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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Human Wrongs.

Thank you to a reader for pointing out the latest sortie in Scotland Yard's crusade against Human Rights.

Among the proposals made by the Yard are laws against flag-burning and the covering of faces during protests. Their timing is impeccable as always. If they push hard enough, they might just get the new laws in before Muslim women decide to stage a demo protesting against their right to wear a veil. Of course, they will have to take the veils off to demonstrate.

(A protest two weeks ago in Blackburn.)

It just goes to show that nothing is so fundamental to someone's way of life that you can't have a law against it. And it also goes to show that the fact that there is a law against something doesn't mean you can't have another one against the same thing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't often agree or like what Liberty (NCCL) or Shami chakrabati say but this I do:

"I wonder how hard-working officers on the beat today will feel knowing their senior officers are spending so much time dreaming up unnecessary legislation."

If Tariq et al were 'robust' in their planning and supervision of demo's (or public processions as they have to be called these days), if they displayed 'grip', if senior/ACPO were actually 'fit for purpose' they wouldn't show themselves up to be the intellectual and inexperienced donkeys they are, on so many occassions. The original PO Act was in 1936 (I think) a reaction to Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts. The next Act was the Public Order Act of 1986, and the list has been added to constantly with Criminal Justice Acts, CJ & PO Acts, and now the SOCA. There's clearly enough laws to cover any situation, including 'masking up'. What Tariq wants is the law to proscribe absolute and legally indefensible individual and particular acts such as flag burning or wearing masks. But had they displayed some leadership and balls over the years, we wouldn't have to watch some group making the old bill look like monkeys. The latest being that islamist march, which shocked the majority population watching, especially that clip I saw yesterday of a Met Skipper being really overbearing to one of the few counter demonstrators (or rather a bloke that was passing by and was just incensed by what he was witnessing. This man just looked bemused as he was ordered back into his van (yes a white one I think) and the officer came across as a total knob as he went back to assist the mob calling for beheadings etc in the Capital city of the UK. Get a grip Tariq! Show some leadership, be a senior police officer - otherwise just get back to quietly earning your huge salary, wearing your lovely pinstripe suits and enjoying the plaudits you get simply for being a senior police officer of non anglo-saxon extraction. You and many of your Bramshill/Centrex trained colleagues are a joke.

30 October, 2006 07:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...


30 October, 2006 20:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone thnk it strange that in Islamic countries, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, when the subject of internal security is concerened, women are not allowed to hide their faces and no one complains about that, though that may be because complaining in an islamic country is not to be advised! It is only in this ultra-liberal, be nice to everyone except native English (especially native Christian English) the argument makes the front pages of newspapers and the TV front bulletins. Not being that versed in Islamic fashion, as there is nothing in the Koran which forces women to wear these veils, I can only imagine that women wear such confining clothing because:
a. It is SO liberating!(?);
b. They have been told to do so by their cousins, fathers, husbands, mufti,mullahs and, being Islamic, have no choice but to comply;
c. They are just SO bloody ugly that they are doing everyone a favour by keeping their faces covered up.

Several Muslim women knocked on my door the other day. I didn't open the door, just spoke to them through the letter box so they could see what it was like.


31 October, 2006 21:19

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03 April, 2009 18:31


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