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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Now that's what I call a public servant!

'During extraordinary scenes just before the sentencing of a violent armed gang that robbed commuters, the woman suddenly clambered over two rows of desks, before jumping into the witness box just feet from Judge Henry Blacksell, QC, at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court.

'The woman, the former social worker of two of the teenage thugs, leaned over the judge's bench and screamed hysterically at him, apparently about London's spiralling gang violence among black teens.

'The blonde white woman in her thirties, dressed all in black, with knee high boots, made several references to the spate of black teenagers murdered in recent weeks, including Michael Dosunmu, 15, shot in his bed in Peckham last month, and Kodjo Yenga, 16, stabbed in Hammersmith last Wednesday.

'She yelled at the judge: "I'm a social worker. I've just lost my job."

'As police and court officials rushed to restrain her, she shouted: "I don't care if I fucking get arrested.

'"That boy that was lying on the floor dying... they stabbed him to death. Do you know just what they were shouting? 'Kill him, kill him'."

'As worried officials begged her to stop, she said: "I've already got the sack."

'The judge remained in his seat as she harangued him, and tried to calm her as she became more and more hysterical, but what he said could not be heard above her screams.

'As pandemonium overtook the court, she was surrounded by around ten officials and lawyers trying to calm her, but she shouted ever louder.

'She said: "My children. Fuck the lot of you.

'"For every black child who is shot dead in their bed by gangs... you will fucking listen to me.

'"You will have to fucking kill me to get me off this stand."

'There were then heckles from the public gallery as people shouted 'get her out of here', and in moments dozens of people were yelling at the same time.

'The woman again screamed: "You will hear me."

'The judge replied calmly: "I have heard you."

'But she shouted back: "You are going to hear me."

'She then turned to some of those trying to restrain her, shouting "get away from me. Get back. Don't fucking touch me", then yelled at the judge "you're not listening to me at all".

'At this point Judge Blacksell turned to address the noisy hecklers in the public gallery, saying: "Will you be quiet. This doesn't help me. Will you please be quiet in the public gallery."

'When they ignored him, he snapped: "Just what is wrong with you? I have enough difficulty hearing without you joining in."

'The woman screamed: "They are angry because children are being killed in their fucking beds."

'She was then finally dragged off struggling seriously, and screaming, apparently at the people at the back of the court, "stand up for every fucking black kid that's got shot... for every kid jailed in America."

'As she was dragged past a number of black spectators in the public gallery, thought to be relatives of the defendants, she yelled at them "you bastards, you've let your fucking black people down".

'The judge was this morning due to pass sentence on seven members of a vicious gang of 'steamers' that also included the killers of City lawyer Tom ap Rhys Price, Donnel Carty and Delano Brown.

'The gang robbed at least 30 commuters on tube trains, threatening violence and rape. It took some minutes for order to be restored to the noisy court, and after the judge asked who the woman was, barrister Stan Rice, representing 17 year-old Harry Bees said she was the social worker to his client and fellow defendant Aaron Dennis, 19.

'He added: "She has been very helpful during this case. I am very surprised by her actions this morning."'

I think we all are, Stan.

My favourite bit is where the judge says he is having trouble hearing her. It's so British and yet so American.

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Blogger staghounds said...

Why do they cal them "Social Workers"?

I've never met one who was terribly social, and as for work...

Seriously, the problem isn't with locking them up, it's with letting them out. As someone who thinks there are not nearly enough "kids" locked up in America, she's welcome to any of our incarcerated juveniles. I'm sure any Judge would be thrilled for her to take her pick.

22 March, 2007 17:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer the, “I will make you stop doing that” approach over the “I would like you to stop doing that please…..please”.

Approach number one is effective, direct & gets the job done. I believe that’s what decent people want.

Number two sounds lovely, but I don’t think it really works & it costs more. & when it fails……….

22 March, 2007 18:44

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

Now if I had said all that I would have had a right slagging off. I've popped over here to sanity-land because my own blog is a nightmare of recriminations etc at the moment. It's nice and peacefull here, not a BNP comment anywhere. Great reading too; I might stay!

22 March, 2007 20:53

Blogger PC South West said...

What do you think are chances are of us smuggling this woman into the house of commons.

Just imagine!!

22 March, 2007 21:47

Blogger Sergeant Simon said...

Now why did I not hear anything about this in our liberal obssessed press?
I'm not sure whether this woman is a hero or a lunatic. But then, there's probably a fine line between the two.
I don't like having a go at social workers. Utterly under-resourced, over-stretched and underpaid. More often than not they know that these kids could be turned around if they were given the investment of time. But they can't give it, which for the social workers who have a genuine desire to help, probably drives them up the wall with frustration, along with the constant government target-obsessed fiddling, the blame culture (it's always their fault) and the whole bleeding politicalness of it I'm not surprised she lost her rag. One day, I reckon a copper might do it when a smirking toe-rag gets off with a poxy sentence after turning up at court in a nice suit and a haircut, or some lawyer has got him or her off on some bleeding technicality

23 March, 2007 01:24

Anonymous extraspecialcopper said...

Shame this didnt happen in a UK court. Lets face it, the judge would simply crawl back into his den and not respond as they know best (apparently)

23 March, 2007 10:52

Anonymous Blunt said...

" extraspecialcopper said...

Shame this didnt happen in a UK court. Lets face it, the judge would simply crawl back into his den and not respond as they know best (apparently)

"before jumping into the witness box just feet from Judge Henry Blacksell, QC, at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court."

23 March, 2007 11:58

Anonymous 9yrs to go said...

At least she stayed true to her cause and blamed everyone but defendants in the dock, ah, white middle class social workers, don'tcher love 'em.

23 March, 2007 22:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds quite normal for a social worker to me. Can't see what the fuss is about.... They do that. A lot.

23 March, 2007 23:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...


and if you try to interrupt they threaten to call the police. Not that they ever do, of course. Per'aps it's something to do with the footage on the web cam :)

23 March, 2007 23:13

Anonymous Hiding from inspector gadget said...

There is even more to this story;
Her employers say she is a fantastic social worker!

Harrow Council
"We would like to stress that the employee involved in the court incident has not been dismissed"

The London council described Liz Johnson as "highly regarded" and "an exemplary employee" who had been involved in a difficult and stressful case.

Johnson had to be removed from Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court after clambering into the witness box to interrupt proceedings.

She was in court as the social worker responsible for two teenage members of a gang that robbed and terrorised commuters on the London Underground. Another two members of the gang had already been found guilty of murdering Tom ap Rhys Pryce last year.

The teenagers had been living at a children's home run by Harrow social services when they committed the robberies.

Aaron 'Redrat' Dennis, 19, had a London Underground map on the wall of his room on which he had marked stations where victims could be found. He was jailed indefinitely yesterday with a minimum of five years after admitting conspiracy to rob and grievous bodily harm. Johnson's other client, Harry Bees, 17, was convicted of conspiracy to rob, various wounding and GBH charges. He will be sentenced today.

The council issued a statement: "Harrow Council will support all employees involved in this difficult and stressful case, including the social worker involved in yesterday's incident in Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court.

"It is not the council's policy to discuss individual employees, but on this occasion we would like to stress that the employee involved in the court incident has not been dismissed and nor is she subject to any disciplinary or other procedures. In fact she is highly regarded as an exemplary employee and the council will do all it can to help and support her in this difficult period."

Is there enough support for social workers involved in traumatic cases like this?

Why yes, im sure 'do social workers get enough support' that was the very first question on everyone's lips.

23 March, 2007 23:40

Blogger staghounds said...

I believe there are rules against snuggling women in the House of Commons.

In the actual Chamber, I mean. In another Place, well...

24 March, 2007 00:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad they didn't fire her. She certainly shouldn't have acted the way she did, but she's a social worker who obviously cares, and there aren't enough of those.

Some other disciplinary procedure besides dismissal seems best.

24 March, 2007 14:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Times reported that she had been addmitted to hospital after leaving the court!

24 March, 2007 14:34

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

anonymous at 14:28. What other disciplinery measure would you consider? meeting the vicims of the violent robberies maybe?

Maybe If the social worker was able to see the wrecked lives behind the thugs she was shouting to protect, maybe she'd think twice about raising her voice in their honour? or what about when she becomes a victim herself.... If she's on the bus coming home, the same defendants, egged on by their posse would rob her blind, like the gang of belly crawling cowards they are. I'm sure she would remain silent then too, can't have the police getting involved, she would feel the same shame, lack of self respect, the indignation and embarrassment that she fails to see in victims because she spends all her professional (if you can call it that) capacity dealing with offenders. Show her some victims so that she can find a personal balance. Of course she should be sacked. She should have been jailed for contempt of court. This is another example of the way no one gives a toss about the recrimination of their actions. Courts are the house of our law. Not some classroom for left wing rantings!

25 March, 2007 13:53

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

Incidentally, I would have poaid cash to see the old court officers trying to wrestle with her.....;-)

25 March, 2007 13:55

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Hold on a minute... maybe I read it wrong, but I thought the social worker was railing AGAINST the defendants not for them.

25 March, 2007 15:12

Blogger dickiebo said...

I wasn't sure whether she was 'for' or 'agin'!

25 March, 2007 16:51

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15 April, 2009 12:01


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