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Friday, November 03, 2006

Bad Form.

Just to give some respite from the debate on privacy, I thought you'd all like to know that our Hate Crime unit has just brought out another form. It is another risk assessment for special kinds of domestic/racist violence. Whereas we used to just fill in one five-page form on attending domestic incidents, Blandmore officers are now lucky enough to get to fill in TWO five-page forms for one incident.

Having done a short stint in the unit where these forms end up, I can tell you exactly what happens to the form after I leave the address:
  1. Risk assessment questionnaire filled in by PC Bloggs at scene of domestic incident. Or more likely, filled in afterwards by guesswork or memory because PC Bloggs forgot to bring any forms with her. She will either forge the victim's signature or put "Refused to sign".
  2. Risk assessment signed by sergeant who does not read it. Alternatively, PC Bloggs can just forge the sergeant's signature, as no one will ever check (except in event of pt.10).
  3. The risk assessment arrives in the Domestic Violence unit to be reviewed by specially trained officers.
  4. An officer with no extra training whatsoever, who is off frontline duties due to pregnancy, stress, laziness or stupidity, receives the risk assessment and puts it in a pile.
  5. A few days later the untrained officer reads it.
  6. The officer phones the victim and fills in a "secondary" risk assessment questionnaire on the phone. This includes the question, "Is your partner mean to the dog?" (I kid you not.)
  7. The officer writes stuff on the form and selects the risk level - High, Medium or Low. The grading is chosen at random depending on the officer's mood.
  8. This officer's sergeant now reads the form and decides whether or not to agree with the grading. So far two officers and two sergeants have been involved in the completion of this form.
  9. If the grading is High, a snotty email will be sent to the officer who attended in the first place telling them how to do their job, and a copy to their sergeant. If the grading is Medium or Low, the form goes into a file of the corresponding colour.
  10. Here is the clever bit: if the victim is murdered, by producing the form and looking back at which signatures are on it, the IPCC knows who to fire.
Copyright of PC Bloggs.


Anonymous Experienced Officer said...

In relation to Point 6 - 'Is your partner mean to the dog?'

This question is asked because Police Officers forget that domestic violence/incidents can be deeply traumatic to children. Many of them are usually present or upstairs - but officers forget to check their welfare and to see if they can corroborate what the victim is saying to the Police. Research has shown that men (although sometimes women)exert control over their partner through fear of violence and intimidation. One such way is through torture of pets.

In other words - 'this is what will happen to you or the kid if you don't do what I say'.

Torture of pets is also a sign to Child Protection Officers that if children are in the household - they should check very carefully on their welfare in case abuse to them is occurring.

Humour is one thing - checking the facts is another...

03 November, 2006 19:05

Anonymous PC WORLD said...

NOw there you have it PC Bloggs you have been told!!!! Hey experienced officer i bet your in an office job somewhere!
No one doubts that there is a good reason behind the questions, but what next a form for a racial domestic for families who have dogs and a form for a family with cats. So many forms being generated to make sure that those thick police officers do the job right! and in the end all you'll get is the lazy ones sitting in a corner of the nick and filling it themselves and the good ones would of spotted the high risk and medium risk domestics from the start without a form.
Oh and as for your last comment humour is one thing...blah blah blah. I think that PC Bloggs is probably closer to the truth than you. Many a true word spoken in jest. YOU REALLY NEED TO GET OUT MORE.

Fine Blog PC Bloggs

03 November, 2006 20:01

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

REALLY! Do you mean there are REASONS for those questions? I can't believe it!

03 November, 2006 20:31

Blogger staghounds said...

You left out of #7, officer's mood or perception of attractiveness to victim to officer grading risk, thus requirinh his follow up personal visitation.

Both experienced officer and pc world are exactly right. Here we are, having our own little domestic, where both participants spout of terrible and true insults at each other, making a sensible observer want to say, "If you are both such shit, which evidently you are ank know you are, why do you stay together?"

PC Bloggs, let's slink quietly away to the next call before they turn on us...

04 November, 2006 00:53

Blogger Executive Intelligence Network said...

Point 4 - I'm practically falling off my chair laughing! It's so true!

04 November, 2006 03:55

Blogger PC South West said...

I agree with number 4 in most cases. The selection process for these type jobs are a joke at my nick.
On the point about the dog, a mate of mine attended a domestic where he suspected the male was an aggressive bully who had probably been bullying his partner for years. No offences were disclosed and he had nothing to bring this idiot in for no matter how hard he tried. That was until the bloke kicked the dog, he got nicked for cruelty to animals. Always a useful option!

05 November, 2006 13:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bloggs. How about publishing an interview with our experienced officer? I would dearly like to read more by this person as I never before believed that such people really exist.

05 November, 2006 15:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 11:14


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