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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Problem With Justice...

In 2005 PC Daniel Coffill was left virtually in a coma by two teenagers. Whilst he was not on duty at the time, he had tried to take the offenders to task for antisocial behaviour, an act which may well have been prompted by the fact that he was a police officer. Now the wrongdoers' sentences have been reduced such that they will spend just three years in prison. Others have expressed their views on this to varying degrees.

This week we have seen a top judge calling for lower sentences for murderers. No doubt he would also have called for lower sentences for baby-rapists - but we already have those. I do wonder whether judges have spent so long in their courtrooms that they have no connection with the real world whatsoever. They seem devoid of the concept of normal behaviour and live in a reality where savage crimes are merely compared to other savage crimes and rated accordingly, instead of against standards of good and decency.

In the cold light of the courtroom, violence and dishonesty have no place. There are suits and combed hair and the smell of aftershave. It is easy to be kind and soft. The rewards for forgiveness are instant: smiles and nods of gratitude, the knowledge of a possible life turned around, a sense of relief. A wood-panelled backroom with cups of tea and magazines. In that bright room, crime is a distant concept.

Elsewhere, evil rages and fear is victorious.

When, when will it end.

Copyright of PC Bloggs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blimey Bloggs, you must feel strongly about it, where is your usual sarcasm?

11 March, 2007 20:42

Anonymous boy in blue said...


11 March, 2007 21:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i suppose it will end when everyone from high court judges to cps lawyers,perhaps defence lawyers and unbelievebly the ranks of cheif inspectors and above are compelled to spend one friday and saturday night out a month with the response teams.
unfortunately,as they would have to make that decision to do that it's about as likely as their b.m.w's and mercs not getting a wash on the driveways of their nice houses in nice areas at the weekend.

11 March, 2007 21:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is hardly the subject to get sarcastic with is it? We need more people to know the public feeling on such matters. Absolute madness.

11 March, 2007 21:58

Blogger Adrian Monk said...

I think its disgusting that judges are considering lowering sentances. Perhaps a dose of the real world is in order, but then when your earning £200k+ a year, you have your own little world

11 March, 2007 23:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post as ever, lack of humour in this one is a great contrast to highlight the seriousness.


11 March, 2007 23:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where will it all end?

Vigilanties and anarchy thats where. I really am worried about the state this country is getting to.

12 March, 2007 17:56

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a controversy currently sweeping through Spain which has resulted in petitions and complaints left, right and centre: a case not only of a lowered sentence, but of negotiation with a terrorist.

Please forgive inaccuracies in my account; more precise versions are no doubt obtainable on any major news website. For my own summary though, read on...

The terrorist in question is known as Jose Ignacio de Juana Chaos, member of the small but nevertheless powerful terrorist organisation called ETA. A hardened and unrepentant killer, he is known to have been personally responsible for murdering in the region of 20 people and has already spent 18 years in prison.

Attempts to force penitence from him have been greeted with derision: once when ETA killed a hostage as a response to un-met demands, he requested champagne and oysters from the prison guard, that he might celebrate in his cell. In addition he has openly expressed the pleasure he feels when seeing the faces of those families bereaved by ETA attacks. He is, as they say in Spain, 'un hijo de puta'.

When assigned another 12.5 years of prison for publishing papers in support of terrorism (among other offences), De Juana Chaos declared a hunger strike which he would not end until his sentence was reduced. As his condition worsened, the government began to become concerned that he would die, wrecking their ongoing peace negotiations.

Eventually De Juana Chaos was committed to hospital. The doctors attempted to feed him through a tube but he refused all treatment. By this stage he resembled a skeleton. On the brink of death by starvation he put his demands of a lower sentence to the government again; shockingly, they caved and cut the sentence down to a meagre 3 years of jail-time (the same as the violent teenagers cited by PC Bloggs).

Their stated reason was that they stand for life and do not wish to be compared to terrorists, who spread death and destruction. Various ulterior motives have been suggested: perhaps the government have received threats from ETA of attacks which will be carried out if they fail to comply; perhaps they are using the controversy generated to buy time while they counter these possible threats; or perhaps they just lack 'cojones'.

Yet worse still, the saga does not end there. Chaos was not satisfied. He continued his hunger-strike, demanding that the sentence be reduced even further. Once again the government capitulated and allowed him (brace yourselves; this is appalling) to conduct his sentence under HOUSE-ARREST. In other words, 3 years of sitting on his ass at home with an armed guard or two for company.

Having thus completely castrated the government, De Juana Chaos at last accepted food.

Fusty old men too blind to see further than the accused's weeping family are one thing, but a government debasing itself by negotiation with terrorists? I put it to you that we in this country should at least be glad that the government does not commit such atrocities.

However, let it not be said that I am seeking to devalue the validity of PC Blogg's point, which I hold to be a good one well made: I am more concerned with reassuring 'Anonymous' above that 'this country is coming to' better things than some...


12 March, 2007 23:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are now living in a society run by a liberally minded 'elite'; in politics, the judiciary, media, senior positions in the public services, whose day to day lives are so far removed from the rest of us that they have become a nation apart. I believe this malaise stems from the liberal attitudes of the 1960's generation which has accelerated over the last 10 years under Bliar's govt. as this generation has risen to the top of their respective professions. We now have a culture which cherishes rights but gives no thought to duty. As police officers we are something of an oddity as we do still have a duty to act in a society where the notion of duty is fast disappearing, where taking personal resposibility for one's actions has become a 'No, No' [PC Mulhall/Tracey Cromer]. Unfortunately I can see no end to this trend. As a society I belive we will go the way of all previous civilzations and implode; we have a judicial system which is failing to deliver justice, a political system becoming so discredited by the self serving actions of Bliar et al [and their clones in the 'opposition'] that people no longer bother to vote, as a nation we have lost control of our borders and are reaping the benefits of multiculturalism; manufacturing industry has been destroyed and to all intents and purposes we are now ruled by unelected bureacrats in Brussels, craven politicians having achieved what Germany couldn't in 2 world wars. I don't have an answer but I would suggest look after yours and your own and get a firearms license this country is going to hell in a handcart...They...'glorified their mythology of rights ... and lost track of their duties. No nation so constituted can endure.'[quote].

13 March, 2007 01:54

Blogger blueknight said...

The champagne socialists have ruined this country with their liberal elitist social experiment.
The Justice system does not represent me and none of the political parties represent my views either. And I include in that the BNP which are pointlessly racist and dominated by disenfranchised 'old labour' working class voters

13 March, 2007 03:12

Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

Thanks for the link, I'm hoping to kick up such a sh*t storm over this that a politician somewhere caves and re-looks at the case. Ther are now over 200 comments on the two posts I have done over this, PC Copperfield also linked, as did Random Acts. Tahnks again.

13 March, 2007 10:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloggs – You are absolutely right.

I suppose their absolute insulation from reality is only compounded by the fact that they live in nice areas where they seldom come up against the sort of aggro normal people take for granted.

Also even one of our scummy retard scrotes would make the effort to stir their tiny malformed “minds” and think twice before pissing off a defence brief, JP or Judge.

13 March, 2007 13:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: ”I suppose it will end when everyone from high court judges to cps lawyers, perhaps defence lawyers and unbelievably the ranks of chief inspectors and above are compelled to spend one Friday and Saturday night out a month with the response teams.”

Or more to the point make the feebs live on an average estate for a few years. You might find their attitudes becoming a little more robust if they actually had to live with the consequences of their own criminal neglect.

13 March, 2007 14:10

Blogger Black in Blue said...

Sir, Bloggs, if the shit is going to hit the fan, then ACPO might come tumbling down. Liberal minded they may be, but it is their personal ego's that they area satisfying.....Not the service or calleagues. I say let the shit hit the fan!

13 March, 2007 14:31

Blogger Black in Blue said...

Oops, colleagues, I get carried away I know.

13 March, 2007 14:31

Anonymous Michael said...

Dear Black in blue

"The Association has the status of a private company limited by guarantee. As such, it conforms to the requirements of company law and its affairs are governed by a Board of Directors."

Whatever you may think, ACPO does serve a relatively useful purpose for policing in this country, allowing the safety of separately directed Police forces while maintaining a certain uniformity (sic) throughout the country.

The Association will certainly not come tumbling down until such time as the government has created its Ministry of Internal Security, with the associated centrally directed Police apparatus.

So be careful what you wish for, my friend, when it happens I think that you will look back on these days with regret.


13 March, 2007 14:59

Blogger Black in Blue said...

With the greatest of respect, ACPO appear to be nothing more than boardroom rats. Most of these fine colleagues that people speak of, don't bother to talk to people like the mother ot Tania Moore.

The police service polices by consent. If these people cared an iota about the service or the public then they would question the preposterous detection regime, targets, etc., for example.

I have not heard anything from ACPO about PC Coffill. If there was pure democracy and fairness and these people did not promote "their" type, as in people just like them, then maybe things might change.

ACPO needs to come tumbling down and take some ownership. I have had enough dealings with some in ACPO about race, and you know what, until it affects them, they really don't give a damn. these are false people who talk a good tale.

They are quite happy sending the masses on courses, but they, themselves, are above courses on race. They rely on vicarious liability and superiority. ACPO at this moment is like a guarded secret, a club for the boys, I am afraid. Michael i can only talk about what I have observed. These people serve a purpose for them and people like them.

14 March, 2007 11:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 12:06


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