court proceedings found them guilty of breaching Health and Safety laws. Sir Ian Blair was in charge when it all happened.

The Conclusion: It doesn't matter how many people you kill in the name of systemic failures, what's more important is who you let into your boys' club.

If I were Sir Ian Blair, I would right now be putting all my retirement dosh in a far away, offshore Cayman account where no one can touch it.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in all good bookstores and online.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow first post..

How Blair is still in his job is a mystery to me

27 June, 2008 18:26

Blogger uniform said...

Can someone tell me why Superintendents and ACPO ranks think they can prat about in the main stream media, washing their dirty linen, looking like a bunch of cry babies and generally spreading dissatisfaction in the ranks?

Ffs, where are all the leaders?

Get a grip; you pink biscuit eating, bone china slurping, Witlton carpeted officed dwelling, numb nuts.

And another thing, has anyone seen my maglite?

27 June, 2008 20:00

Blogger blueknight said...

I don't know the bloke but I always thought Comm Blair was a bit of a leftie, but then, you don't have to be racist to be right wing and you definitely don't have to be right wing to be racist.

27 June, 2008 21:01

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

As our 'leader' I have respect for the fact that he has over 30 years Policing experience and has achieved the highest rank possible in the Police. Other than that I think the man himself is a liability and has more lives than a bomb disposal expert.

27 June, 2008 21:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I complained in public about the "job" - of which there is much - I would be in the mire and disciplined.
Mr Ghuffar gets off with it because he's assistance commissionar and is bleating racism.
If the job is racist how did he get to be Assistant Commissionaire.
The job is not institutionally racist, but I will have institutionally bureaucratic, institutionally top heavy, institutionally incompetent

28 June, 2008 00:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mandy, I am going to declare war on you and I have declared it as of now. See what I will do to you. From now on you are dead. I will start with your mum first. If, in the next hour, you don't leave a message. I am so emotionally disturbed now, that anything is possible from me.

'You think it's a bluff? I give you an hour and see what I will do to you. If you think I am worried about my career, to get back at you, you must be joking. 'Just remember what I did to ******'s husband. It is not safe for you to stay in that house. You are not safe. I am going to come and catch you, on my mother's life.

If you are at home, get out . . . because if I see you, I am going to lose it right now. 'You want war, bitch, you're going to get some war. You will see now what I can do, so you will cry for years. First, I will start with your family, then I come to you and your reputation. I will spread all over London that you are a prostitute.'

Dr Dizaei

The Met and Blair are paying the price for allowing this behaviour ,and others,to go unpunished The agreement he had with Dizaei is comming back to bite him in spades.

Gafur appeared as a defence witness for Dizaei when charged with perverting the course of justice and other crimes.

28 June, 2008 08:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi this has nothing to do with the current post.

I am a teacher and regularly recieve abuse and intimidating behaviour on the bus home from ex-pupils who we have expelled and their friends. Recently this happened again and one of the boys shouted abuse in my face and tried to slap me (but missed) on the way off the bus. Worried about what might happen next time if they thought they'd got away with it I went in to a police station to report it. Despite the fact that I knew one of the ex-pupils name and address and making it clear that the kid who tried to hit me was not from our school the police officer I talked to tried three times to get me to get my school or the other school to deal with it internally. He also said that even if I did decide to proceed nothing much would happen to them.
All I really wanted was a couple of police officers to go round their house and scare them a bit so they didn't do it again to me or anyone else and didn't get brave next time and give me a punch in the face. I would be interested in comments.
PS I love this blog, the writing is of an amazing standard.

28 June, 2008 09:47

Anonymous Captain Slow said...

Unfortunately the officer you spoke to was probably correct.

I know this is off topic but indulge me for a short while.

When I was at school (some 15 years ago now) any behaviour of the kind you describe would not have been tolerated by the school. Not only that, even the most obnoxious car-stealing vandals who I shared a classroom with were "scared" of the teachers and the consequences of their actions whilst on the school premises. They were also still likely to be relatively severely punished if they assaulted someone. (even in 1993!)

Nowadays things are very different. The problems are still the same, however now the same people have no fear of anyone, police or teachers alike.

A police officer visiting your abusers to "scare them" would more than likely have no effect at all given that the parents of the child probably don't give a monkey's about their behaviour. Even if you made a statement and they were arrested - assuming they admitted threatening behaviour or even assaulting you, then they'd more than likely be dealt with by some low level means such as a caution or reprimand.

This would more than likely leave you sharing the bus with the same individuals, and facing the same problems.

Captain Slow.

28 June, 2008 12:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BPA say he has a case as does that paragon of sleaze Dezai, cut out the court case and give him £200,000 and promotion to the next rank, the fact that neither have seen all the evidence is immaterial.
Its an indictment on the Met that claiming racism tends to send the organisation in to a state of paralysed shock (will anyone tell the above to shut up) and to ignore any other evidence of dihonesty or criminal conduct.
Come on Boris get a grip.

28 June, 2008 13:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend of mine works for as manager in a large factory, and a while a ago he was telling me about how he was no longer allowed to hire people, without first refering all the applications to head office.

The reason being that a number of people of Asian descent were exploiting the Race Relations laws and sending out two CVs, one with there own name on and the other with 'white' name - all other details were the same.

If the 'white' person was offered an interview - or in recieved a letter of rejection - when the Asian name did not, they had grounds to sue the company for discrimination - and were making rather a nice living out of doing so.

The result was that all CVs were double checked - and if they were from a person who sounded Asian, tiple and quadruple checked against all over CVs - and if they showed the slightest signs of matching then they were rejected, along with the other CV. And there was a policy of sending rejection letters to all applications with non-'white' names, to ensure there could be accusations of bias.

Oh and the upshot was that the company officially was pleased to recieve applications from anyone regardless of colour, creed, or ethnic background - but as my friend explained, in reality they were less likely to hire people of non-'white' background for fear of being sued. Though a number of token 'ethnic' people had been hired in non-essential management and ancillary positions to ensure that if the race watchdogs came sniffing round they would have their arses covered.

And all because a couple of Asian students had hit on a well paying scam to fund their way through college.

28 June, 2008 14:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't the ethnic senior officers understand that many senior officers, black, brown and white fail to make it up the greasy pole because there's usually 10 people after one job. Picking the best man for the job is not automatically racism. In my experience in the police many ethnic minority officers are promoted beyond their capabilities anyway. They are used as tokens within this silly politically correct world we live in, in the UK. The BPA is the catalyst for kick starting many of these so-called 'racism' cases. As for Diziae, he's now a Commander, when he should be a convicted criminal (see above)

28 June, 2008 20:40

Blogger uncommon said...

The Gaffer is looking for a extra pension payday. I'll bet he gets about 400K out of it.

brendan (back in Atlanta)

29 June, 2008 00:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need more women on top. In top positions I mean. Ahem....

29 June, 2008 17:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

IG - c'mon we all know your "secret"

30 June, 2008 00:37

Blogger TWINING said...

I do wonder, does pink, biscuit eating.....include Ian Blair and his mirror clones?

30 June, 2008 16:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was the comma put in deliberately? The poster was referring to the colour of the biscuits. And yes, I think it was absolutely directed at Blair et al.
I know nothing at all about AC Ghafur or whether his claims are justified but I can't help thinking that anyone who has risen to the rank of Assistant Commisioner in the Met can't have too many complaints about the way their career is going. The truth is the higher you go, the more knock backs you will get because the pyramid gets thinner at the top. What I will say is that if I'd gone to the press because I'd failed a board, my feet wouldn't touch the ground. Why do so many senior officers (particularly the Met it seems)think it's OK to wash their dirty laundry in public. Is it because Blair wasn't averse to doing the same thing on his rise up the greasy pole? Live by the sword, die by the sword.
PS there is so much I'd like to say about Dizaei, being I'm one of the many people with long memories who worked with him before he ever got any pips but that b*****d would probably have me tracked down and sued. Leopards don't change their spots and I believe every accusation I've ever read against him in the papers since.

30 June, 2008 21:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will all be sorted when Harriet Harperson introduces "positive discrimination" for any minority group!!
Apart from the fact membership of BNP will soar through the roof - and disaffected white youths will riot!
We had a Dizaei type creature in our force - he got to Chief Super and still sued the force as he felt he didn't get promoted quick enough.
Didn't have anything to do with him being photographed hugging gangsters in dubious drinking dens - or spending his nights as duty Inspector sha**ing members of the public, or when his car was stolen during one of these illict liasionsm reporting it stolen from a street much closer to the station.
Members of the public - do not believe this racism in the Police stuff - minority groups have an unfair advantage these days in the promotion stakes.

30 June, 2008 22:30

Blogger TWINING said...

The comma was a mistake anonymous, sorry; my grammar is poor when I get annoyed or angry. Ghaffur, I believe, to rise to the ranks, has had to do what others have had to do, suck up to those above.

It depends though what Blair has done really. And make no bones about it Blair is a bully, maybe even a thug in a suit. Ghaffur is not.

I don't think Dizaie is a bully either; the tape transcript above, well I have heard similar from other colleagues. DT's occur.

Oo er to the last, I do not have an unfair stake, others might, because they chooe it, but how many White candidates have been a favourite before?y

Blair and others like him promote what is like them. How many manager's are bullies? That's the way it works. If your face fits you're in, if you speak out, take the bus mate, you ain't sharing this taxi!

Only right wing MOP's and bananas don't believe racism exists. Oh it does, but most rank and file police officer's are not racist per se. The r word grows as one becomes an Inspector and above or is on a career path. I guess in the case of Mubarak, the thug that murdered this lad wasn't racist. Unless you are willing to understand how institution's operate then you will behave as if the 1970's race polices are working, when in fact they are not.

01 July, 2008 09:08

Anonymous pc pc said...

Twining: "I have heard similar from other colleagues".

That's ok then...

01 July, 2008 18:06

Blogger TWINING said...


02 July, 2008 08:59

Blogger uniform said...


Dazle , Gurfur

do me a favour , finding a postion of defence for these types would test Petroceli , has he finished his house yet ?

02 July, 2008 22:38

Blogger TWINING said...

Honestly uniform behave....I think Petroceli would have had some difficulty with Blair, Dick, Bettison, and many many others, et al...Blair is a total bully.....

03 July, 2008 10:34

Blogger TWINING said...

PC PC others have got away with it....incidents have been called in, advice given....

03 July, 2008 10:48

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15 April, 2009 10:34


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