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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stealth Tax-Dodging

Hamilton saying he is going to live in Switzerland to avoid media attention would be like me claiming I'm going to the Met becasue there's less paperwork.

He's doing it for the dosh, naturally.

For anyone who's interested, Met officers get a healthy weighting for working in London, despite the fact that a large number don't actually live in London at all, and get free travel into it.

However, I am also led to believe that there is actually less paperwork too in the Met. This could of course be a rumour put about to entice officers across the nation to move to the Capital. I am told that Domestic Violence officers in the Met actually ATTEND DOMESTICS! And Detectives do house searches! Can anyone confirm or deny these rumours?

I am shocked that the most prestigious of our nation's police forces should have highly trained officers carrying out these menial tasks. Who on earth does all the risk-assessing and arse-covering?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Several years ago the Met had a very aggressive recruitment campaign amongst the neighbouring county forces resulting in (allegedly) at least one Chief Constable asking the Met Commissioner not to accept applications from their forces. It is also said that at one Police station not a million miles away from Woking, one wag put up a notice "Would the last officer to transfer to the Met put the lights out". What was interesting was the number of officers who who had transferred then re-applied to their original force to come back. One said the reason was he became fed up of the Mets always going round in threes: one who could read, one who could write and one who liked the company of the intellectuals!

31 October, 2007 21:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The grass isn't always greener.

There is not any less paperwork.

Domestic Violence officers DO NOT attend domestics.

Detectives do not attend premsearches.

31 October, 2007 22:31

Blogger Joe90 said...

The Met have extremely large Arrest Investigation Teams, so i'm told.

Obviously that helps with the paperwork.

31 October, 2007 22:57

Anonymous MetPlod said...

I Have done time in TVP and lately in the Met - levels of paperwork are (unfortunately) very similar. The only real difference (other than the pay) is that when you push your orange button, the cavalry arrive in less than 5 minutes - which is nice.

01 November, 2007 07:57

Blogger Area Trace No Search said...

No, sorry - the DV crew do not attend DV calls. Or carry radios.

CID don't do premises searches (that's what response are for obviously, even when it's CID jobs).

We do have some handover teams - but they only work 8-4 monday to friday. Which is obviously when the vast majority of our arrests aren't. And they won't take shoplifters. So a great wheeze if you get a job on one of those teams...

Our Domestic books we have to fill in at the scene of any domestic (including non crime domestics) are longer than any one I've seen from a county force. However we do appear to have less paperwork for some of the more trivial calls. When you get an arrest though, I don't think it makes any difference what force you're in.

Swings and roundabouts, as one of the foolish PCs that lives in London, I feel much poorer than my county mountie colleagues in real terms - I certainly would be better off if I transferred back to the sticks!

But you're right, some of the ones that live outside london and work for the met are doing alright for themselves.

01 November, 2007 08:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainly if "The Bill" is to be believed, there is no paper work at all in the Met

01 November, 2007 08:58

Blogger thinblueline said...

Ah the book 124d and the trolly load of paperwork that follows domestics...

And to Anon ..& area trace no search

Us Techo's in the met do Sec 18's and prem searchs ,
(But u do find lasy f*****s in any role )

I even carry out Section 18's for OMPD forces as well ! SHOCK !

As for DV officers... they pick up the shambles after responce get back to the nice warm canteen to write up the rest of that 124d...
( Community saftey Unit )

[They] Interview, prepare the casefile , seek the cps laugh and do all the risk assesments and the like.

We all take a bite of the Shi* sandwitch like all our fellow officers up and down the country , please dont get started on the interforce bashing .. we have the mops to do that for us.

01 November, 2007 09:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Less paperwork, dont get us started. There are whole departments dedicated to paperwork.

The DV side of things may be different. resposne units will attend and carry out arrests, do a statement, 124d, Crime Report, Crmint, Merlin (if applicable) and hand it over to the CSU who work 7 days a week 0800 till 0000. CSU will handle the prisoner and take it from there.

The CPU will take a prisoner between 0800 and 0000 7 days a week. If it falls in the "remit" and you have done all the work ie statements CCTV Crime Report etc.

CID MAY do a sec 18 IF it is a case to be handed to them AND they have the available staff.

Remember the MET has 32 boroughs, that can sometimes mean 32 sets of protocols procedures etc.

01 November, 2007 11:10

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

A) domestic violence officers do not attend domestics - it's response officers but we do get to forward the paperwork onto them later however I have never had one go away and never come back.

B) detectives hardly ever get to do searches unless they are eating into someone else's budget, for the most part response officers will do a S.18 when they can but I haven't seen one done for over 6 months thanks to loss of team strength.

C) there is SLIGHTLY less paperwork. I can say that using IRB's (incident reporting book) is a godsend as they class as your arrest statement, first notes and have lots of extra handy pages too, which is a huge improvement over my old force. There is also no need to have a complete record in your pocket notebook as your IRB counts so essentially the only thin you use your pocket notebook for is, er, notes. More importantly they are accepted by courts and the CPS as your first note so unless there is something evidential in your notebook (which there shouldn't be) then you don't have to include it in casefiles or refer to it in court. They save about half an hour to an hour per arrest, based on experience.

D) the arrest investigation teams are made up of officers from response teams on attachments so whilst they are still on the books for team strength they aren't, its just a bunch of response officers who have a nice room with their own desk, PC, kettle and water fountain. At my nick we have 2 teams of 3 people working 7 on 7 off who deal with as much as they can but response usually deal with around a third of all arrests.

E) the Met actually pay a substantial lump to rail track so that we don't have to pay ourselves (rumored to be about £3m per year) however the condition is that we are on duty and have to deal with anything the guard needs our help with. Depending on where you travel from you can get nothing for a year or have to nick/search/throw off someone once a week. This arrangement can save officers between £1k and £8k per year depending on where you live.

F) about half of the people I work with do live outside of London, the rest live in the outer boroughs (ie still technically London but are in Kent/Essex etc) as no one can afford a house anywhere near central London.

The issue of the London weighting is an extremely contentious one and has been since jack straw agreed it. I remember punch ups at the bar in training school when some BTP students suddenly received a back dated £6k lump sum when guys in the same class didn't, purely because they put London down as their choice instead of somewhere else.

Is it fair that a PC with 6 years in can take home the same as a Sgt with 2 years from a county force? not really, no. However if you take into consideration that a Police officer in London (let alone anywhere else) is paid much less that a london tube driver, london bus driver, london driving instructor or london ticket checker and that a PCSO in central London is on £29k, then the pay is hardly reflective on the level of accountability or danger that we ALL have to deal with compared to the pay of people with hardly any danger/responsibility. The £6k was also a part reimbursement of the loss of housing allowance that all pre '94 officers get, I was talking to a dog handler from my old force with 22 years in, on just over £42k not including overtime. After the bombings some Met firearms officers and CID were taking home in excess of £15k per month however that was constant -5 notice for each working day and the London weighting does not count towards your hourly pay rate when overtime is worked out so our overtime is the same as everywhere else.

Personally I think that £30k should be the absolute minimum for ALL emergency services and nurses whether they are in London or not as you can't buy a house without £100k in the bank and a 5 times salary mortgage, we have always been paid slightly more than the rest to make up for the lack of a right to strike.

In my old division the minimum strength numbers were around 2+4+22 for a night duty, they are currently 1+2+12. The grass certainly isn't greener, but is definately a lighter shade of brown.

01 November, 2007 11:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I transferred into The Met 6 months ago from a Home Counties froce and there is DEFINITELY more paperwork. However, the real killer is the amount of paperwork us poor response plod have to do. We still have to input our own crimes! My last force had a Crime Reporting Bureau who you phoned to input a crime and because they spent all day doing it took about 15 minutes - even for something complicated. And don't get me started on 124D's and Merlin!!!

Mind you, the grass IS greener (at least for me so far) and I think there is a much greater sense of cameraderie than where I came from. Oh - while I think - it was the CC of Surrey who asked The Met Commish to not take any more of "his" officers. Apparently. John Stevens (for it was he) told him to .... well, said No.

Bobbies are STILL writing much too much in their EAB's, MG11's, whatever. Can someone in Training explain to these poor Probationers that less is more and it's not War & bloody Peace!

At the end of the day please don't anyone forget that we're all in the same Job and the same boat (at least the Response guys anyway) and we take enough sh*t off the MOPs and the Red Tops without taking any from each other.

Keep taking the pills!

02 November, 2007 03:14

Anonymous Standard Dave said...

I passed a request for a section 18 to the MET and was contacted by a female DC who had a lovely telephone voice to inform me they had found loads of things related to frauds but not my job, I told them to contact the city of london police so they do searches even if it's only for other forces.

02 November, 2007 19:19

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

do you not think that there is more paperwork because there is more work per se?

04 November, 2007 22:42

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15 April, 2009 09:28


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