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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why are we surprised?

This is nothing. I cannot understand why people are making such a fuss about bits of paper remaining on a desk for years and then being lost. Does the public not realise that leaving paper on desks is the fundamental cornerstone of British policing?

When I charge someone with an offence, I do it on a computer system. In case anyone does not know, computers can send messages to other systems to update them, saving humans time and money by not having to duplicate things. Blandshire has chosen not to adopt this cliched approach, however, and when I update the custody system with a charge, I then fill in two twelve-page booklets with identical information about the suspect (incidentally, information that I have already entered into two other computer systems when their photograph and fingerprints were done). I then leave these booklets in a TRAY and they are ferried to Headquarters where they sit on someone's desk waiting for input onto the Police National Computer.

Here is the clever bit: three weeks later I receive an email from the Inspector Responsible for Being Responsible, to demand why I have not submitted these booklets on the day of charge. I reply that I have, whereupon I am asked for documentary proof of my submission. I must now produce a Polaroid of me submitting the forms with a cheesy grin, the date clearly visible on a calendar on the wall behind my head, else I will have to redo them. Being a girl, I find it hard to remember the dates of birth, shoe sizes and lifestyle facts about each one of hundreds of prisoners I arrest and process each year, so the repeated forms tend to go in with half the information they had on the suspect the first time.

I wonder where these booklets go, as they certainly do not go onto the PNC. Perhaps someone is selling the information off as a sideline from a cushy Headquarters job. Not a bad idea...

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Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

By any chance do you have to also fax these forms off before they go into a tray for them to sit in a tray by the other fax awaiting collection there too

10 January, 2007 22:45

Blogger PC South West said...

Thankfully my force have now adopted the computerised anticedence forms.
We would often get a sarcastic type email asking why we had not submitted this form also. It was almost impossible to complete another without having the said scroat in front of you in order to enter his/her description, shoe size and marks and scars.

10 January, 2007 23:34

Blogger Phill said...

I used to work for Royal Mail and they had the same obsession with filling out identical forms.

If there wasn't extra paperwork then the person that deals with it (or not in the case of the Home Office) wouldn't be able to justify their employment.
Whatsmore, the jobsworth's manager wouldn't be able to justify their promotion either.

I remember seeing on the local news that the police were piloting a new 'scanner-pen' that scanned the document as you wrote it (whilst out and about) so that it could be transferred to the station electronically, thus saving you from having to return to the station or filling out duplicates.

No doubt Blandshire doesn't have this yet and even if it did they'd probably still insist on you filling it out more than once as you've said that's what you do now.

10 January, 2007 23:36

Anonymous lastsaneguy said...

Before you send the originals off to HQ why don't you photocopy them? That way when you
get the request to resend them you can copy the information from the photocopies to the new originals which you could then photocopy as well in case they got lost.

11 January, 2007 10:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where I'm I supposed to put all these photocopies of all the work I do.

I just used to get the description on PNC sent to me on an e-mail and fill the form in with the details already held from when they were last arrested (probably in the last month or so anyway).

11 January, 2007 11:56

Anonymous AMAR. said...

In the early 80s the Met went over to C.A.D. and M.S.S. (Computer Aided Despatch and Message Switch System) to which we were linked.

In our Communications Centre (control room) Every single MSS (email) was printed off into hard copy and filed into folders, as was every C.A.D. message.

The exact same thing was done at each divisional station.

Paper consumption went up by 1000%

Initially the "Powers That be" decided to keep the hard copies for 12 months at HQ. Within 3 months they literally ran out of room, so they decided that only the Divisions would keep paper copies.

The printout paper used was of a very poor quality and within a short period of time the paper disintegrated and any print was unintelligble.

Then the mice moved in.

They succeeded where Pc's Sgt's Insp's had failed in getting the "PTB" to see sense.

11 January, 2007 12:58

Blogger busybizzie said...

We have the same thing with crime reports. Someone decided that timely submission would be a great performance indicator since we pretty much always submit them on time so we could show 100% compliance with minimum badgering. Problem was, no one told crime desk who seem to have a shredder right under their fax. Now we have to photocopy the report and keep this just so we can prove we sent it. I did point out that you can get faxes that print receipts but people just looked at me funny then sidled away.

11 January, 2007 18:12

Blogger Black in Blue said...

Can you just please provide a corroborative statement from a colleague that says they saw you submitting the file please, and a pocket nobe book entry from yuorself, as well as photographic proof that you were both there at the time!

11 January, 2007 20:39

Anonymous southron said...

Many years ago now my bank asked me for some information, which I faxed them (keeping a fax receipt which I naively thought would protect me) - at weekly intervals, for about two months the bank then demanded the info I'd already fax receipt was simply not accepted, and all subsequent faxes were ignored...

(it's actually worse than that, as their fax was almost always "engaged" and it used to take me hours to get through - and anything sent by post was perpetually "not received")

Eventually they accepted the stuff I'd faxed them for the umpteenth time - but only after charging me over £600 in unjustified interest charges....

The following year they tried the same stunt but this time I was wised up - In the first place I totally ignored their letter and sent them nothing - in response to all their further (weekly) requests I referred them to an imaginary letter I'd supposedly written, whilst very ostentatiously copying in the bankers ombudsman and my local MP...

I wasn't charged any huge amounts of interest...and furthermore, after about six weeks an awfully nice man rang up from the bank and accepted my word on the figures I quoted him...

This proves that (1)all banks (especially Lloyds TSB - come on sue me you dishonest bastards) are thieves and (2) It doesn't always pay to tell the truth (either as a crim or a copper)

12 January, 2007 01:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 11:39


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