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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Official Madness.

It appears that one of PC Sharon Beshenivsky's killers fled the UK using his sister's passport. The apparent flaw in his plan of his maleness was not an issue as he was wearing a hijab.

I can only imagine that the nationwide media will soon call for passport officials to require face coverings to be removed at airports! Is it just me, or is anyone else disgusted at the thought that in this day and age, our officials might be reduced to asking an apparently religious woman to remove an important item of clothing? It is not as if we normally need to see the faces of those entering and leaving our country, or that this kind of disguise has been used before. I really think that if criminals are going to be resourceful enough to dress up as the opposite gender, there is just no hope for law enforcement agencies and we should just give up.

On other matters, I am pleased to see the launch of a new government initiative to combine public sector premises such as schools and hospitals in order to save money. I proudly envisage the day that I will prepare my court files on a table that can be flipped over and used for operations, and when my incapacitant spray will double as a small fire extinguisher for running into burning buildings. Soon we will be able to get members of public to carry out police tasks. If that isn't economy, what is?

Roll on, Gordon Brown.

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Blogger Executive Intelligence Network said...

*smirk* Well... I guess it's better to ask to see the face rather than other things....

20 December, 2006 02:59

Anonymous Brian said...

Well we nearly got caught out by the Pharisee last time I took my mum to a stoning, nasty little man who praised God for the fish he'd had for his supper! I think the authorites maybe getting wise to the whole beard wearing thing, so I should think the days of dressing up as a female Dalek for escaping male Somalian murdering robbing scum could also be numbered. Is Somalia a bit safer now, as so many 'UK residents' seem to go back there a lot these days - in drag or not?

20 December, 2006 07:26

Anonymous cogidubnus said...

With my cynical hat on, I have to ask which government funded department persuaded which other government funded department to release this story, in order to further stir up the anti-Islam pot to cover up for which government department failings on which anti-Islam story? (ie if Tony takes a pasting over Iran let's kick the f**k out of evil veil wearing Islamics to distract attention) - Sorry ...I shouldn't be so democratically elected government would really behave this way would it?

20 December, 2006 21:29

Anonymous Brian said...

cogidubnus - what are you on about? No it isn't obvious at all - get a life, if the 'government' wanted to stir up anti-islamic feeling I think they could do a lot better than 'make up' a story about the murdering scumbag escaping dressed up in a burgha/hijab/veil. What planet do people like you live on?
Give us a sign?

20 December, 2006 22:49

Anonymous JCA said...

More farce again. A little while back, I was called upon (as a photographer) to take some photos for ID cards at a large organisation (this sort of thing fills in the winter gaps between trips to exotic places like Rangoon). About 250 pictures/digitally proofed later, I was asked to sign a disclaimer, the usual thing you get though normally in legal photography where you sign to certify that the image you have created is free from anomalies, reciprocity law failure, reticulation, and…A TRUE LIKENESS of the subject. Now one charming young girl who was extremely personable and friendly was wearing a Niqab. I pondered on the situation and decided that I couldn’t certify this particular image as I couldn’t really see anyone properly. All hell broke loose, I was accused of things I hadn’t done and was ceremoniously banned from working with this company again. Well thank you company. At least I don’t have the hassle of worrying if you will pay me next year for the work I have already done.

21 December, 2006 00:30

Anonymous Brian said...

Says it all really, mind you there'll be those who accuse YOU of whipping up hatred, fancy not just certifying the photo of 'whoever' for a quiet life!!!!

21 December, 2006 07:02

Anonymous JCA said...

Ah, well Brian, I'm like that you know, once bitten twice shy. Got caught out once, by a DDJ, and it was in the days of open court, in font of an audience of, er, many -J

21 December, 2006 09:04

Anonymous cogidubnus said...

"brian" is clearly some kind of impossibly pythonesque character (as in "Life of" probably) ... Bay of Pigs hasn't penetrated his thick skull... Watergate, what was that? Does he really believe a UK government couldn't or wouldn't cynically manipulate the media - never heard of Peter Mandelson? or any of his more up-to-date equivalents? Or, more charitably perhaps he was just pi**ed out of his tiny skull that night...

22 December, 2006 02:12

Anonymous Brian said...


You sound like a smug arrogant pretentious tosser.

I think others may have grasped the 'Pythonesque' approach of my initial comment, they didn't need it pointing out. That's humour for you!

I'm quite aware of the point you attempted to make. I also have more than a slight knowledge of 20th Century history, as well as the respective sleaziness of this AND the preceding government.

All of which should have allowed a pseud like you to grasp my point.

How a sane person would equate the 'Bay of Pigs' incident and 'Watergate' to the failure of the British Immigration and Passport Control Services to do their respective jobs in the current climate is beyond me. Mandelson and his 'up to date equivalents'? Like who?

Why would a government department want to stir up racial hatred? It's a crime isn't it?

The small minority of extremists within the Muslim population don't need any help from HM Government and especially not from paranoid loonies like you!

Back to the 'X Files' box set for you I suppose, or your GP for the medication; we don't want you wandering around pushing tube commuters off platforms etc. Don't forget your tin foil hat there's a good ..............

23 December, 2006 19:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 11:18


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