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Monday, January 08, 2007

PND: The Instant Detection.

Healthy and Safety: Not Applicable.

PNDs are in the news again, this time being slated by the Telegraph. I quite agree with these journalists who state that an £80-fine for hoaxing the fire department is just despicable. That man should have been taken to court where his case could have been dropped in fine style.

As for the woman who falsely alleged rape but admitted lying well before any court proceedings were begun, she should have been dragged to jail for five years as a lesson to all those other would-be rape "victims" out there. If I had my way, no one would ever be allowed to report rape.

Don't get me started on all those "hooligans" apparently receiving PNDs for petty shopliftings and criminal damages. Currently Blandshire allows us to give out PNDs to anyone who has never had one before and for theft worth under £100. This will only encourage criminality and we just should not be allowed to give them out at all. People must not be given a second chance in life, and it is wholly appropriate for the police to spend eight hours bringing these people to justice instead of five minutes on the street. The public just want to see these people in court where they can be publicly humiliated with a community order or an absolute discharge, instead of whacking them with an effective fine that might well be worth more than the sweeties they tried to steal in the first place.

I would rather see the police doing nothing at all than giving out these disgusting PNDs!

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Blogger PC South West said...

I heard the government have about 400 million pounds worth of unpaid PND's and that they have written off 300 million. So not really working are they.
I have a new and inovative concept with what to do with offenders..........., we could lock them up in jail.

08 January, 2007 10:36

Anonymous James said...

PC South West: If every single offender you arrest is deserving of a prison sentence, you need to transfer to somewhere quieter. Baghdad, maybe.

And as far as false accusations of rape go, I personally would rather be raped than be accused of it.

08 January, 2007 16:33

Blogger Joe90 said...

PNDs can be effective and sometimes people need locking up, i'd rather have the option to use them.

'As for the woman who falsely alleged rape but admitted lying well before any court proceedings were begun, she should have been dragged to jail for five years as a lesson to all those other would-be rape "victims" out there.'

My views on the subject are pretty clear here:

08 January, 2007 17:03

Blogger Annette said...

I cannot believe what I am reading.
In your blog you say :
"If I had my way, no one should be able to report rape."
"People should not be given a second chance in life."

If the person concerned is a young offender, then by all means give them a second chance,as long as the crime he/she has committed is not a major crime and has not hurt anyone.
They could change given a fair chance.

Now to the first sentence.

I agree with you that the lady who admitted she lied about the rape, should go to prison, because not only has she probably ruined that man's life, she has wasted police time.
That just isn't on. She should be imprisoned.
But to say that no one should be allowed to report rape, is an utter disgrace.
That is an illegal act and ruins many womens lives.
It has not happened to me (thank god) but every woman can imagine how that woman feels.
Humiliation,anger and hatred.
The only way we, as civilians, can stop that man from doing it again is to report it to the police and have him arrested.Hopefully, he will spend many years in prison.

If we cannot report it you will have women going out and killing that person.
I know I would.

Then what would you do?

08 January, 2007 17:31

Blogger Black in Blue said...

£400m pound worth, right Bloggsy and Southwest are you listening to me. Oi you two, are you going to arrange the get together and get DC and Inspector G there too? And Annette and erm extra Special and Panda Tales....

08 January, 2007 18:19

Anonymous Why did I visit? said...

PC Bloggs said: "If I had my way, no one would ever be allowed to report rape."

Nice one Bloggs, you don't half talk some shit from time to time

08 January, 2007 20:32

Anonymous Banner said...

I think this blog should be taken as intended..with tongue firmly in cheek

08 January, 2007 20:39

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erm... I think all of you have missed the point somewhat.

Or have they Bloggsy?

PC Midlands

08 January, 2007 20:54

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Sigh... I guess my Sarcasm Alert has been switched off.

08 January, 2007 21:35

Anonymous why did i visit? said...

I'm sorry if i've jumped the gun. I can see the sarcasm in the rest of the post, but can't see it in that sentence.

I am 100% sure that PC Bloggs doesn't actually think that, it's just that I can't see why that sentence is in the post. It's out of context and out of place.

IMHO of course...

08 January, 2007 21:40

Blogger Joe90 said...

Some people need to chill out, PC Bloggs comment was obviously sarcastic.

Crikey O'Malley.

08 January, 2007 21:47

Anonymous pc pc said...

I think the point is that every single sentence in this post is pretty much sarcastic.

08 January, 2007 22:35

Anonymous non pc pc said...

i just wanted to post after pc pc:-)

09 January, 2007 00:37

Anonymous Joe. P said...

When you gild a lilly with sarcasm, lacquer it with bathos and varnish it with irony, sometimes it will get mistaken for a turnip.

09 January, 2007 00:53

Blogger Sergeant Simon said...

sarcasm well and truly noted, in the way it comes out and slaps you in the face.........

09 January, 2007 09:41

Blogger Drugsblogger said...

Where do I get one of thses sarcasm alerts from, the same people who make bullshit detectors?

The comment about rape reporting wasn't funny. Some things just aren't and rape isn't. However, Bloggs is young and idealistic so will be forgive and I won't cancel my subscription.

09 January, 2007 11:42

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

As this is a topic I feel fairly strongly about, I will answer to the people who have criticised the comment on rape. First and foremost, it was sarcasm. Secondly, it was not intended to be funny.

The fact that some people think it was meant at face value is a terrible indictment of what some think of the police. And sadly, there are those out there in the police who would confirm these expectations.

Just a heads up - if something seems so outrageous I can't possibly mean it... that might be a sign of something.

09 January, 2007 14:52

Blogger Officer Dibble said...

My sarcasm alert went off well and truly...on false alarms.

09 January, 2007 21:01

Blogger busybizzie said...

Some people just want to be offended.

10 January, 2007 09:12

Blogger Black in Blue said...

Bloggs are you behaving?

10 January, 2007 15:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is fashionable to be offended or take issue with something.

Most people are looking to build up a portfolio of offensive incidents to go off work with stress with.

Why shouldn't people who make false reports be punished (or sectioned)?

10 January, 2007 22:22

Anonymous The Man said...

Maybe the police should be equipped with bolt guns and new powers to humanely "put down" idiots who will never make a positive contribution to society. At the very least, the police could have powers to neuter these deadheads to stop them breeding more deadhead social leeches.
Stuff PND's, they're crap and only generate a civvy warrant 2 months later when the jobless freak who was issued with it fails to stump up 80 beer and fags tokens. They then go to Court and get let off 'cos they were arrested and spent time in the cells. Well boo bloody hoo, you shouldn't have got yerself there in the first place!
Don't tell me you've never thought about it....

This rant is officially over ;-)

11 January, 2007 21:11

Blogger staghounds said...

Back to the topic, please, which is penalty notices.

L80 fines for shoplifters, WHEN CAUGHT, of L100. Even the red morons of NuLabour should see the, er, profit potential there. It's a good thing I'm honest. Also that nothing I'd have from a British shop only costs L100.

But next time I visit, devil take the speed limits. I'm racking up the camera tickets. No more sending payment from two thousand miles away.

12 January, 2007 00:21

Anonymous phatboy said...

There is a very simple reason why the police should not be allowed to hand out PNDs.

Contrary to what many officers think, their job is NOT to prosecute offenders! That is the job of the CPS. The police exist to investigate crime and thus allow the CPS to prosecute.

If the police are going around handing out fines then they are effectively acting as prosecuter, judge and jury all in one go. This is not the functon of the police.

Insofar as false allegations of rape are concerned. I do not think that these are taken anywhere near as seriously as they should be. Even an accusation and arrest can ruin somebodies live... just look at John Leslie, who was never convicted or even charged!

If I decide to use a false passport to deceive somebody, it matters not that I fail to deceive them or confess my crime before the other person has suffered serious injury. Why should a false accusation of rape be any different?

I think that people who make false accusations or rape (i'm not talking about people who have been raped but mistakenly name or ID the wrong person, I'm talking about people who deliberately lie about rape to get somebody in trouble or protect themselves from being found out cheating on their partners etc), they should receive a sentence as long as the person they accused would have got had he been convicted.

17 January, 2007 14:35

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15 April, 2009 11:40


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