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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Spot the Double Standard

Whilst many prominent voices have come out in support of Jack Straw’s remarks on wearing veils and in agreement with a school's decision to prevent a teacher from teaching if she will not remove hers, there has been an equal outcry AGAINST British Airway’s decision to prevent an employee displaying a crucifix.

Naturally this is just because we are a nation of broad-minded devout Christians who love our Church. As Ann Widdecombe says, it is the Christians who are obviously being persecuted. Veils are therefore fair game for sarcasm and vitriole, as anyone will know who saw this Friday's Mock the Week. In time, I believe the great British public will come to accept that there is nothing wrong with making fun of Jewish hats and Sikh turbans and requiring that they be removed, especially in cinemas and theatres where they are just plain antisocial. The day we are unable to laugh at minorities is the day we lose our identity as Brits.

Still, it cannot be denied that the situation of one standard for one religious emblem and another for another, is not simple. As a police officer, I am something of an expert in double standards and I think the police should be the agency to solve this crisis. The solution will probably involve a checklist and some kind of mass sending of emails.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes a truer word is often spoken in jest. I can see a new unit being formed, local ones at first, progressing over time into a discrete national organisation along SOCA lines. NOHAT. "National Organised Headware Awareness Team" - Just tossing a few ideas around - rather like the ACPO tossers! Neighbours reporting neighbours, children their parents, secret illicit headwear parties! Lord/God/Great Architect....someone help us!!!!!

14 October, 2006 22:49

Blogger PC South West said...

Frankly I was appalled at BA for sending this lady home for not removing or covering her cross.
I fail to see why this innocent item can be such a problem.
Of course I am making the assumption it was because of its religious significance and not because of some policy of wearing jewellery. If the company policy is not to have jewellery on display over the top of their uniform then that could be a different matter.
From what I understand the lady refused to wear it under her uniform.

15 October, 2006 09:08

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Non-crime hat(e) incident anyone, all the research and investigation of an actual crime but no chance of an arrest or a detection or indeed of catching a real criminal.

15 October, 2006 12:06

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not a case of "double standards" at all. We live in what is still a Christian country and the wearing of the cross should not be considered offensive. The wearing of a veil by someone of an alien culture and a follower of an alien religion is a political statement and can cause offence to the indigenous population. In your PC, PC world of course the indigenous population have no "right" to be offended.

15 October, 2006 13:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not use these to look out for religious symbols? It isn't April 1st is it? Help me! Please!

15 October, 2006 17:58

Anonymous Blunt said...

"This is not a case of "double standards" at all. We live in what is still a Christian country and the wearing of the cross should not be considered offensive. The wearing of a veil by someone of an alien culture and a follower of an alien religion is a political statement and can cause offence to the indigenous population."

Maybe you could wear your own headgear...say a white hood or something, and if your cross doesn't get noticed, perhaps you could set fire to it.

15 October, 2006 20:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is understood that it was suggested to the lady in question that she wear her crucifix underneath her clothing but that she refused. In such a case, it was correct to send her home. If her God is all-seeing which, allegedly, he/she/it is, then it wouldn't matter if yhe woman was hiding her crucifix in her knickers. She would know it was there and so would her God. She works in a profession where she comes into contact with many, many, people and may, in an emergency for instance, have to rush around moving things, pushing people and generally trying to keep them safe. What if this crucifix gets caught on something or someone? Police officers, paramedics, fire fighters, for obvious reasons, keep any necklaces, crosses, etc, underneath their clothes and I haven't read (yet) of anyonme trying to make a statement. I prefer wearing my underpants outside my trousers (my religion, you see) but my Superintendent would not be happy if I did it at work, so I don't!

15 October, 2006 22:42

Blogger PC South West said...

How would it get caught on something, and if it did it would just break. I think BA are over the top and have the hidden agenda of not wanting to antagonise other religions.

16 October, 2006 10:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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03 April, 2009 18:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was not the crucifix that was the problem but her comments to passengers 'are you going to Hell, sinner'

18 December, 2011 09:59


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