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Friday, October 12, 2007

Post Secret

I have just discovered this blog. Possibly a bit belatedly as it seems to be doing rather well without my patronage - believe it or not.

I hope they don't mind me reproducing a post here, but this one reminded me of my readers (the bit below is part of the post):

-----Email Message-----
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 6:28 PM

Subject: rape secret

I often think about what I would say in the trial that never happened for the rape that did.

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Blogger Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love Post Secret. I just hate that it only gets updated once a week, I think I am going to purchase the book from Amazon.

12 October, 2007 22:12

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

For every one rape that is reported there are 11 that are not.

For every reported rape that is investigated and a suspect is charged there are 4 that are not.

For every suspect convicted at court for rape there are 18 that are not.

This makes the chance of being caught and convicted for a rape around 800 to 1, and the women who falsely report to either get back at someone or to cover up their own infidelity do nothing to help the real victims who have to live with it for their whole lives. Unfortunately there are a few who aren't strong enough and choose to stop the pain permanently, and that simply is wrong.

13 October, 2007 12:32

Blogger RandomPinkness said...

Post Secret is fantastic and it's the thing that got me into blogging I didn't even know what a blog was until I was shown that, I await every Sunday with anticipation. I just wish there was archive of old secrets, so I could see all the ones that had been on there before I'd started reading.

13 October, 2007 13:59


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